Two Point Campus Freshleigh Meadows Guide

Freshleigh Meadows is the first campus you will start with when you start Two Point Campus, and this college is located in the calm and beautiful countryside. The area might be simple, but the campus offers high-tech courses in science and Virtual Reality.

Initially, there will only be the main building block with nothing but a lecture theatre available to build. You will be asked to build a Science Lab and a Library when you play through the tutorial along with other things. To tell you everything about Freshleigh Meadows and much more, we have put together this guide about Freshleigh Meadows on Two Point Campus

How to Unlock Freshleigh Meadows

You don’t have to do anything to unlock the Freshleigh Meadows, this campus will be available to you as the primary campus when you first start playing 2 Point Campus, along with starting funds of $500,000. You will have this automatically available to you during the tutorial.

Although you will be limited as to what you can do during the tutorial but once that ends, the possibilities will open up and you will be able to do a lot with the space you have.

Freshleigh Meadows Courses

The courses offered at the Freshleigh Meadows Campus are as follows.

Scientography – A science-related course that will be initially available when the game starts

Virtual Normality – A VR-related course that will be unlocked as the game progresses.

Both courses require rooms and it is suggested that make the room bigger than the game’s suggestion as the requirement will drastically change as soon as the tutorial ends, you will need drastically more space so build your initial rooms accordingly.

How to Purchase More Plots to Expand Freshleigh Meadows

As the game progresses, more and more students will come, to teach more students, and more teachers will join so overall, the number of people will increase so there will come a point when the space available to you will not be enough and you will have to buy more land.

There will be some land that will come with the campus, but additional land will cost more money, and building on that land will also cost separately. The cost to buy more land to expand your campus and to build on it is as follows.

Plot No. Cost – Empty Land Cost With Buildings
2 $15k $20k
3 $15k $20k
4 $15k $20k
5 $15k $20k

Campus Star Rating Rewards

Every level or campus in 2 Point Campus has 3 tiers called Ratings and there are certain requirements to take your campus to the next rated level. Below we have mentioned all the requirements to take your Freshleigh Meadows campus to the next level in 2 Point Campus and also the rewards that you will get.

1 Star

Requirements Rewards
Upgrade your campus to level 5 £10000 / 250 Kudosh
60% Happiness Rating overall Piazza Lanatra, Hotdog Kiosk
Average Grade of the Virtual Normality Class to be C Coffee Kiosk, Whale Fountain

2 Star

Requirements Rewards
Upgrade your campus to level 9 £20000 / 200 Kudosh
Earn $150,000 Romantic Film
Complete 10 Personal Goals Bathtime Statue
70% Overall Dormitory Satisfaction Rating

3 Star

Requirements Rewards
At least 1 level 4 course £30000 / 200 Kudosh
A grade is the average passing grade of the class Lightbulb statue
65% average Happiness Rating
Minimum 10 Students graduate

Freshleigh Meadow Campus Tips

You will start with this campus during the tutorial of 2 Point Campus so you won’t have a lot of control. You will have the option to place things and choose the sizes of the room.

You have to think and place things with the future in mind because as soon as the tutorial ends, there will be a drastic change in the needs of the campus so rather than moving the things after you have placed them, place them with some thought behind it so you don’t have to move it again and again.

Secondly, the game will give you the minimum requirement for the size of the room but don’t go for the minimum size but go for a big enough size that there is room for more stuff in the future.

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