Best Warzone 2 Kastov-74u Loadout Guide

Remember the lethal AK-74u submachine gun from Call of Duty 4? It has returned in Warzone 2 as the Kastov-74u assault rifle.

The change in class from an SMG to an AR makes it the perfect contender for close to medium-range enemy encounters.

The Kastov-74u is still primarily designed for close-quarter combat. However, with the right attachments, you can increase its range with the advantage of SMG-tailored mobility.

Found in the Kastovia Platform, you have to level up Kastov 545 to level 13 in order to unlock Kastov-74u.

Keep in mind that while the Kastov-74u is regarded as one of the best weapons in WZ2, its stock version offers high recoil with low bullet velocity. You will need to unlock all of its major attachments to start laying down enemies on the map.

The following guide will tell you the best Kastov-74u loadout in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.

Best Kastov-74u loadout and attachments

  • Muzzle: Echoline GS-X (unlocks at TAQ-V level 16)
  • Barrel: Shorttac 330mm (unlocks at Kastov-74u level 16)
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro (unlocks at Expedite 12 level 7)
  • Undebarrel: Phase-3 Grip (unlocks at Vaznev-9K level 9)
  • Ammunition: 5.45 High Velocity (unlocks at Kastov 545 level 15)
  • Magazine: 45 Round Mag (unlocks at M4 level 5)

Echoline GS-X is the perfect attachment for players that want to play stealthy. Your weapon sound signature will be masked which will prevent anyone from guessing the location. Echoline GS-X also reduces the massive recoil that you typically get from ARs.

Talking of massive AR recoil therefore one attachment is not enough to completely eliminate it. The Shorttac 330mm will eliminate the rest of the weapon’s recoil.

High Bullet Velocity is the next trait required for the best AR build and it is fulfilled by the 5.45 High-Velocity ammunition attachment. It also boosts Assault Rifle range and stability.

The bullet speed that we gained from 5.45 High Velocity will be compromised by adding 45 Round Mag to AR. The advantage of running this attachment is double the size of the magazine which helps you kill multiple enemies in a row.

You can gain a strategic battle advantage by using good optic attachment and for that, we have used Cronen Mini Pro. Using that, you can clearly see all the long-range targets through its unobstructed view.

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