Two Point Campus Cheeseball Field Guide

Cheeseball Field is one of the mandatory room requirements of the Academic Exercise course in Two Point Campus. Students enrolled in the course will need a Cheeseball Field to complete their classes and assignments over the three-year period.

You can also use the Cheeseball Field to host Cheeseball Matches for the entertainment and health of students.

The following guide will walk you through the Cheeseball Field in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Cheeseball Field

Cheeseball Field becomes available when you start the Academic Excercise course at Fluffborough, the sixth campus in the game.

Cheeseball Field Requirements

You firstly need a teacher with Academic Exercise qualifications to lead the class.

Secondly, a Cheeseball Field requires you to put down $35,100 as the base cost with a minimum room size requirement of 9×14 that can accommodate up to eight people at a time.


Take note that you can only build a Cheeseball Field outside, on the campus grounds.

Best Cheeseball Field Items


Cheeseball Filed Tips

  • The players are recommended to pay special heed to Cheeseball Matches and must hire qualified faculty and provide them with training to increase their skills.
  • Fluffborough has a hot climate and Cheeseball Matches are going to specifically increase the thirst levels of students. Make sure there is plenty of drinking water available by placing water coolers and such.

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