Best M16 Loadout In Warzone 2

The M16 assault rifle uses a three-round burst to shred enemies at range in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

Since there is no automatic fire mode, targeting moving enemies can prove to be a little difficult. However, the three-round burst also makes the M16 a fairly accurate weapon. You only need a couple of bursts to down enemies.

There are only a few low-recoil loadouts in Warzone 2. You will need to quickly learn how to control your gunfire to accommodate for the weapon recoil and kick. The M16 is the perfect weapon here to learn how to control your impulse of emptying an entire magazine without even hitting the target once.

The M16 belongs to the M4 Platform and can be unlocked by leveling up 556 Icarus to level 3 in the game.

The following guide will tell you how to make the best M16 loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

Best M16 loadout, attachments, tunings

SlotAttachmentUnlock RequirementAttachment Tuning
MuzzleHarbinger D20STB 556 Level 18+1.40 ⮃ and +1.0 ⮀
Barrel14” Carbine ShroudM16 level 3+0.5 ⮃ and +0.4 ⮀
OpticSchlager 4X Expedite 12 Level 7 -3.00 ⮃ and -0.14 ⮀
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56Lachmann-762 level 6+0.80 ⮃ and +0.40 ⮀
Rear GripSakin ZX GripM4 Level 8+1.00 ⮃ and +0.45 ⮀

The Harbinger D20 is an optimum muzzle choice for your M16 loadout. It gives you damage range, recoil control, and sound impression for stealth kills. The greater recoil control compared to the Echoless-80 is key.

The 14” Carbine Shroud is another attachment that improves your recoil control to make recoil almost zero on the M16. It also gives boosts your hip fire in case an enemy gets too close to you.

The Schlager 4X provides a 3.4X zoom that helps increase the accuracy of the M16 allowing you to one-burst shot mid-range and two-burst shot long-range targets.

FTAC Ripper 56 for your M16 underbarrel helps in recoil and aim stability increasing the M16’s long-range capability.

The Sakin ZX Grip will help increase stability by providing Recoil Control providing good accuracy for targets up to 50 meters ahead.

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