Wild Hearts Icetusk Boss Guide

Icetusk follows almost the same attacks as Kingtusk, but with advanced attacks and patterns in Wild Hearts.

Icetusk is a variant of Kingtusk that resembles a giant boar. The Fuyufusagi region of Wild Hearts contains mountains fully covered with snow, and Icetusk is found inside the same area. Its body is fully covered with frost, which makes it look like a moving white mountain.

While fighting Icetusk, you need to be careful of the ice projectiles that follow after this the nearby ground gets frozen by this Kemono. Meanwhile, nearly all of the Icetusk attacks are sudden which sometimes does not give time for counter-defense.

Icetusk follows almost the same attacks as Kingtusk. However, there are some differentiating points such as their breeding grounds that you must understand before throwing yourself against Icetusk in Wild Hearts.

Icetusk location

You can come across Wild Hearts Icetusk while exploring the Fuyufusagi Fort area. The area known for its ice-covered mountain breathes life into these creatures.

You can find one by going to the Icy Castle Town or adventuring around the Snowy Otsuki path. Icetusk might be waiting for you in those locations, so come prepared.

Note that the Fuyufusagi Fort area is also where you have a chance of encountering Fumebeak.


Icetusk weaknesses

Icetusk is a giant kemono, and its resistance against the Frozen and Water makes the most sense due to its living habitat. You cannot do any damage using any Water attributing weapons.

If any of your primary attacks inflict damage using the Frozen ailment, you need to change it to some other form, as Icetusk will be unbeatable if you rely on it.

Apart from Fatigue ailment, all others are not very effective against the Icetusk.

The best way to defeat Wild Hearts Icetusk is to equip your weapon with the Fire attribute. Just as the heat melts the ice, fire will be the main factor during your battle against Icetusk.

Icetusk physically receives the most damage from the Pummel and Lunge attacks due to its weakness against them.

The Wild Hearts Icetusk’s soft spot is the head, followed by the tail. You can deal maximum damage by accurately landing your attacks on its head, but the task is difficult. As the head is the smallest part of the Icetusk’s body, you must be precise.

However, its tails also allow you to deal a good amount of damage, and the vast area of it makes it an excellent option to opt for while fighting Icetusk in Wild Hearts.

Additionally, you should avoid attacking its Tusk at all costs due to its higher resistance to damage. The kemono, Icetusk, can even counter you if you fail to land perfect hits, so be careful where you hit the giant.

How to defeat Icetusk in Wild Hearts

The best strategy to defeat Wild Hearts Icetusk is being patient and attacking at the right time at the right spot. You need to wait for the opening to attack the soft points. It becomes easy to land more hits at its head when the monster is down, but you need to be careful while being near its head.

Take advantage of intervals between its attacks

Icetusk has low mobility due to its sheer size, providing you with the opportunity to counter attacks. Wait for the monster to make its attacks, and then land attacks on the creature to inflict massive damage while the attack windows remain open for you.

Use Spring and Bulwark Karakuri

You must have an escape route in your mind as the area covered by Icetusk’s attacks is wide. Equip yourself with Spring and Bulwark Karakuri. As Icetusk is weak towards the fire, attacking him using Torch Karakuri will also deal significant damage.

You can reposition and get away from incoming attacks very quickly using Spring. Icetusk’s Side Tackle and Tail Swipes attack can easily be dodged using Spring Karakuri. Look for the sideways movement of the kemono as it shows the attack is coming.

The tail being the Wild Hearts Icetusk soft part means you will be focusing more attacks there, but be aware of the Tail Swipes. If you continuously attack the monster from behind, then it can pull this attack to knock you down and deal damage.

Attack the tail and then run to a safe distance. The hit-and-run tactic also works as the Icy Jumping Stomps produced by Icetusk can be your end as the spikes deal damage when you attack its body and legs.

You need to keep Bulwark up most of the time to avoid getting hit by the charging and sweep slam combo of Icetusk. It will step back to make a run toward your place so the shield in place will block the attack and provide you with the opportunity to land your blows.

You need to wait for one good opportunity to make the end of Icetusk in Wild Hearts.

Icetusk materials and drops

As you eliminate Wild Hearts Icetusk, you might get a free pass to roam around the areas near the Fuyufusagi Fort. You can visit the castle and explore the path for additional items, along with the dropped one from Icetusk.

  • Bandit Kemono Blood
  • Bandit Teardrops
  • Icetusk Frost Limb
  • Icetusk Horn
  • Icetusk Ivory
  • Icetusk Tail
  • Rare Icetusk Seed
  • Small Brumal Wind Crystal

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