Two Point Hospital Rotting Hill Guide

This Two Point Hospital guide dives into everything regarding Rotting Hill, including the Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training Tips

Rotting Hill is one of Two Point Hospital’s toughest hospitals and the second hospital of World 5. Rotting Hill is a waste dump converted into a struggling hospital.

A harsh environment, high debts, and destroyed machines make it extremely tough to operate the hospital efficiently. Mastery of the game and proper guidance are essential to running the hospital successfully.

This article is the perfect source as it provides information about the best layout in Rotting Hill, star objectives, and how to train staff, boost their morale and dominate the game completely.

Best Layout For Rotting Hill

Rotting Hill mainly consists of evenly distanced square plots in two rows. The influx of patients is very high; therefore, plot 1 should mostly contain GP’s offices and a few diagnosis rooms. The plot next to the first one should be the treatment area. Keeping small 3×3 rooms in the center of the plot makes hospital management more efficient.

One plot should mostly hold all the administrative buildings and some diagnosis rooms to ensure a uniform spread of patients throughout the hospital. This layout enables quick movement of patients between diagnosis and treatment.

Rotting Hill Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Cure 100 Patients
  • Reputation of 70%
  • Staff Morale of 70%
  • Hospital Value of 1,000,000 Dollars

Completing these requirements will net you 10,000 Dollars and 100 Kudosh.

2 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Cure 200 Patients
  • Reputation of 80%
  • Staff Morale of 80%
  • Hospital Value of 2,000,000 Dollars

Completing these objectives will award you with 20,000 Dollars and 150 Kudosh.

3 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Cure 500 Patients
  • Reputation of 90%
  • Staff Morale of 95%
  • Hospital Value of 5,000,000 Dollars

Completing these objectives will award players with 30,000 Dollars and 200 Kudosh

Rotting Hill Staff Training Tips

Training can help the staff to hone their abilities and get better qualifications. Rotting Hill is a dying Hospital with a debt of $10,000 and non-functional machines. Training must change the game and cater to much patient staff.

A training room is required for this purpose, and the number of staff that can be trained depends on the number of desks inside the room. To start training, select the qualification from the screen, send the staff into the room, and assign a trainer for the job. Once done, commence the training by pressing the start button.

A Guest Trainer costs $10,000 plus an additional fee per Trainee ($5,000-$25,000 depending on the qualification). The fee is waived if the trainer is a staff member; for example, a hospital nurse with qualifications in Diagnostics can train other doctors and nurses.

In the rotting, hill training is essential to improve the workers’ morale. Due to the unpleasant location and condition of the hospital, the staff members are unhappy. Training can lead to the personal development of the workers as its improves traits such as bedside manner, emotional intelligence, and motivation which results in happiness and enthusiasm.

As mentioned above, the influx of patients at the Rotting Hill hospital is very high. To treat the masses and manage the hospital efficiently, the following qualifications are essential.

Customer Service Improves Reception and Retail Skills  
General Practice Improves Diagnostics skills in the GP’s office
Maintenance Increases repair skills and maintenance work throughout the hospital
Treatment Increases the treatment skills of doctors and nurses
Ward Management Increases Diagnostic and treatment skills in wards

Rotting Hill: How to Manage Staff Morale

As mentioned above, Rotting Hill has unpleasant temperatures and a lot of mess. Withered plants, destroyed machines, and tough location hit the morale of the staff, making them unhappy and demotivated to work. Managing the staff morale is essential to running Rotting Hill successfully.

Proper facilities and easy-going policies need to be implemented to boost morale. Rotting hill is located in a dump; therefore, accessible clean breakrooms will be a sigh of relief for the workers. This will make their mood pleasant. A full stock of healthy food and drinks can be helpful. Radiators and coffee machines should be installed in the rooms.

Regular work breaks along with decent salaries are a must. The outside environment is harsh and dirty; therefore, a clean, decorated hospital with a pleasant temperature can encourage the staff to work smoothly

Two Point Hospital Rotting Hill Walkthrough

In Two Point Hospital,  when players get to Rotting Hill hospital, they will start with broken machinery and unhappy staff. Under these circumstances making profits is tough therefore taking a loan and selling items is the option to be taken. Sell toilets, benches, plants, and drinks from the machine. Secondly, clean the hospital to improve the management efficiency.

An increase in the reputation and hospital value will increase the influx of patients to the hospital. After reaching star 1 level, a minimum of 4 GP’s offices along with the layout mentioned above is essential to deal with the masses and ensure efficient treatment.

Work on the infrastructure of the hospital as well. Install radiators and coffee machines in rooms and build more administrative buildings. This will result in better patient management and keep the staff morale high. Lowering the hospital prices during earlier phases can prove fruitful as it improves the hospital’s reputation.

Here is a list of illnesses the player must cure in his/her hospital. The treatment rooms are mentioned with them:

  • Grey Anatomy: Chromatherapy
  • Jest Infection: Clown Clinic
  • Premature Mummification: Cryptology
  • Jumbo DNA, Flumps: DNA Lab
  • Hurty Leg, Humerus Injury, Shattered: Fracture Ward
  • Turtle Head: Head Office
  • Litter Bug, Mood Poisoning, Spontaneous Combustion: Injection Room
  • Potty Mouth, Verbal Diarrhea: Pharmacy
  • Emperor Complex, Mock Star, Night Fever: Psychiatry
  • Floppy Discs Star, Gurning Loins, Pipe Organs: Surgery
  • Bed Face, Lazy Bones, Monobrow, Mucky Feet, Portishead: Ward
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