Wasteland 3 Creepy Doll Locations

With the release of the new RPG title Wasteland 3, players are set to explore post-apocalyptic Colorado and discover its secrets. But secrets are secrets for a reason and are tough to find. This is where we come in to help, as this guide lists the locations of all the Creepy Dolls hidden throughout the world of Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Creepy Doll Locations

Creepy Dolls in Wasteland 3 are a special kind of item that players can find in specific locations of the game.

A Creepy Doll is an extension of the player’s equipment that provides extra buffs and multiple effects to all squad members when acquired.

Simply collecting them will benefit you for the rest of the game and each Creepy Doll provides you with different power-ups.

Name Location Power Up
Keen Karen Found in the Garden of God, this doll is in a hidden passage leading to the PAL computer. Adds 1 Perception
Maneater Muary It can be found in the exterior part of The Bizarre. The doll is hidden inside a duffel bag which can be found outside the smugglers encampment, just before the bridge. Adds 15 Health
Lethal Lance This doll can be found in the Monster Army Bunker. The doll is inside the cinema that you get to after defeating the Drilldogs and Shockdogs. Adds 1 Penetration
Cruel Cory Find it in Denver Ruins. Head inside the Gippers’ White House. Once inside, check the container at the left side hall just below the statue. Adds 5 Damage against Animals
Electric Emmett Find it in the Machine Commune, buried in the snow. To get to it, use the right exit of the Terminal Area. The ground here is covered by snow. Near the killer bots. Roam around the area to find the doll. Adds 5 Energy Damage
Fuckin’ Fred The doll can be found in the Old Survivalist Bunker. In the room where the Clouds are drifting west, open the door to the locked door. You need to have level 8 Lockpicking for this. Adds 5 Damage against Animals
Nervous Nancy Find it in the Department of Energy Site. The doll is close to the vending machine, near the section with landmines. Adds 0.5 Seconds Detection Time
Hearty Henry Find it in Aspen. Head to the room where you found lots of loot. Here, look in the duffel bag next to the corpse to get the doll. Adds 10 Healing Bonus
Ferocious Francesca Find it in Aspen in Little Hell Resort. The doll can be found next to a cage in the guest suits section. Adds 5 Melee Damage
Zen Zoey Find it in the Snowed Inn Resort. The doll is in the yard with razorback monsters. Adds 2% Hit Chance
Quick Quaid In Knox Bison Ranch, look near Larry’s grave after killing the mobs in the area. Adds 5% Sneak Attack Damage
Purist Patty In Abandoned Oil Well. This one is very straight forward. Pick up the doll after the strange beings and Tesla Coil disappears. Adds 5% Damage against Mutants
Angry Aaron In Yuma County in Goldfisher Windfarm. At the back of Goldfisher shrine area, Look inside a chest surrounded by multiple landmines. Adds 5% Critical Resistance
Hyper Heather In Yuma County Speedway, look inside the locker inside the room where you confront Liberty Buchanan. You need to have Explosive level 8 for this. Adds 5% Initiative

Hyper Heather is the last of the 15 dolls but, make sure you collect the rest of them before you confront Liberty Buchanan as he is the final boss and point of no return.

You can check the archive list to see if you missed any of these. Collecting all dolls earns you the “My Pretties” achievement.

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