How to Get Water Filled Canteen in V Rising

Having difficulty trying to find Water Filled Canteen in V Rising? It may seem useless at first when you find it early in the game, but it is pretty useful item for your and your horse’s survival in the game. Learn about Water Filled Canteen farm locations as you cannot craft water filled canteen in V Rising.

V Rising Water Filled Canteen Farm Locations

In V Rising, the Water Filled Canteen can be obtained in various ways. Firstly, they are dropped by troops as loot. And the other way is to craft empty canteens and then fill them up from a water source.

The best place to farm the Water Filled Canteen is around Bandit Sulphur Quarry. The troops in and around this area drop the canteen most frequently. However, you can try another method if you do not want to farm troops for Water Filled Canteen.

The other method to get your hands on Water Filled Canteen is by crafting empty canteens and then filling them up with water using a water source such as streams and lakes. To craft a Water Filled Canteen, you will require an Alchemy Table and the following crafting materials in your Alchemy Lab.

What to Use Water Filled Canteen For

Like many other materials, the Water Filled Canteen is also an important crafting material as it is required to craft several items.


The Water-Filled Canteen is required to craft different Brews and Potions in the game. These potions and brews can be used to heal and elevate different stats and will be vital in your adventures in the game.

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