Two Point Hospital Grockle Bay Guide

Grockle Bay is the first hospital that you will find in World 4 of Two Point Hospital. You must achieve a star level in Duckworth-upon-Bilge to unlock Grockle Bay because the town of Grockle Bay receives a lot of tourists. That is why you will receive a lot of exotic diseases in the hospital like Cubism.

Grackle Bay will receive a new epidemic in the form of Jogger Ripple. This guide will teach you everything about Grockle Bay Hospital, including Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training, and Walkthrough.

Best Layout For Grockle Bay

According to the geographic location of the hospital you are building, and its surroundings, every hospital layout will differ a little. To make your life easier and have a basic understanding of the layout, we have made the best layout for Grackle Bay.

Plot 2 will accommodate most small 4×4 rooms like the diagnostic center. If you see a lot of vacant space in plot 2, adding a GP’s office is good. Don’t forget to add a lot of medicine cabinets there. Now the layout of Plot 3. Due to its length long enough and easy to access in and out.

Plot 3 is good to accommodate all the treatment areas as there is very good ward space and a GP’s office. This plot will have a good balance of Treatment and Diagnostics.

While Plot 4 will accommodate the rest of the diagnosis rooms of the hospital. There will be some remaining for an additional amenity area.

On the other hand, Plot 8 will accommodate all the administrative rooms and one large room for surgery.

Grockle Bay Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital


  • Hospital Value of $750,000.
  • Hospital Attractiveness of 60%.
  • Cure 10 Patients with Cubism.


  • 10,000 Dollars.
  • 100 Kudosh.
  • Cubism Poster.

2 Star Hospital


  • Hospital Value of $2,000,000.
  • Hospital Attractiveness of 70%.
  • Maintain Reputation of 75%.
  • Maintain a Cure Rate of 75%.


  • 20,000 Dollars.
  • 150 Kudosh.

3 Star Hospital


  • Hospital Value of $4,000,000.
  • Hospital Attractiveness of 80%.
  • Maintain Reputation of 90%.
  • Maintain a Cure Rate of 90%.


  • 30,000 Dollars
  • 200 Kudosh.
  • Kubism Anatomy Poster

Grockle Bay Staff Training Tips

We will start with General Physician as he will be the front face of the hospital. Consider adding soft skills like Bedside Manners or Emotional Intelligence.

Moving now to the receptionist. Try to boost their emotion and stamina. You can also train the doctors for Radiology and Genetics so that their expertise will be wide in all departments.

Let’s talk about Janitors, who can be the weaker link in the hospital staff. If you invest in them, they will pay you in the long term in the form of improvement in the quality of the work.

Give them basic skills like Stamina, Emotional Intelligence, Mechanics, and Maintenance. After that, the Janitors will be able to solve all the basic problems like broken item repairs.

Grockle Bay: How to Manage Staff Morale

In Two Point Hospital, if you want to increase your staff’s morale at Grockle Bay, ensure that the hospital is very well taken care of. It does have coffee and snack machines for employees. Make sure that they have a good staff room.

Increasing the break policy from 9 to 11 will also make the doctors happy and boost their morale. Increasing all the rooms to level 5 prestige will also increase the morale. Now the very important thing. Pay the staff well.

Last one. Make sure to have the bins available at all places in the hospital so that the hospital will be cleaner.

How to Manage Grockle Bay Reputation

As you manage Grockle Bay in Two Point Hospital, you will be receiving a lot of dirty tourists, it is best to take special care of germs and cleanliness. Hire an extra janitor if need to. That way, there will be fewer chances of spreading diseases in the hospital.

Also, as mentioned below, Grockle Bay’s climate is very hot and humid. To maintain a positive rating and Reputation, it is best advised to invest in the Air Conditioners from the beginning.

Two Point Hospital Grockle Bay Walkthrough

Grackle Bay has a very hot and humid climate because of how close the ocean is to the hospital. Consider installing some air conditioner units scattered across the hospital. If you don’t install them, it will be very tough for you to improve the Cure Rate.

When you reach level 6, you will encounter your first patient of Cubism. To finish the level one objective, put your focus on curing Cubism patients. A Marketing Campaign on Cubism will improve the Cure Rate in the long term.

Curing a Cubism patent will earn you $12,000, and they have a 92% estimated chance of curing. Up until level 9, you will get away with 3 GPs. After you earn your first star, you will need to build a second Recovery Room.

After level 9, you will need to boost the hospital’s operation by adding 2 Doctors and 2 Nurses with Diagnostics Skills.

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