Wild Hearts Ripclaw Boss Guide

Hailing from the world of monsters, Wild Hearts Ripclaw, is another Kemono you must defeat to progress further in Wild Hearts. The rooster-like resemblance of Ripclaw is no coincidence as it comes from the line of another creature, Dreadclaw.

Ripclaws are a female version of Dreadclaws, which dwell in colder regions to lay their eggs. The combat capabilities are almost the same as their parent species.

It uses dash attack and its claws to make you immobile. However, Ripclaw can unleash fatigue inducement, which is the main difference between Wild Hearts Bosses.

You need to stay on your feet to dodge the exploding eggs that could be your end if you get trapped in them. Using the right set of tactics and hitting the foe at the right spots is crucial.

If you understand how this creature performs during combat, victory will be well in sight. But before learning its attacking patterns, we must look into the areas where you can find this sleep-inducing monster, Ripclaw, in Wild Hearts.

Ripclaw location

You need to head to Fuyusagi Fort. You might have already explored this region while fighting Icetusk and Fumebeak. Visit the same region, or head to the Natsukodachi Isle area during Chapter 3 to see Ripclaw in Wild Hearts.

Do not throw yourself right into the action without understanding the strengths and weaknesses of this monster in Wild Hearts.

Ripclaw weaknesses

The Ripclaw has a couple of weaknesses, or soft spots, that you can target to put an end to it as soon as the fight begins. In terms of physical attacks, the Ripclaw is weak to Slash attacks. That said, make sure to bring a weapon proficient in Slash attacks to the fight against this beast. 

As for the Ripclaw’s elemental weaknesses, you can use the Wood, Fire, and Earth attributes against the Ripclaw to keep it at an edge. The Ablaze status ailment, in particular, deals massive amounts of damage to this beast, but the Frozen and Entangled ailments can also work quite well. Avoid using the Wind attribute and Fatigued ailment though, as those will have little to no effect on Ripclaw 

You can make a significant impact by equipping your weapon with it. Additionally, if you target this beast at its soft parts as well, you might have to land just a few clean combos to put an end to the Ripclaw in a matter of seconds. 

The Ripclaw has a few soft spots that are scattered throughout its body. You can aim for any of them to deal maximum damage. Landing clean hits on its head and throat would be best, as the monster receives maximum damage from those areas.

If it’s hard to target those areas, you can hit the Ripclaw’s wings, body, or tail as well to put in a decent amount of damage, but don’t go for the tail as it will bring forth a minimal damage output.

How to defeat Ripclaw in Wild Hearts

Now that we know everything about the Ripclaw in Wild Hearts, we can formulate a general strategy to defeat it.

Focus on its weaknesses

The essential thing in your combat is your selection of attributes. You have to ensure that you equip any other attribute than Wind. It is recommended to go for Earth or Fire against Ripclaw before jumping into the battle.

To quickly end the combat, try focusing all of your attacks toward its weaknesses – particularly at its head and throat. These parts are the softest and offer you the opportunity to deal maximum damage, even with basic hits. Knock Ripclaw down and dash to land multiple hits in these areas.

Steer clear of common attacks

The Ripclaw only has a few different attacks that are very easy to read. In summary, do not stay too close to the creature for an extended period, as it can perform Slam and Charging attacks to bring you down. Be on your toes and move as much as possible during the fight.

The Egg-based Attacks from the creature can be lethal if not dodged correctly. These eggs induce fatigue diseases on impact and leave you completely vulnerable to the Diving Kicks and Flying attacks.

You need to avoid these incoming eggs at all costs. You can see the attack coming from the positioning of the creature, so you will be able to prepare for the dodge when you see it coming. Before releasing the eggs, it launches into the air and slams down, so move away from your area to protect yourself.

These eggs secrete a type of smoke that lingers in the area for a while. If you stay within the smoke for more than a few seconds, you will be inflicted with fatigue. Try to steer clear of the areas covered by smoke once the Ripclaw uses this attack.

Utilize your Karakuri

You must use the Bulwark and Spring Karakuri to safeguard yourself from most of Ripclaw’s attacks. Bulwark provides you with cover against the shockwave, slam, and charging attacks.

At the same time, Spring Karakuri allows you mobility and provides an escape route against egg-based and flying attacks. Always wait for the right moment and use these utilities to escape danger.

While Ripclaw is in its enraged state, its wings will get larger in size and it will start to fly, throwing rocks at you from the air. In that case, you have to use the Firework and Pounder Karakuri to bring the creature down. Additionally, the boss’s potency with fatigue attacks will be increased, so you have to be even more careful of those in this stage.

Ripclaw materials and drops

You can receive the key to progress further in Chapter 3 if you fight this Wild Heart Kemono in the Natsukodachi Isle. There are some additional rewards that you obtain after eliminating Wild Hearts Ripclaw.

  • Brighteye Archer Kemono Blood
  • Brighteye Archer Teardrops
  • Giant Winter Lull Crystal
  • Grand Ripclaw Plume
  • Ripclaw Bloom Beak
  • Ripclaw Corona Spray
  • Ripclaw Petal Derm
  • Ripclaw Sickle Feather
  • Sharp Ripclaw Talon

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