How To Get Elite Crossbow Set In The Witcher 3

Elite Crossbow Set is available as a DLC in The Witcher 3, in which you can find three different crossbows....

Elite Crossbow Set is available as a DLC in The Witcher 3, in which you can find three different crossbows. This Elite crossbow DLC is available to download for free on all platforms. To gather all three crossbows from the Elite crossbow DLC of The Witcher 3, you must head to various locations to find the vendors who sell them.

It may seem like a difficult job, but it is not if you continue to follow our guide. In this guide, we will tell you complete details about the locations of the Vendors of all three crossbows in The Witcher 3 and how to get there.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Elite Crossbow set has three crossbows to collect with different damage outputs, minimum level requirements, and costs. All three DLC crossbows are of Master quality, so they will not disappoint you.


You can also find diagrams for the Feline and Ursine crossbows in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and even though your gear will be mastercrafted, you won’t find any upgrades for the crossbow. Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade any crossbow in TW3.

Below you can find the complete details about The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt DLC crossbow locations.

How to get the Nilfgaardian crossbow

  • Required Level: 7
  • Damage: 5-7
  • Cost: 306

The Nilfgaardian crossbow is part of the Nilfgaardian Armor set in The Witcher 3. You can purchase it from the Quartermaster in the Baron’s garrison. Follow the map above and reach the compound’s center to find this merchant.

How to get the Skellige crossbow

  • Required Level: 14
  • Damage: 6-8
  • Cost: 418

To find the Blacksmith who sells the Skellige Crossbow in The Witcher 3, follow the map and cross the Bridge leading to the Kaer Trolde. Right after crossing the Bridge, turn right and cross a doorway on the right. Here you will find the Blacksmith who sells this crossbow right next to the Armorer’s Table.

How to get the Elven crossbow

  • Required Level: 21
  • Damage: 7-9
  • Cost: 401

After entering the Novigrad, follow the Shopkeeper location on the map above to reach this shop. This shop is behind a Notice Board so you can find it easily. You must enter the shop and purchase the Elven Crossbow from the Shopkeeper by spending 401 Crowns.

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