Tips to Run a Successful Campus in Two Point Campus

This guide will help you build and run a successful campus in Two Point Campus by providing some handy tips for better management.

Two Point Campus is the game for you if you want to build the university of your dreams. You start from scratch and make your way to the list of the top universities. However, running and managing a campus successfully is not an easy task for someone who has probably never managed an entire campus all by themselves. That is where the tips we have compiled for you come in to aid you in running a well-planned campus in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus Tips and Tricks

This guide will help you build and run a successful campus in Two Point Campus by providing some handy tips for better management.

Be Patient

Most players will end up building up multiple campuses at once in 2 Point Campus. Building multiple campuses at once will put a strain on your budget and affect the quality of your campuses. You need to provide facilities such as lecture theaters, classrooms, labs, bathrooms, libraries and dorm rooms for your students.

If you decide to make multiple campuses, you will fail to provide the necessary facilities and your campus will fail.

The best option is to start slow. Make sure that each campus you have is perfect and provides all the facilities. The better facilities you offer, the higher you can charge your students and the more budget you will have for further growth.

Upgrade and Research

Times are always changing and new competition will always rise up against you. So, what you need to do is upgrade your campus and equipment. Even if you have a huge campus, it’s worth nothing if it’s empty or full of outdated stuff.

Upgrade your campus. Upgrade classrooms. Upgrade the chairs, upgrade the desks, upgrade anything you can upgrade in 2 Point Campus.

However, to unlock new technology for upgrading your campus, you need to research the items first. You need to hire at least one professor with research skills. You can select what you want to research and the professor will start working on the research.

Once the research is completed, you can then upgrade your equipment and make your campus much better than what it is.

Treat Students like Students

Know that your students are students and not your VIP guests. Your real customers in Two Point Campus are the paying parents. So, don’t waste too many resources on building a campus where you try your best to provide too much privacy to the students.

You can easily cheap out on the dorms and put your students in halls, or even completely miss out on making a dorm at all. Your students will happily enjoy roaming around the campus all day long. However, one thing you are not to cheap out on at all is the campus and the classrooms. You need to make sure that you engage all your students at all times.

Even if students don’t have classes, they need to be doing something. You need to make a cafeteria, game rooms and parks so your students can feel comfortable. If your campus isn’t good enough, your students will decide to leave your institute and that is a huge no-no for you.

Make your campus Attractive

Just like in real life, the people who want to study at your university will visit your campus and judge the campus depending on its beauty. The best way to attract more students to your university is by making it appealing to first-time visitors.

Put on a few posters, benches, statues, plants and even fountains to make your campus more appealing and preferable to your potential students. You can check your list of Informative Visualization to check which areas of your university campus are beautiful and which are painfully plain.

Hire Competent Staff

Staff is a huge factor in determining the worth of your university. The better staff you will have, the better they will teach and the better ranking your university has.

Now, when you start, all your staff members will have only one skill point and you’d need to train them. This is a costly and time-consuming process. However, as you progress, you will be able to hire much better employees for your university.

So, you should always consider rehiring the teachers. You can find better teachers with better skills for you, so you don’t have to waste resources training your existing teachers.

On the other hand, if you cannot find a new teacher and have already invested on one, don’t waste that one. Only change if you find a better option or work on the one you have.

Next, you want your specialists to be manning the posts they are trained for. You might need additional staff and decide to hire either over-qualified or under-qualified staff for your jobs. You don’t want a medical student running your ramen stall or a high school dropout as the assistant professor at your university. Always make sure that the person you are hiring is qualified enough for the job, not over or under.

Know your Faculty

You can check the mood, happiness, activities and energy levels. These are important, as faculty with low morale will not produce the results you want. Providing entertainment options will boost morale and keep your students and staff in good shape and fresh.

Furniture such as Social Tables and Water Coolers will encourage friendship and increase the efficiency of your students.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Students in your universities in Two Point Campus are not just there to study but also to make their careers. Never forget this. Give your students chances to work in the field as a student.

For example, if you are offering Music Classes, allow the students or even offer the students to perform in Open mic. This will not only increase the interest and morale of your students, but it also works as a free advertisement and you also get XP for such acts.

Use your Summer Vacations

Summer Vacations are important. They give you time to make changes on your campuses in Two Point Campus. You can change the layout, build new structures, bring in new equipment and changing the classrooms. You Can go over your budget and decide what you will do the next academic year, what changes you need to bring or what will be your next year’s target.

Always make sure that you utilize the vacations to your best.  If you are not ready, you can delay starting the academic year. Delaying the academic year will allow you to make sure that your campus is in tiptop condition before you start the academic year.

Observe your Students and Staff

Happiness is the key to keeping your students and staff at your institution. Though we have focused on how to make everyone who goes to your campus, you need to make suer that your efforts are in the right direction.

As you upgrade your university, you also need to make sure that it is being appreciated or that it is what your students need. You can check the mood and thoughts of your students by clicking on them. Their feelings, either they are tired, hungry or dislike the environment, will let you know what you need to focus on.

Focusing on these areas that your students actually want will increase the happiness and effectiveness of your students.

Take Time Before Making Decisions

You can pause the time by pressing the Spacebar. Use this to your benefit. You can pause the time at any time and use the time to check the status of your students.

If you don’t have a required facility, you will get a timer before which you need to build the facility. If you are struggling with your budget, you can simply pause the game and plan your course of action for the future.

You can see if your students are sick or you need to see what problems they are having. This allows you to make sure that at any given point, you have the complete layout of what is going on and how you need to plan to tackle either any existing, or potential problem.

Start Clubs

Clubs are a huge factor in determining how much interest your students have. They allow your undergrad students to get together and build different skills that will help your students study. For example, Book Clubs will increase the learning speed of the students; Nature Club members will maintain the attractiveness of your campus, and Orb club will help you generate additional revenue.

Clubs are a huge way to increase the effectiveness of your students and increase the stats of your university. Some clubs will be better for you depending on the current objectives that you have. You need to raise the grades; a book club will do. If you need money, you should make an Orb Club.

So, it’s best to know what clubs do what and start the clubs as you need them.

Differentiate between Important and Vague Requests

Students will come to you with a lot of requests. Some of these are worthwhile and some of these are completely useless. Since all the requests require you to spend money, more specifically Kudosh, to fulfil these requests. Though these requests, when fulfilled, will increase the happiness of your students, they shouldn’t always be fulfilled.

First, Kudosh is a very limited resource in Two Point Campus. Throwing it around is not worth at all for all requests students come in with. Second, only focus on these requests if either they are good or if you need quick happiness. Other than that, spending Kudosh on requests requires careful decisions and thoughts before you fulfill them.

End of Year Awards

As your campus grows, you will get more and more students and keeping an eye on all of them will prove to be difficult. So, you can focus on the End Year Awards. They will help you get general information about the grades and working of your staff and allow you to learn more about the masses in your institution.

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