Two Point Campus Academic Exercise Course Guide

Academic Exercise is a course that concerns the physical health of students in Two Point Campus. The main purpose of...

Academic Exercise is a course that concerns the physical health of students in Two Point Campus. The main purpose of this course is to promote physical activities.

The following guide explains everything there is to know about the Academic Exercise course in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock Academic Exercise

Academic Exercise is one of the many academic courses that become available at the outset of Fluffborough, which is the sixth campus in the game.

Academic Exercise Requirements

You firstly require a teacher with Academic Exercise qualifications to lead the class. Take note that this is a three-year course, meaning that you will have to upgrade the course when you want to train your teachers to teach beyond level 3.

There are three academic rooms that you need to complete your Academic Exercise course: the Lecture Theatre, the Cheeseball Field, and the Gym. All three of them will help students complete their classes and assignments during the three-year period.

In addition, some of the rooms can be used to host various events. You can host cinema events at Lecture Theatres and Cheeseball matches at the Cheeseball Field. The Gym on the other hand helps increase the health of students.


Best Academic Exercise Items And Rooms

Satisfying students plays an important role in raising your campus rating. Therefore, maintaining their happiness level to the top is your task in Two Point Campus. You can start by helping them improve their student assignments, which are tasks assigned outside the class to increase XPs.

  • Library
  • Climbing Wall
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Static Bike
  • High Jump
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Vaulting Course
  • Exercise Bench
  • Academic Exercise Bookcase
  • Records Cubicle
  • Computer Cubicle
  • Textbook Cubicle
  • Study Cubicle
  • Cheeseball Machine

Academic Exercise Tips

  • Since this course is all about fitness, make sure to give your students access to good hygiene. Keep the Gym clean with shower rooms and bathrooms nearby.
  • Have plenty of ways to give students food and water. Students in this course will have increased hunger and thirst levels.

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