Wasteland 3 Creepy Doll Locations

This guide will help you find the Locations of all the Creepy Dolls hidden throughout the post apocalyptic Colorado of Wasteland 3

Creepy Dolls are rare items in Wasteland 3 that you can get from different locations. These items will provide a good bonus to you and your party. This guide will cover complete details about the Creepy Doll’s locations and effects in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Creepy Doll Locations

Creepy Dolls are unique items that will provide you and your party with unique effects. They can give you a lot of essential boosts and more importantly they stay in your inventory. Because of that, you can always use them and new members can take advantage of them as well.

All the Creeps Dolls that you can find in the Wasteland 3 along with their effects are given below.

Radical Rachel

Effect: +5% Explosive Damage

Location: This Creepy Doll can be found in a room just south of the war room in Ranger HQ that is full of computer tables. In that room, you will find that doll in a small container on the left side right after you enter the room.

Keen Karen

Effect: +1 Perception

Location: You can find this Creepy Doll in Garden of the Gods after taking out the first group of the Dorseys. Before you can get to the second group of Dorseys you will see a hidden passage on the left side that is leading to the PAL computer. Right after entering this path, you will find the Keen Karen.

Maneater Maurey

Effect: +15 Con for Squad

Location: You can find this Creepy Doll in the exterior part of the Bizarre. You will need to go to the parking garage area and there close to the bridge you will find it inside the Duffel bag.

Lethal Lance

Effect: +1 Penetration

Location: This Creepy Doll is inside a theatre in the Monster Army Bunker. You will head to this location while completing missions for the monster army. You are sent to this theatre for getting the film reels. Inside the theatre, you will find a Duffel bag with Creepy Doll inside it.

Fuckin’ Fred

Effect: +5% Damage Vs. Humans

Location: Once you get access to the Old Survivalist Bunker get there and go inside the makeshift Hospital. There you will find a locked room that you can open using the lockpicking. Inside that room, you will find a container that has a Creepy Doll inside it.

Cruel Cury

Effect: +5% Damage Vs. Animals

Location: You will find this in Denver Ruins. Head to the Grippers White House and enter the ruin section of the house by unlocking a couple of doors. There you will find it inside the chest.

Electric Emmett

Effect: +5% Energy Damage

Location: This one is also located in Denver Ruins in the Machine Commune. You will need to get to the storage tanks area covered in the snow using the right exit of the terminal. You will need high perception for finding the Creepy Doll here.

Nervous Nancy

Effect: +0.5 Seconds Detection Time

Location: You can find this Creepy Doll on the Department of Energy Site. Once you enter it, look for a broken room. Inside that room, you will find the Nervous Nancy.

Hearty Henry

Effect: +10% Healing

Location: Right after entering Aspen first of all lower the bridge and after that you will need to head toward the bunker there. In the corner of the Bunker, you will find a Duffel bag with hearty Henry inside. You will also encounter a lot of robots along the way so be prepared for them.

Ferocious Francesca

Effect: +5% Melee Damage

Location: In Little Hell Resort right after passing the lobby into the main hall you will find the guest suites on the right side. Inside the suite, you will find another room that has a big cage. Next to that cage inside the Duffel bag is the Creepy Doll you are looking for.

Zen Zoey

Effect: +2% hit Chance

Location: You can find this Creepy Doll in Snowed Inn Resort. You will need to enter the yard with razorback monsters to find it.

Purist Patty

Effect: +5% Damage Vs. Mutants

Location: In Abandoned Oil Well you will find equipment that is surrounded by some enemies.  If you took action a gas will appear and that equipment and enemies will disappear. After that, you can collect the Purist party from the base of the ladder.

Quick Quaid

Effect: +5% Sneak Attack Damage

Location: You can get this Creepy Doll from the Knox Bison Ranch. It is located in the northwestern corner of the area on a corpse.

Angry Aaron

Effect: +5% Critical Resistance

Location: You will find this one inside the chest that is surrounded by landmines in Yuma County Speedway. It is located on the backside of the Goldfisher Shrine area.

Hyper Heather

Effect: +5% Initiative

Location: This one is the last Creepy Doll you can find in the Wasteland 3. Before finding this you will need to fight Liberty Buchanan. After that, you can get to the locker inside the room to find the last Creepy Doll in Wasteland 3.

Hyper Heather is the last of the 15 dolls but, make sure you collect the rest of them before you confront Liberty Buchanan as he is the final boss and point of no return. Collecting all dolls earns you the “My Pretties” achievement.

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