Wild Hearts Cobalt Lavaback Boss Guide

Cobalt Lavaback is a sneaky kemono in Wild Hearts that likes to go underground before jumping out for a surprise attack.

The Wild Hearts Cobalt Lavaback comes from a series of other Giant Kemono that relies on fire attributes to bring havoc on their foes. Cobalt Lavaback uses hide-and-hit tactics to inflict severe damage. You need to be on your toes with this monster for most of your combat.

The main differentiating point between Cobalt Lavaback and its parent specie, Lavaback, is the ability of the former creature to move underground and perform surprise attacks with sheer force.

You will notice that the attacking patterns of Cobalt are almost the same as Lavaback but with some modifications. The surprising thing about this Wild Heart Boss is the softness of its skin compared to its other variant.

The most important thing to remember during your fight is to take advantage of the window that makes this monster vulnerable. Still, before getting into the details, let us understand which area provides the breeding habitat for Cobalt Lavaback in Wild Hearts.

Cobalt Lavaback location

The one place that holds the most Giant Kemonos in Wild Hearts is the region of Fuyufusagi Fort. You might have explored this region before fighting against the likes of Fumebeak, Icetusk, and Ripclaw.

You need to visit the same region. Head toward the woods and ruins area located close to the fort. If you are hunting the Cobalt Lavaback as part of the Bewildering Blue Blaze quest, the giant Kemono’s location will be denoted on your map as a question mark icon. 

You will come across Cobalt Lavaback in those areas. Do not throw yourself into the fight before learning the weakness and strengths of this Kemono in Wild Hearts.

Cobalt Lavaback weaknesses

In terms of physical attacks, the Cobalt Lavaback is weak to Lunge attacks, which deal a significant amount of damage. Slash attacks can also work pretty well, but lack the damage output that Lunge attacks have on this beast.

The only attribute that is a weakness of this monster is the Water attribute. You need to use weapons that rely on this attribute to inflict significant damage.

On the other hand, Fatigue and Poisoned ailment work efficiently against this variant of Lavaback. You should use these ailments along with the Lunge or Slash attacks to deal significant damage to the Cobalt Lavaback. 

Aside from ailments and attributes, there are a couple of specific areas on this beast’s body that act as soft parts, which you can target to further increase the damage dealt with your attacks.

The Cobalt Lavaback’s soft spots are its head and body. You can deal maximum damage by landing your shots at its head, but sometimes it becomes challenging to stay close to this Kemono in Wild Hearts.

You could even go for this Kemono’s arms and legs to deal a fair bit of damage if you cannot go for its head or body, but try to refrain from targeting its back and tail, as that will bring little to no damage output.

How to defeat Cobalt Lavaback in Wild Hearts

Now that you know everything about the Wild Hearts Cobalt Lavaback, we can formulate a general strategy to use against this beast and defeat it with ease.

Bring the right gear

The right set of armor and weapon is the crucial factor that makes or breaks your combat against Cobalt Lavaback.

You need to equip armor that helps you with fire resistance. Use the Lavaback’s armor for this purpose. For weapons, go with the Fumebeaks one. It allows you to build up poison ailment, providing the full advantage of the monster’s weakness.         

You need to have a bunch of Karakuris with you while fighting this Kemono in the Wild Hearts. To help you carry more of the threads, you need to upgrade Tsukumo. This way, you can use the different threads according to the situation, making the problematic combat easy.

Steer clear of common attacks

Staying on your toes is essential to your fight against Cobalt Lavaback. You have to look for the Body Dive and Arm Smash attacks. The creature leaps in the air and slams its first on the ground before these moves. Use dodge to get away from the line of attacks and wait for the opportunity to rush in for some good hits on its head or body. 

The Cobalt Lavaback often dives inside the ground, disappearing for a moment, and then comes back up with full force a few seconds later – often from under you.

You can see this attack coming after the beast leaps into the air and slams its arms on the ground. To counter this attack, wait for the beast to go underground and look for the spot it comes back up from.

That spot will give out a purplish aura right before this monster appears. Just as the beast comes out from the ground, it will be vulnerable for a few seconds, and you can use that time to your advantage by landing a few hits.

The boss is quite powerful at close to mid-range, but its main strength lies in attacking while he closes in the distance – and he does so pretty swiftly. You can mostly this beast closing the distance while swirling his arms or performing a sweep kick.

Moreover, you have to be extra careful during this boss’s enraged state. During this state, the boss gains a couple of new attacks. The most dangerous of these attacks is the one where it will leave pools of lava on the ground, which explode a few moments later.

The Cobalt Lavaback can also command nearby wolves to attack you. Although they don’t do too much damage, it is still recommended to put them out of the equation as soon as possible because they are a constant nuisance.

Target its weak spots

You need to attack this creature’s soft parts, emphasizing headshots and body hits. Do not try to initiate attacks from behind, as the Back Kick of Cobalt Lavaback is quite strong and deals massive damage. Stay between the creature’s legs and make the most out of the situation.

You will mainly be using your weapon’s Lunge attacks in synchronization with ailments and attributes like Poison, Fatigue, Entangled, and Water. Since this Kemono is literally made out of Magma, it would make sense that it is immune to the Fire element, so avoid using that in this fight.

Other ailments and attributes like Frozen, Wood, Wind, and Earth are not recommended as well, as they produce minimal damage output. 

Utilize the Karakuri

The two most important Karakuri that you will use during this fight is the Pounder and the Bulwark Karakuri.

You can set up the Bulwark Karakuri to absorb most attacks of this Kemono. The Pounder Karakuri, on the other hand, mainly comes in handy in between the attack intervals of the Cobalt Lavaback, allowing you to extract a bit of free damage. Utilizing the items, you can block the Flying sidekick and Enraged State Attacks on this creature.

Additionally, you can also use the Glider Karakuri from a high point and glide towards the Cobalt Lavaback. This way, you can easily reach the top of the beast’s head, then drop down and unleash a couple of strong attacks on its weak spot. This tactic will mostly be useful in starting the fight though.

Cobalt Lavaback materials and drops

You gain crucial items after putting the beast into the ground.

  • Bandit Kemono Blood
  • Bandit Teardrops
  • Cobalt Lavaback Fang
  • Cobalt Lavaback Hide
  • Cobalt Lavaback Molten Rock
  • Cobalt Lavaback Tail
  • Rare Cobalt Lavaback Tufa
  • Small Brumal Wind Crystal

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