V Rising Best Abilities

If you’ve just started your V Rising journey, you may have come across countless abilities that your Vampire can equip and use. It can be confusing at first but worry no more! In this guide, we’ll look into every category of various abilities, what each of them does and which is the best in V Rising.

How Abilities Work in V Rising

There are countless abilities that players come across when playing V Rising. These are divided into seven categories which include; Vampire, Weapon, Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos, and Frost abilities.

Knowing how each of them works and mix-matching them with your weapons can upgrade your playstyle. Below we’ve listed how these abilities work and how to unlock them.

When you start playing V Rising, you’ll soon realize your character possesses three types of abilities. These include Vampire Powers and Character and Weapon abilities.

Vampire powers are the most obvious ones, given that your character is a Vampire. These powers help shape-shifting into other forms and help overall with health regeneration. These will be available for builds of all kinds.

Weapon abilities depend on the type of weapon you possess—the better the weapon, the better skills you’ll have to play with.


Lastly, for Character abilities, you have them divided into Blood, Unholy, Illusion, Chaos, and Frost. Each of these abilities has sub-categories from which you can choose at least four each.

How to Unlock All Abilities

Now that we’ve discussed the types of abilities available in V Rising let’s go over how you can unlock them all.

One of the main ways to unlock abilities is to defeat bosses, called V Blood Carriers, in the game and collect their V Blood.

To do so, simply visit the Blood Altar in your castle and look for the location where it indicates the V Blood enemies you should face. Once you kill them, you can feast on their blood and unleash new abilities. To view a list of all your unlocked abilities, simply press the ‘J’ key.

As for the Weapon abilities, you need a weapon of a specific quality to unlock its abilities. Copper and Iron weapons have their own types of abilities.

V Rising Best Abilities

The sub-categories of main character abilities are identified into three types; Basic, Travel, and Ultimate. Basic abilities are your utility skills, and you can equip two of these at one time.

Then you have your Travel abilities, which help you with dashing, leading to a secondary effect. You can have only of them equipped at a time.

Lastly, you’ve got Ultimate abilities, which have an extensive cooldown and are the strongest of all kinds of abilities. Just like the Travel ability, you can only have one Ultimate ability equipped at a time. You can also learn how to utilize a blood key in V Rising by reading up on our dedicated guide.

The following are the best abilities belonging to each sub-category of the character abilities.

Sanguine Coil (Basic Ability)

One of the best basic abilities to equip yourself with is the Sanguine Coil. Its described as the ability that ‘launches a projectile that deals 75% magic damage and leeches 40% health on an enemy hit. Heals ally for 100% and self for 40% of your spell power on ally hit’.

Even if you’re playing individually with no help around, this magic spell will help you tons! It drains out the enemies and gives you three chances to charge a projectile. Moreover, if you’re playing with a friend, it becomes a killer since both of you can heal each other before the enemies can overcome you, and you can totally destroy them.

Veil Of Chaos (Travel Ability)

It is described as the ability that ‘dashes towards input direction, eluding nearby enemies for 2.2s and shielding oneself for 125% of your spell power. Your next primary attack deals 25% bonus damage and conjures a nova of frost, dealing 50% magic damage and inflicting Chill on nearby enemies’.

This skill provides players the insane opportunity to be highly mobile to the point where they are almost invisible. This helps them be practically impossible to catch while battling with enemies and provides the opportunity to give massive damage to the enemies in the field.

Arctic Leap (Ultimate Ability)

The game describes this ability as the ability that ‘leaps into the air and strikes down at the target location, dealing 225% magic damage. A nova of frost erupts from the impact location, freezing any enemy hit for up to 6s. Enemy vampires are frozen for 3s’.

It is one of the strongest abilities that perform in four stages. The starting stage includes a massive leap causing significant damage to the enemies present in the battle arena. The second stage involves a big slam on the ground, causing considerable damage to the leftover enemies.

The third stage releases waves of damage that hit enemies that managed to escape, and lastly, the fourth stage includes freezing the enemies for six seconds and absolutely destroying them.

Best Weapon Abilities

The following are the two Weapon Abilities we recommend opting for when playing V Rising.


Attack Strategy: It executes a melee combo attack through the 40%, 40%, and 50% mechanism.

A Thousand Spear: It performs a multiple stab attack. It provides 30% damage to enemies about eight times. This attack recast when performing a thrust attack, delivering 30% physical damage to enemies and knocking them out. It has a cast time of 0.35s and a cooldown of 8s.

Harpoon: This attack releases a spear that provides 70% physical damage to enemies and pulls them towards you. It has a cast time of 0.8s and a cooldown of 8s.

This is one of the best abilities that we recommend you choose from when looking for Weapon Abilities to equip. It has piercing damage and can absolutely shred enemies to pieces.

It is best for players who want to get rid of the enemies quickly. For destroying a pack, use Harpoon and for individual enemies, use the Thousand Spear.


Attack Strategy: It executes a melee combo attack through the 50%, 50%, and 50% mechanism.

Crushing Blow: For this attack, slam your mace on the ground, and it will give 110% physical damage to the enemies alongside inflicting a 2s fading snare. It has a cast time of 0.7s and a cooldown of 8s.

Smack: This attack smacks the enemies for you and gives them the damage of 50% alongside knocking them back. They also incapacitate for 1.2s. The cast time for this is 0.35s, and the cooldown lasts for 9s.

Our personal favorite is Mace. It performs better than any weapon that exists in V Rising so far. Although the DPS is low for this, the massive damage per hit makes it worthy of equipping. Crushing Blow acts great for AoE damage, whereas Smack throws away enemies creating a safe distance.

Best Vampire Abilities

The following are the two Vampire Abilities we recommend opting for when playing V Rising.

Blood Mend

This is one of the starting abilities you receive; however, it’s also one of the best ones so far. Any time you need to heal yourself, you can use the previously consumed blood to do so. This can make you vulnerable against enemies, so use this when in hiding or while resting in the castle.

Human Form

Human Form has to be hands down the best ability that players can choose. This will help you blend in with the Humans, and you can sneak around wherever you want to. You can also share interactions with traders and quickly suck a lot of blood without being doubted. However, you should be careful of the strong-willed who can notice you.

Best Blood Abilities

The following are the two Blood Abilities we recommend opting for when playing V Rising.


Apart from the Sanguine Coil, Shadowbolt is another great Blood ability. It releases a projectile that provides a whopping 200% magic damage alongside inflicting a 1s fading snare. It is excellent for players who absolutely want to destroy enemies with a single hit.

Heart Strike

Heart Strike performs a dash that strikes enemies in a line. This instantly hits them without getting a chance to escape and provides them with 150% magic damage. At the same time, while performing this attack, players heal 150% of their spell power over 3.5s. Moreover, when the effects of this attack ended, a nova of blood erupts, providing 150% magic damage to the victim and nearby enemies.

Best Unholy Abilities

Following are the two Unholy Abilities we recommend opting for when playing V Rising.


This ability releases a pillar of energy that slows down the enemies’ mobility in the radius for 1s alongside healing the allies for 40% of your spell power. Once the energy breaks, a powerful burst of energy occurs, which then gives a whopping 75% magic damage to enemies, whereas 75% of healing to your allies from your spell power. This ability almost makes it impossible for enemies to avoid the damage by miserably slowing them down and making them face a powerful burst that has devastating effects.

Volatile Arachnid

One of our personal favorites is Volatile Arachnid. When active, it releases spiderlings that will run after your enemies in the area and explode when they get near them. It will give them a whopping 100% magic damage. The ability will also release a toxic fume that will provide enemies with 20% magic damage for every 0.8s. Moreover, to make matters worse for the enemies, it will also significantly affect their mobility by slowing them down -by 25%.

Best Illusion Abilities

The following are the two Illusion Abilities we recommend opting for when playing V Rising.

Spectral Guardian

This ultimate ability will unleash a Spectral Guardian that will protect your allies during the battle arena for125% of your spell power and will attack the enemies nearby with a heavy mighty swing. This shield will reappear every 1.5s, whereas the golem will last for 7s.

Spectral Assassin

Another of our favorites is the Spectral Assassin. This will send a Spectral Assassin to the assigned place and execute a heavy melee attack upon reaching. This gives 125% magic damage to nearby enemies by knocking them back. It will absolutely destroy them and weaken them. This lasts for up to 6s.

Best Chaos Abilities

The following are the two Chaos Abilities we recommend opting for when playing V Rising.

Merciless Charge

This ultimate ability absolutely destroys enemies due to its nature of charging forward and providing them with 125% magic damage. Moreover, it will grab the enemy and push it in front of you so you can provide them with further damage. It also deals 100% magic area damage and stuns the enemies for 1.5s when on the max range or colliding with another enemy.

Power Surge

We love this ability due to its impressive defense performance on the field. It will free you from all negative effects and put a shield on you or the ally you target with 150% of your spell power. It will also give you impressive mobility by increasing your movement speed by 25% and attack speed by 25% for as long the shield stays on you.

Best Frost Abilities

The following are the two Frost Abilities we recommend opting for when playing V Rising.

Frost Vortex

Enables players to push a frost storm into the battle arena, giving 100% magic damage to the enemies alongside pulling them toward the center of the arena. It will rage for 6s and will provide 480% magic damage overall. Moreover, it will give a deadly Chill to all enemies.

Frost Bat

We love this ability as it will release a deadly projectile that will explode when released. In addition, it gives 100% magic damage and inflicts Chill on nearby enemies. Also, if you hit a chilled enemy, they will be frozen for 4s, whereas enemy vampires are frozen for 2.5s.

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