How To Increase Happiness In Two Point Campus

Happiness is its own gameplay mechanic and hence, managing the happiness of your staff and students is extremely important in...

Happiness is its own gameplay mechanic and hence, managing the happiness of your staff and students is extremely important in Two Point Campus.

If your staff is unhappy, they will perform poorly. If your students are unhappy, they will start to leave. Both aspects directly impact the reputation of your university and in turn, your ability to make money fast.

The following guide will show you how to keep your staff and students happy in Two Point Campus.

How To Increase Staff Happiness In Two Point Campus

Give your staff a break

It is important that your staff gets enough breaks during working hours. If the staff is overworked, their happiness level will decrease and they will not perform their duties well.

Hence, make sure that your staff is getting proper rest and are not being overworked. Remember that if the teachers are happy, they will deliver better lessons which in turn will net better grades from students. That will help boost your university’s reputation.

If you see a staff member unhappy and tired, you can send them to the staffroom yourself so they can rest and maintain their happiness level.

Clean/Decorate your staffrooms

Your staff will not be happy if their staffrooms are unclean. Hence, continuing with the same staff-break point, you need to ensure that your staff has access to clean and comfortable areas to relax in.

Hygiene takes top priority here. Make sure that the staffrooms have proper seating areas and have access to bathrooms and food and drink. Get a vending machine in there!

Remember that your staff might also request various items. Fulfilling these requests will boost their happiness levels as well. You can also add decor such as plants and posters to create a Prestige room that allows your staff to feel much happier.

Cool/Warm your staffrooms

Teachers need to be comfortable to ensure they deliver their best in classrooms. For that purpose, you need to install radiators and air conditioners on your campus. They will keep your rooms warm and cool during the winter and summer months respectively.

Increase your staff salaries

Sometimes the staff members will want a pay raise. While you may consider avoiding pay raises to manage your income, giving them a pay rise will result in a massive boost to their happiness levels in the game.

How To Increase Student Happiness In Two Point Campus

Give your students clean rooms to rest

Students are just like staff and need to relax as well. Not to mention that students will not be able to study if they are stressed and that means bad grades.

Make sure that you build ample dormitories for your students to live in. You also need to ensure that their relaxation or living rooms are clean. Maintaining hygiene is important for your campus. You do not want an epidemic on your hands.

Give your students access to Bathrooms, Shower Rooms, Beds, Wardrobes, and Desks to study and relax. Have several bins and hand sanitizers around in rooms and around your campus.

Give your students communal areas

Student Lounges and Student Unions are some important options for you to consider if you are dealing with unhappy students.

Students entertain themselves and socialize in these areas. Hence, make sure to have plenty of sitting, tables, arcade machines, and games lined up for them to use. They will also need access to water coolers, vending machines, and such.

Just remember to regulate the temperature using radiators and air conditioners. Students will hardly relax when it is blistering hot during the summers.

Give your students access to Medical and Pastoral rooms

Continuing with the focus on maintaining hygiene, having Medical Offices and Pastoral Support rooms is also important.

Note that these rooms will not necessarily increase the happiness levels. They will, however, ensure that the levels do not drastically drop. An injured student, for example, will have reduced happiness levels if they cannot find a Medical Office to go to.

Host events and extracurricular activities

Studying is not the only thing in a student’s life. Therefore, in order to keep the students happy, proper extracurricular activities should also be held a few times during the academic year so the students can forget the stress of studying and enjoy themselves once a while which will keep them happy.

Give your students some private tuition

Students sometimes worry about failing and not performing well. In such a scenario you can build private tuition rooms and send them to these tuition rooms for some extra hours of class which will increase their happiness level.

Complete personal goals

Students will send their personal goals to your inbox. You need to check your inbox daily and complete the goals as soon as possible. Completing students’ personal goals is the easiest way to keep students happy.

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