Two Point Hospital Blighton Guide

This Two Point Hospital guide dives into everything regarding Blighton, including the Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training Tips

The 3rd hospital in Two Point Hospital’s World 4 is called Blighton. To access it, the user must achieve 1 Star Level for both Sweaty Palms and Grockle Bay. The Star Objectives for this hospital include maintaining a high sanitation standard and immunizing patients against diseases, both of which present challenges.

This guide will walk you through everything related to Blighton in Two Point Hospital, including the best layout and Star Objectives for Blighton Hospital. This guide will also cover how to manage staff morale and training tips for staff of Blighton.

Best Layout For Blighton

With so many patients moving through and a tight sense of the plots, this stage would be challenging. As a result, it’s crucial to minimize the size of rooms while maintaining as many open, broad passageways as feasible. Avoiding open places can help reduce the number of locations where diseases can spread so keeping them controlled.

A general breakdown of the Best Layout for Blighton is mentioned below:

  • Start with a centrally located, large reception area with GP offices, bathrooms, and amenities.
  • Use Plot 3 as the Treatment Area.
  • Use Plot 2 for expanding and turning it into a Treatment Area
  • Keep Plot 4’s fundamental structure. Keep this section somewhat open as the number of patients increases and provide the patient’s facilities in exchange for a fee. To reduce overcrowding, you may also consider providing patients and workers with a wide range of facilities in this area.
  • Designate Plot 5 as the Diagnosis Area, which includes diagnostic spaces, medical offices, rest places, and staff spaces.
  • Use Plot 6 for larger Treatment Rooms.
  • One or more treatment wings to house your therapy spaces, toilets, and staff housing.
  • A training and commercial area with staff restrooms.

Blighton Star Objectives

The Star Objectives for Blighton in Two Point Hospital are the following:

1 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 1 Star Hospital are:

  • Vaccinate 30 Infected Patients
  • Get Hospital Level to 10
  • 90% Thermal Comfort
  • 70% Hygiene Rating

You will get $10,000 and 100 Kudosh and unlock Pelican Wharf and Rotting Hill.

2 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 2 Star Hospital are:

  • Vaccinate 45 Infected Patients
  • Get Hospital Level to 14
  • 75% Cure Rate
  • 80% Hygiene Rating

You will get $20,000 and 150 Kudosh as a reward.

3 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 3 Star Hospital are:

  • Vaccinate 60 Infected Patients
  • Get Hospital Level to 18
  • 90% Cure Rate
  • 90% Hygiene Rating

You will get $30,000 and 200 Kudosh as a reward.

Blighton Staff Training Tips

We have compiled a list of Staff Training Tips for Two Point Hospital Blighton below:

  • Training is utilized to enhance worker productivity and maintain hospitals’ normal functioning. Training enables new actions for all staff and enhances diagnosis and treatment abilities.
  • Each staff member has a metric of ability that indicates their proficiency in their line of work. The number of stars beside their name denotes this ability. Ability is graded on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.
  • Your staff gains experience by completing assignments. This may be shown as a shadowy ring surrounding their next Ability star. The number of experience points held by a Staff may be seen by hovering over one of their ability stars.
  • Your staff members gain valuable experience as they work. You must have the experience to get promoted. As they receive more promotions, workers need more experience to advance to the next level. When you check a Staff and move your cursor over the blue Ability star next to their name, you can see how much experience they have at their current level.
  • To begin a training session, tap on the lectern or place an appropriate staff person in the room. Once they are prepared, employees will also ask for training.
  • Pick the certification you desire employees to obtain in the training screen, choose a trainer, and choose the person you would like to enroll in this program—press start when you are prepared.
  • When staff members begin their training, they will stop working. If all the cleaning staff are focused on acquiring new abilities, your hospital may begin to collapse in the trash.
  • Staff training is voluntary and subject to delay. Until you obtain the training license at Level 3, Flottering, training is not accessible. But, when activated, it becomes retroactively accessible for Lower Bullocks and Hogsport.
  • You’ll need a staff person with the expertise you would like to train or a visiting trainer, followed by a student who fits the criteria for the ability or certification you’re looking to fill.
  • For abilities that have not yet been acquired, you may also engage a training consultant, whose precise charge will vary depending on the certification level, and several pupils will instruct at a constant rate of 160 percent.
  • Choose the former if offered the option to establish 2 small training rooms rather than one larger one. You shouldn’t train more than 4 people in the room at once, given how the system is designed.
  • The cleaning staff is some of the most crucial employees at the entire level because they are in charge of several different goals. These include reloading vending machines, cleaning toilets, watering plants, and increasing the hospital’s aesthetics to a certain level. You should thus train them in endurance and effectiveness! Furthermore, hiring them costs less money.

Blighton: How to Manage Staff Morale

Staff morale will probably be the final objective weighing you down, keeping you stranded. Although it seems hard, it’s pretty simple.

Take the additional time to catch up to a Prestige Level of 4, including plenty of plants, to achieve high Staff Morale because your surroundings will affect this level’s team morale far more. Frequently watering plants also raises the staff morale.

Ensure that the pay for every employee is at a minimum above average. Go over the entire list and give everyone with a bad attitude a break. If you don’t promote or train your personnel, it will negatively affect their attitude. Complete this for all groups of employees.

Don’t forget to spend more on your rooms. You only receive more perks when you have a nicely designed room.

To boost comfort conditions and aesthetics, place a plant and a radiator in each room as well as on the walls of the hallways. This will raise the mood of your workers. Place several restrooms and vending machines throughout the hospital. Find employees with positive attributes that make it simpler to be joyful and filter out those with bad traits.

Two Point Hospital Blighton Walkthrough

Vaccinating 60 or even 30 Infected Patients will be extremely difficult in Blighton. You’d need compact rooms, which should look narrower since many of these plots are smaller than those in prior levels, adding added complication in this stage.

Larger clusters of people should be avoided since they will make the regular epidemics intolerable. Keep hallways at two tiles broad and refrain from making many expansive open areas. Up until you’ve immunized 30 infected people, construct the necessary rooms while minimizing expansion.

You must cover 60 pandemic incidents to raise Blighton’s rating to 3 Stars. All other scenario objectives are simple and usually accomplished game years earlier. Simply wait for your hospital to be afflicted by 12 or more epidemics before dealing with them. It’s more intriguing to observe paint drying.

Preferably vaccinate those walking to the subway from the hospital to accelerate this procedure. With this method, the Illness spreads inside the facility, and you may immunize potentially 25 people every pandemic rather than 5. Even if your reputation suffers, marketing can rapidly and effectively fix it.

You’ll primarily encounter ailments of a hereditary and psychological origin, in addition to the ordinary illnesses that may be addressed in the pharmacy. Additionally, cases of Grey’s Anatomy, Animal Magnetism, Premature Mummification, and Turtle Head might also be encountered.

Build lots of taps so you can wash your hands regularly. Make sure there are hand sanitizers available. To prevent the spread of an epidemic, keep as much social distance as possible.

The hospital should have hand sanitizers, clean toilets with hand dryers, and hygienic staff members should be hired rather than unhygienic ones if it wants to maintain a high hygiene rating.

Build Different Rooms to Deal with Illnesses

Blighton will encounter different kinds of Illnesses and diseases, and a different kind of room may be required to cure that Illness. For Grey’s Anatomy, a Chromotherapy room is required; for Premature Mummification, Cryptology is required.

To cure Touch of Midas and Leopard Skin, DNA Lab is required. For Turtle Head, Head Office is required. You’ll need an Injection Room to deal with  Mood Poisoning, Decision Rash, Spontaneous Combustion, Litter Bug, Rock Bottom, and Pudding Blood.

For Animal Magnetism, Pest Control is required, and for 8-Bitten, Resolution Lab is required. For Lycanthropy, Verbal Diarrhoea, Potty Mouth, and Misery Guts, a Pharmacy is required, and for Shock Horror, Shock Clinic is required.

Psychiatry is required for Mock Star, Emperor Complex, Mime Crisis, Freudian Lips and Night Fever. For Spinal Bap, Heart Throb, and Gurning Loins, the Surgery room is required. For Cubism, Recovery Room is required.

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