Wasteland 3 Little Vegas Walkthrough

In this Wasteland 3 Little Vegas Walkthough we will guide you through the details of completing all the quests found in Little Vegas.

In this Wasteland 3 Little Vegas Walkthrough we will be showing you every tiny little detail you can find while playing through the mission and how you can exploit them to your advantage.

Wasteland 3 Little Vegas

Traveling Wasteland’s 3 vast Colorado has brought you at the doorstep of Faran Brygo’s casino and in this guide, we will explain all the ins and outs of Little Vegas and what awaits within.

The Hunt for Inspector Delgado

Searching for Inspector Delgado has brought you to the Little Vegas casino where Delgado was last seen.

The casino can be found right past the Patriarch’s Museum. Upon entering, talk to Charley Knowes who will tell you where Faran Brygo is.

Before talking to Brygo, make sure you have Kiss Ass (3) and Perception (4); both qualities that will help you get some useful information from the conversation.

Head to the Casino Floor, where you can play on the gambling tables.

Play the slots with Nerd Stuff (4)/Lockpicking (5), and you’ll be able to win $400. Once you have won $400, you will not be able to play any additional games.

Once you’re done winning and scooting, it’s time to find Shakes who can be found in a private party room on the second floor.

However, considering you’re about to invade someone’s private space, you might want to be ready for a fight.

When you reach the room, you’ll see Boulder who won’t be happy to see you. A brawl can be prevented if you have Kiss Ass (3) and Hard Ass (4).

Using Hard Ass, you will be able to find out Delgado’s location along with drugs and a Fuser laser pistol inside the safe.

Into the Brothel

At the end of the hallway of the Little Vegas casino, you will find a Brothel.

If you failed to get Delgado’s location due to failing any of the pre-requisites mentioned above, simply pay Ken Doll $100 or have Barter (5), and you’ll be able to get Delgado’s location.

Asking about the prostitutes can reward your respective character with a unique buff.

  • Joker: Kicker (+4 penetration)
  • Ten of Hearts: Dealer’s Choice (+5 XP bonus)
  • Ace of Hearts: Ace in the Hole (+25% crit chance)
  • Jack of Hearts: Shuffled (+1 AP and +1 max AP)
  • King of Hearts: Royal Flush (+25% hit chance)
  • Queen of Hearts: Bad Beat (+15% envision)

Head into the Queen of Hearts room where you will find Benjie Braddock. He will tell you that he needs chemical help.

Give him either Liquid Time, Jitter or Rhino. You can get the codes to the computer through Braddock in case the door to Brygo’s office is locked.

An Important Choice

Once you know that Delgado is being held prisoner in the Little Vegas casino, confront Charley Knowes and he’ll leave you with two choices.

You can take on the casino’s entire army, and attempt to free Delgado by slashing your way through enemy units.

The alternative is that you accept Charley’s proposal.

Fight for Delgado

Choosing to fight for Delgado will make all of the casino hostile towards you. You will however get the keys to Delgado’s cell and will be able to free him.

However, you will not be able to talk to anyone in the casino after this. If you shoot Charley outside of the dialogue option, Kwon and Lucia will leave your party after the fight.

Choosing this path will lock you out of the ‘Hostile Takeover’ side-quest. After killing all the enemies, you can go to the cell and free Delgado.

Faran Brygo will be found inside his suite of rooms, and you can either kill him or arrest him.

Accept Charley’s Proposal

Your second choice is to accept Charley’s proposal who will point you to the Machine Shop in the South of Pillory Square.

In here, you will face enemies who you can either kill or ask regarding MacTavish.

Both options will however lead to a fight. After killing all of the thugs, you get the Machine Shop Armor Set.

Talk to MacTavish who wants $500 to give you the information you need. You can use Barter (4) to avoid paying him at all. You can either kill or arrest him after the conversation ends.

Go to the Casino and talk to Charley and Brygo who will now happily let Delgado go since you fulfilled your end of the deal.

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