Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Best Passive Skills Guide

Learn all about the passive skills that augment your character builds in Wolcen Lords of Mayhem with the help of this guide

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem contains two types of skills which can be acquired for your specific builds. Active skills need to be activated in combat. This guide goes over Wolcen Best Passive Skills.

Wolcen Best Passive Skills

These Lords of Mayhem Passive skills are actually divided into three rings. You can rotate these rings and create new paths according to your build. Here in this guide, we have enlisted and described all major passive skills of all three of the rings.

First Ring

Scholar Major Passive Skills
There are three major passive skills of the Scholar. These are Attrition Strategist, Thirst for Knowledge and Purifier’s Will.

  • Attrition Strategist gives the benefit that every hit is more likely to inflict an ailment on its target by giving +60% status ailment chances.
  • Thirst for Knowledge gives +25% Force shield recharge from health globes. So health globes then heal your health and recharge your shields too.
  • Purifier’s Will gives +30% damage reduction when force shield is full.

Sentinel Major Passive Skills
There are three major passive skills of Sentinel too. These are Backline Raider, Covert Operative and Pinch Runner.

  • Backline Raider gives +50% attack speed score and +50% spell casting speed score.
  • Covert Operative gives +100% dodge chance score after taking a hit.
  • Pinch Runner gives ­+3 Stamina Points when your health is 30% or lower.

Soldier Major Passive Skills
The Three major passive skills of Soldier are Second Wind, The Heat of Battle and The Wild Card.

  • Second Wind gains a burst of health regeneration when health is below 30%.
  • The Heat of Battle increases rage by 25% per taken hit.
  • The Wild Card gives +60% critical hit chance score.

Second Ring

Praetorian Major
There are five major passive skills for the Praetorian of second ring. These are kingless Aegis, Selfless Courage, Blessed Mana, Sacred Oath and Retaliator.

  • Kingless Aegic adds 6% block chance and allows any weapon to block.
  • Selfless Courage adds 25% resistance to you and your allies after blocking a hit successfully.
  • Blessed Mana gives +40% resistance to you and your allies after picking up a health globe.
  • Sacred Oath lets you apply 2 weakness stacks upon blocking an attack to the target in 7m Radius.
  • Retaliator increases 0.75% damage per percent of physical resistance. But it reduces critical hit chance score by 50%.

Warmonger Major

  • Blood Reaper grants 50% additional Physical Damage converted into Rend Damage.
  • Feast for the Crows adds 2% Global Life Leech.
  • Gods Amongst Men provides 50% extra Material Damage.
  • Manic Slaughter increases 2% Damage on each 100% unspent Rage points.
  • Bestial Frenzy provides an increase in Damage for every close located enemy by 4%, within 4m range.

Ranger Major
There are five major passive skills for Ranger. These are Archion’s Teachings, Come What May, Safe From Afar, Persistence Hunting and Meditative Force.

  • Archion’s Teachings give 1% additional projectile to all projectile skills. It also reduces projectile damage by 50%.
  • Come What May gives the ability that all projectiles pierce through every target within a 6m radius.
  • Safe From Afar gives ­+175% all projectiles damage within 15m distance.
  • Persistence Hunting gives +25% damage to enemies with impaired movement.
  • Meditative Force­­ increases damage by 25% when you are at least 6m away from the enemies,

Assassin Major
There are 5 major skills for Assassin also. These are described as follow

  • Blessing of the Jade Legion that gives +50% physical damage conversion into toxic damage.
  • Clandestine Execution deals +25% damage when only one enemy is in 7m range.
  • Merciless Lethality lets you deal 100% critical hit damage but reduces normal damage by 30%.
  • Phantom Strike double the critical hit chance of the dash attacks.
  • Slipping Shadow lets your dodge rolls go through the enemies.

Cabalist Major
The five major passive skills for Cabalist as described as follow

  • Grievous Afflictions lets you apply one additional ailment
  • Insidious Decay lets you apply 2 ailment stacks reduced untimed damage by 30%.
  • Immortal Offering grants +5% damage for each Ailment Stack after killing an enemy.
  • Power of the First Men provides an additional 50% Chance to multiply the number of Ailment Stacks inflicted by 2.
  • Primordial Insights is a passive skill that generates damage over time accompanied by a Critical Hit, dealing Critical Damage.

Warlock Major Passive Skills

  • Residual Energy gains your attack +30% damage from the last spell cast.
  • Reining in the Darkness increases critical hit chance by 100% when will power is above 75%.
  • Faith Leech makes Life Leech affect Force Shield instead of Health.
  • Duty to Exterminate gives ­­+200 max will power and rage.

Third Ring Passive Skills

Oracle of the Trinity Major

  • Omnitempest grants a possibility of casting meteor, frost lance, or chain lightning, upon casting fire/frost/lightning skill.
  • Ancient Fervour; spells inflicting fire, frost, or lightning ailments provide Accords (rewards). Triggered Accords are closed for one second and up to one Accord can be active concurrently.
  • Elementary Destabilization; Once the Willpower drops below 30%, you’re open for causing a blast which grants you 20% of you Willpower along with a five-second cooldown.

Time Weaver Major

  • Which Time Cannot Heal is a skill that allows you to hit enemies (afflicted by Stasis), they’ll receive another 100% Hit Damage after 1.5 seconds
  • Dire Juncture allows you to receive only 40% Damage from your opponent along with the remaning damage inflicted one second after.
  • Captured Velocity grants you Supernatural Paradox Points after attacking an enemy in Stasis, along with Earthly Paradox Points when using a spell on the opponent. Remember, these points reset after five seconds.

Abyssal Shaper Major

  • Occult Affliction increases 5% of the Occult Damage for each Cursed Stack possessed by the opponent.
  • Masochistic Effigy adds Max Force Shield. Keep in mind that Max Force Shield’s health can’t increase above 5%.
  • Fatal Pact grants you 1 Ailment Stack upon inflicting an Ailment on the opponent.

Plaguebringer Major

  • Undertaker grants you 30% more Damage as Poison Damage for five seconds, upon picking up green globes dropped by enemies.
  • Sacrifice of Flesh allows all summons to take 25% less Damage in exchange of your 20% Health and Force Shield.
  • Toxic Emanations releases a Posion Stack every two seconds on enemies in a seven meter radius.

White Arrow Major

  • Hungry Stalactite causes the enemy to deals 30% Damage per amount of Pierce left on a Projectile, following the attack on the opponent.
  • Acute Tracking grants Cold Blooded Points (5 max) every two seconds in a combat.
  • Wintry Hail, Basic Attack Projectiles bounce up to 2 times to Nearby Enemies in 10m radius

Duskglaive Major

  • Tethered Shade, Dodge Roll leaves a decoy for one second and causes the opponents to deal damage.
  • Waltzing Smoke, Dodge Roll allows you to be invisible for maximum five seconds. Being invisible increases the damage of your next skill by 30%, to break the invisiblity, simply use a random Skill. This has a cooldown for 12 seconds.
  • Life’s First Movement distributes 10 Points between “Lure of Light” and “Lure of Darkness” Points.

Alastor Major

  • Static Transferral gives 6% Damager per Overload Point. Consuming Overload Points requires a skill however, it increases Skill damage. Also, one Overload Point; increased till six, can be generated by using Basic Attacks.
  • Sparking Dart, Using Basic Attacks can result in an increase in Power Charge Points by 4. Each second the Power Charge Points are generated, limited between -100 and +100.
  • Intravenous Neural Cord increases Attack Speed Score of Critical hit by 75% for three seconds

Arms Maester Major

  • Pugilist’s Momentum grants different bonuses depended upon weapon type after completing attacks with the same weapon four times within a short period.
  • Virtuose Stance unlocks ‘Probing Weakness’ and ‘Stalwart Resolve’ stances. Each one gives you different bonuses and using a dodge roll changes the stance.
  • Proud Reprisal deals 100% of weapon damage to the attacking enemies once you block their attack.

EOS Major

  • Dawn’s Pious Striker instantly kills enemies which are at 85% of their max health when Sacred Damage is dealt.
  • Beacon for the Lost gives 25% Spell Damage when Force Shield is above 50% and 25% Attack Damage when Force Shield is below 50%.
  • Unflagging Prayer resurrects all nearby allies when your health is below 30%, giving them a 30% boost to all resistances.

Siege Breaker Major

  • Salvatory Anchor gives different bonuses depending upon the archetype of your equipped armor.
  • Disallowing Vessel gains you an Inexorable point every few seconds. Each point reduces your movement speed but increases your damage.
  • Belligerent Banner increases your block chance after gaining a Fortress point. Each Fortress point is gained every few seconds.

Child of Fury Major

  • Flurrying Flames earns you an Unleashed Fury point each time you hit an enemy, increasing your attack speed, life leech, and reduces your all resistances score.
  • Furious Appetite passively regenerates your Will power instead of Rage.
  • Blistering Embrace increases 10% chance of consuming the Burn Stacks you inflict when enemy’s burn stacks increases by 5.

Exorcist Major

  • Branded Burst gains you 1 Tenet point every 2.5 seconds up to 5 Tenet points. Also reduces damage by 15% per Tenet point.
  • Academic Fieldwork gains you 1 Headhunter point every time you kill a Champion or above level enemy. It also grants +15% Material damage.
  • Blessed Silver gives 10% Projectile Damage for each Point of “Annointed Ammunition” you have.
    it also increases +10% Melee Damage for each empty “Annointed Ammunition” Point 1 “Annointed Ammunition” Point(s) refilled whenever you Dodge Roll