Wild Hearts Fumebeak Boss Guide

The Wild Hearts Fumebeak is a kemono that flies around to bring havoc on its enemies. The monster attacks are so toxic that you need to be always on your toes to win the fight.

Fumebeak moves are tricky to understand initially, and the poison debuffs initiated by its attacks make it challenging for you to end the fight quickly. You need to grasp the movements of this Wild Heart kemono to create an opportunity for attack. Once you get it, you can simply take it down quickly.

Your previous experience of knowing how to deal with Wild Hearts Bosses will come in handy here, but it is essential to know where you can find the Wild Hearts Fumebeak.

Fumebeak location

The area used by Fumebeak is vast in Wild Hearts. You can find this kemono in several places, such as the Harugsasumi way and Fuyufusagi Fort. This fort is the same place where you might encounter other Wild Heart bosses, including Icetusk.

Originally, the breeding ground for Fumebeak lies in the caves found in the Akikure Canyon. These caves are known for their breeding grounds of kemonos as you find others, including Sporetail, there. You can visit any of these areas to come across Fumebeak in Wild Hearts.

Fumebeak weaknesses

This monster is powerful against Wind and Fire attacks. You might not be able to inflict much damage if you equip weapons that cause wind or fire damage.

Additionally, Fumebeak shows complete resistance against poisoned attacks. It means you have to rely on other attributes and ailments to bring down this toxic bird.

Your strength lies in the Earth attribute and Lunged attacks. Wild Hearts Fumebeak shows great weakness against Lunge attacks, and combining those attacks with the Earth attribute is deadly. Additionally, Fumebeak shows weakness against all ailments except poison.

Fumebeak soft spots are the head, wings, and body. Any attack on its head will deal substantial damage compared to other Fumebeak soft parts. Do not concentrate your attacks on its Tail and Hind Legs, as you can only inflict a small amount of damage on this kemono by targeting these areas.

How to defeat Fumebeak in Wild Hearts

Target its soft spots

To deal maximum damage, you need to concentrate your attacks on Fumebeak’s head. You will get an opportunity every time it attacks you using its dive or slam attacks.

Utilize this time as Fumebeak will try to recover from the attacks, and you can land clean hits on its head. Additionally, even if you miss your head target, you can still do deadly enough damage to its body and wings.

Attack Fumebeak between intervals

There will be a period between the previous and next attack of Fumebeak, during which it will be utterly vulnerable to your attacks. You can exploit this moment without worrying about getting countered and go all in to land as many hits as possible.

Take support from the crates to perform jump attacks and aim right for its head to maximize your damage outburst to Wild Hearts Fumebeak.

Use Bulwark Karakuri

Your best friend for this fight is a Bulwark Karakuri. You need to set it up whenever you encounter Fumebeak in Wild Hearts.

You can block substantial incoming attacks from Fumebeak, such as Spinning Top and Charging Attacks, that can prove deadly for you if not taken care of. Fumebeak’s Dive and Sweep attacks become useless against your Karakuri and allow you to attack the monster aggressively.

Dodge and slide for Enraged attacks

Use dodge and slide in the correct direction to avoid attacks. You need to dodge or slide forward to save yourself from the follow-up attacks from Fumebeak.

Slide away when you see the Enraged State Attacks coming, as these are strong, bringing your health bar down by a massive amount.

You can see the attack coming from the Fumebeak’s change of state, and it starts converting the area into toxins and also leap forward by winding up its left wing to attack you. Use the combination of slide and Bulwark Karakuri to protect yourself.

Clear poison using the Poison Recovery skill

The most valuable item you can equip is the Poison recovery armor or any item that protects you against toxin attacks.

You need to craft anti-toxins before getting into fights with the tricky versions of Wild Hearts Fumebeak. You can easily counter toxin-based attacks by having the right set of items.

Fumebeak makes three kinds of attacks based on toxin damage; Toxin throws, toxin spit, and charged toxin spit. You can make these attacks useless by positioning beneath the kemono or using Bulwark.

Fumebeak materials and drops

At the end of the fight, you will gain the experience of fighting a floating Wild Heart boss and other items that can make you strong for future encounters with the Wild Hearts Kemonos.

  • All-Black Kemono Blood
  • All-Black Teardrops
  • Fumebeak Bill
  • Fumebeak Claw
  • Fumebeak Skin
  • Fumebeak Tail Feather
  • Fumebeak Toxic
  • Fumebeak Wing
  • Harvest Crystal
  • Rare Fumebeak Remix

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