How To Set Up Events In Two Point Campus

Thrilling events such as welcome parties, competitions, and other fun-filled activities serve as an alternative to the boring and tiring...

Thrilling events such as welcome parties, competitions, and other fun-filled activities serve as an alternative to the boring and tiring routine of students at a university. Such events are the best way to freshen up the students and replenish their energies which results in an increased and effective performance of the students.

Similarly, Two Point Campus allows you to set up and schedule a variety of entertaining events for the students so that they can take some time off of their hectic routines and studies. This helps increase their happiness levels, which will increase their chances of passing out with good grades.

The following article provides a detailed description of how you can set up these events and the requirements that need to be fulfilled before doing so.

How To Schedule Events In Two Point Campus

The first thing to know is that you can only host events in certain rooms. You will either need to have a Student Union or Student Lounge, or a Lecture Theatre. These rooms will help you set events such as movie nights, cook-offs, dance parties, concerts, festivals, and such.

To start scheduling an event in the game, select the room you want to host an event in. Look for the calendar icon in the room menu, which will show you all the events scheduled for that room for that year.

Click on the “Create New Event” button and then choose the event you want. Make sure to check all of its requirements such as the campus level and the event cost itself.


The next thing is to choose when you want the event to take place. You have an option here to have the event repeat every year. Make sure to have a repeating event for special occasions such as when students are passing out or when the holidays are coming. Repeating events boost relationships and friendship levels in the game.

Once you are done customizing your event, hit the “Book Event” button. Your event will be scheduled and the required amount of money will be deducted from your account.

On the day of the event, you will see hordes of students rushing to the room and actively taking part in the exciting activities your event contains. You will also observe that the room will change automatically according to what the event is. For example, lasers and disco balls will be added to the rooms for parties.

Some events also let you receive rewards once they are completed. For instance, after a SU party, you will observe a 30% increase in the happiness of students and a 10% rise in their movement speed.

Why Can’t I Host Events In Two Point Campus?

In some cases, you might see that the game is not allowing you to set up events. Now there can be several reasons for that.

Firstly, it might be the case that the year is ending. In this situation, some events will be unavailable to schedule.

Furthermore, there are some requirements that need to be fulfilled before setting up an event. For example, if you want to schedule a cook-off then your campus needs to be at Level 1 of the Gastronomy Course and there must be at least three students enrolled in it. Once the conditions are met, you are free to schedule any event you wish to hold for the students.

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