Wasteland 3 Choices and Consequences Guide

Every choice you make in Wasteland 3 has a consequence and now even the games have started to employ this...

Every choice you make in Wasteland 3 has a consequence and now even the games have started to employ this approach taken from real life.

In this guide, we will take a look at what choices you can make in Wasteland 3 and what their consequences will be. Let’s get started:

Wasteland 3 Choices and Consequences

We will take a look at each choice and their consequence one by one but first, we will classify them according to the order we find them in the game.

We will start with the main choices we find first:

Dorsey Hostage Choice

You will see that a Dorsey Goon has taken some hostages at the beginning of the game. To rescue them you have two choices:

First is to use Hard Ass/ Kiss Ass; this will make the goon run away and alert the next group but the hostages will be left unscratched.

The second choice is to kill the goon but if you choose this, the hostage will be killed by the Goon first. You can recruit the hostage if she lives but the chances are low.

Major Vera Choice

No matter what choice you make here, it won’t save Vera, so don’t take that on your conscience because whatever you couldn’t have done anything to save her.

Ranger HQ Choices

Below are some of the different choices you will make at various points in the story in Ranger HQ.

The Patriarch Choices

Kill Dorsey
Choosing this option means that you will get 1 Marshal Rep by killing Dorsey.

He’s Your Prisoner
This option means no bonus or rep but the patriarch will thank you.

Leadership 2
You suggest that instead of Killing Dorsey, he is imprisoned

First Aid
The patriarch will say that he’s fine while getting upset over this treatment.

Thank You Patriarch
Doing so will increase Patriarch Marshal by 1.

No, we want our stuff and we are leaving
This would be a stupid move as he will not allow you to leave so you will be trapped by men in power armor.

Servitor Bot Choices

Kiss Ass
Using this choice will let you walk in while avoiding a fight.

Ask if they have been guarding the spot the whole time
In doing so they will give a positive answer and you will have more choices available.

Attack the Robots
This is a pretty self-explanatory choice.

The Government is gone
This will cause a fight with the robots after they call you stupid.

Okay we will leave
You try to think of something else and leave.

Del Hackett Choices

She will ask you if they can stay.

You can stay
Choosing this option will yield 5 Wastelander Rep and they will stay.

You need to leave
5 Wasterlander Rep will be deducted and they will not stick around anymore.

Mushroom Man Prisoner Choices

There is a choice to free the Mushroom man.

Free him
This will set the Mushroom Man free and he will leave saying that you shall meet again.

Keep him locked up
This will keep him in prison.

Colorado Springs Downtown

Free Austin Choices

You can free Austin using these choices.

Kiss Ass 4
This will get Austin free and you can take him along and you will get 5 wastelanders rep in the process.

What if we pay the damages?
Austin still walks free but you will have to pay 200.

He’s not a bad kid
This doesn’t make a difference and you will need to choose something else.

This doesn’t make a difference and you will need to choose something else.

Doresy Hunter Choices

Doresy boys want to fight you when you get inside a clothes shop on a side quest.

Kiss Ass 3
They will leave after putting on some clothes.

This will start a fight with them.

We just want to talk
The fight starts after they say no.

Isaac Reed Choices

You can either save him or not.

Stop Lucia
This will not let Lucia hurt Isaac and she will thank you for it later. You will have a choice after this to either lock them up at your base or let Marshal handle this.

Ranger HQ
As mentioned above this is one of the choices; with this, you lock them up and you will be provided with a jailer by the Sheriff.

Hand over to Marshals
Marshal will get 5 rep and some other stuff and then Hope will still be jailed at the Base.

Let Lucia Kill Him
This choice will let Lucia kill him and doing so will freak her out.

Finish the job kid
You will need to defend yourself against the people attacking you after this. You will lose a lot of rep with this.

Kill him yourself
You will take out Isaac yourself and then the 100 families rep would be lost after a fight with them.

Let him bleed to death
He still dies and you fight the families and lose rep.

After The Hundred Families Youth Battle

You will have two options; either tell them you have killed the Dorseys or tell them you have killed both the Dorseys and the Youths.

The latter choice will make you lase 5 rep from the families.

Arresting The Hundred Families Youth Battle

This choice will involve picking them up with a team and bringing them back to base.

Irv Choices

You will have two choices after you speak with Irv, which are to either recruit him or send him back home.

Synth October 11 Choices

After finding the Synth at the museum you will have two choices.

The first will be to not kill the Synth which will cause Wolfe to be upset and not give you any more quests and the Synth will keep on killing.

The other choice is that you kill the Synth and everyone is happy at the base and the killing stops.

Hallie Choices

You will find a slave called Hallie fleeing from the slavers.

You will have to act according to two choices, first is to ask her to keep her head down which will get you 10 Wastelander Refugee Rep.

You will tell the slavers that she fled but they will catch you further down the path.

The second choice is to take her to HQ. You will lose 10 rep because you lied to the girl but you get some good armor and weapons from under the bunker.

Machine Shop

Shop Foreman Choices

Both choices mean you fight. Doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Mactavish Choices

Pay 500

You will get the required information and he will thank you.

Pay 300 Barter 4

You will get the required information but no thanks.

No deal, talk or we kill you

You still get the required information.

You either talk or we take you to the marshals

Still, you get the information.

After all the above choices you will get some more choices.

Get out of town

You will ask him to leave town and Mactavish will be happy to comply.

You can go but I want a little reward first

Mactavish will get a little angry but give you 115$ before he leaves.

Arrest him

You have two choices after this as well whether to use the marshals or not. Using the marshals will get you 5 rep and not using them will get you none and he will be sent to your jail.

Kill him

Doing this would not be very beneficial. However, you will get his mask that adds 3 armor, adds 1 to toaster repair, and 1 to mechanics and there will be no rep loss.

Little Vegas

Marshal Lupinski Choice

After you meet with the boss in Little Vegas you will have two choices to either fight or Arrest Brygo.

Arresting seems like the better choice as you will get 15 Rep with Patriarch’s Marshals along with some cash and grenades.

World Map

Heads or Tails Choice

You will have to decide where to go, Homestead or Caravan; going to homestead and dealing with the mutants there is much more complicated.

You can win by using Hard Ass or Kiss ass but if you save the place the caravan will be destroyed and the mutants will get the power armor and they will threaten Colorado Springs.

While if you go to Caravan, you will fight them, free the hostage, and ask the driver to take the goods to Colorado Springs but people will die at Homestead wif you come here.

The Bizarre

Refugee Choices

When the militia is cleared from the Bizarre, the refugee will ask for help. You can either Pay Pareidolia Jones to take them to the springs which will cost 300$ along with seven Kick Ass or 6 barter. This choice will get you 5 standing with the refugees.

The next option is to Arrest Mam cotter to stop smuggling refugees. Handing her over to the marshals means a fight with her family and you will become hated by the Wastelanders.

But if you take her to your jail, Gideon will provide you with mechanics and rep with a thousand families.

“No more smuggling” option doesn’t work, so there is no use.

If you keep helping the refugees, it will get your 15 Wastelander rep and three mechanics from Mama Cotter but you will lose the mechanics from Gideon and rep with the thousand families.

Hostile Takeover Choices

In this quest, you will need to assign Charlie as the new owner of the Bizarre and take the Monster Army out of there.

It’s your choice to skip this quest if you want the Monster Army to stay in control.

Your choices are to give Charlie control of Bizarre. After that, you will give the Jones choice to either work under Charlie or not.

Don’t choose the “You are right Jones” option. It will make Bizarre an empty town with no one there.

Your last option will be to Attack and take out Jones.

The Old Survivalist Bunker Choices

Clouds Drifting West Choices

You have the choice to turn off life support or let him stay alive.

Denver Ruins

You will have to decide which side to join:

Gippers Or Godfishers Choice

If you side with Gippers you will be on the side of God President Reagan and then clear out the camp of Godfisher with force.

Synth In Robot Commune Choice

You can either fight or kiss ass.

Reagan Reborn Choice

You can put Reagan into Valor which makes Reagan take control of Valor’s body.

If you use Kiss Ass 5 it will let you choose where you transfer Gipper.

You can also transfer Reagan to Machine Commune which will start the fight with Gippers and it will not be pretty.

You can also transfer Reagan to Ranger HQ which will anger the robots.

Your last option is to steal Reagan Intelligence which will also start the fight.


Ash Choice

You will be with Ash after you have freed the hostages in Aspen. Your choices are to either Arrest, Free, or kill Ash. You can arrest him and send him to the HQ or marshals.

You can free him and get his thanks and the key to Vic’s room and if you kill him, you don’t lose any and you get some stuff off of him by looting his corpse.

Vic Buchanan Choice

Your first choice will be the Gift Turned on you after which you will get the Ash choices.

“We freed the rangers” choice means that he will say that he didn’t expect this after laughing and you would be able to attack or arrest him.

Using the Kiss Ass option will let you recruit Vic.

After this, you have a choice with First Aid 8. You can also lie by bluffing that there are snipers outside after which you throw a grenade at his feet that will blow him up. This is the biggest Sike I have seen in a long time.

You can also kill Vic and get his pistol and a Mermaid Ornament or you can add him to the team or Arrest him.

Angela Deth Choices

Fight or side with Patriarch

If you choose to fight with the Patriarch, Lucia Wesson will go against you. You will get the Location of the Liberty from Angela Deth.

Yuma County

The Mechanic Choices

The mechanic in Yuma County will stop working with you if you bring Cordite along. Now you will have to choose between the Mechanic and Cordite.

If you choose to hear the Mechanic out you will lose Cordite as he will leave. Cordite is a good fighter so you may want to reconsider.

If you go with Cordite, a fight with the robots and the Mechanic will begin and put Cordite as the leader of the Scar Collectors.

After you have taken out the Mechanic, Cordite will fight with Steel-Trap to become the leader.

One of Us Choices

You need to pass a test if you want Cordite to be the ruler of Scars.

The choices are whether to accept the Bio Mod or kill the rebellious Slave. If you accept the Bio Mod it will get on of your team members some internal bleeding but also the Cyborg Tech Perk which means you would be able to use Cyborg perks now.

If you take out the rebellious slave you will be accepted to stay with them in the camp.

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