Wasteland 3 Wolfe’s Hunt Walkthrough

This guide will show you how to help out Gary Wolfe complete his hunt in Wasteland 3 and take down all the synths with ease

While in Little Vegas, you’ll encounter Gary “NaCl” Wolfe chilling out with his squad in Ranger HQ’s yard. He may be chilling but he is actually on a hunt and this Wasteland 3 Wolfe’s Hunt Walkthrough will help you complete this side quest.

Wasteland 3 Wolfe’s Hunt

Wolfe has a task for you which includes tracking and eliminating synths all over Colorado.

Below we have included the location of all the Synths you need to eliminate in order to complete Wolfe’s Hunt side mission.

Somewhere in Colorado Springs
The first Synth can be found in the Patriarch’s Museum. Check the animatronics at the upper left corner.

Using Nerd Stuff (4) you can stun the synth and talk to it. It will talk about its journey from Arizona to Colorado.

You have two choices at this point, either let it go or destroy it. Letting it escape will later make Gary scoff at you for not finishing the job. His squad will leave.

Letting the synth go means you’ll meet it at a later point in the game.

If you destroy the synth, you can pick its head up and bring it to Wolfe who will give you some cash and tell you regarding another synth in Colorado.

Close to Denver; near some towers
The second synth for Wolfe’s Hunt is in Tinker in the Denver’s Machine Commune. Talk to the Tinker and you can make amends for the war between humans and synths.

The entire environment is really nice, and the robots are super friendly. If you want to kill them, go right ahead. This will make every unit in the Commune zone hostile.

The mobs aren’t that hard, the clear fight with your conscience to destroy innocent beings however is extremely hard, and if it isn’t. Well, damn.

Pick up Tinker’s head and deliver it to the salty man.

Further away from Denver; probably underground
The third synth is found in the Tellurium Mines in the North of Denver. You’ll also meet Bulb here who wants you to ‘take care’ of all the robots.

In the mine, you can repair one of the bots with Mechanics (6). It will tell you to talk to Null Stack.

Afterward, you should be able to defeat Null Stack as well as other mobs in the mines. There’s another synth named Earl who’s friends with Scorpitron.

After wiping out all the bots, pick up the Barter skill book found near the terminal. Grab Earl’s head and talk to Bulb to finish the part.

Near Aspen; somewhere in the mountains
The Wolfe’s Hunt synth is in the Department of Energy Site found east of Santa’s Workshop.

Use Nerd Stuff (7) inside to hack all the terminals and open doors. You can find a lot of tech loot here along with some bots.

Disarm the traps with Explosives (8), and nearby you can find a container with a Nervous Nancy creepy doll.

Use the side door to avoid the next section with bots and a large generator.

If you open the metal shutter, you’ll find Dos-The-Seh. A not so friendly bot who wants to kill you. Dos-The-Seh is the leader of all synths and is apparently plotting a resurgence.

Seeing everything we’ve done, I’d suppose resurgence makes sense, but ehh, who are we to judge.

Destroy everything and pick up Dos-The-She’s head, a tactical nuke, the death sifter machine gun, along with a Magneto Cannon Kodiak upgrade.

There is also a Nerd Stuff skill book and a Soldierpunk Helmet in the containers, be sure to pick those on your way out.

Inspect the terminal in the small room and click on ‘rip the guys from the transmitter’ to end this part.

Gary will reward you for each head you bring back to him. After defeating all of the Synths, he will reward you with $1,200 cash.

We demolished beings that wanted to live in peace for just $1,200. Nice.

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