How To Get Treespear In Elden Ring

In Limgrave, follow the southeast road fro Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace to get the Treespear from a carriage guarded by a giant.

If you are looking for a spear that will help you progress through the early stage of the game, Treespear in Elden Ring can be a perfect choice. As it is a spear, you can deal damage from a safe distance and can pierce the skin of scaly creatures like dragons.

It is highly effective against skeletal enemies because of its default skill. It can also deal with Holy damage which comes in handy in certain combat situations. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Treespear Location in Elden Ring

You can get your hands on this weapon early in the game; after completing the first Legacy Dungeon (Stormveil Castle). For Treespear location, you need to fast-travel to Liurnia Highway South (Site of Grace), a few meters ahead of Purified Ruins.

treespear location elden ring

After traveling to this Site of Grace, take the right turn and walk on the broken path. Ahead you will see a few Marionette Soldiers. If you don’t feel like fighting, you can sneak past them. Keep walking, and you will see a giant guarding a carriage.

You can sneak past him and walk forward to approach the carriage. Jump on the carriage’s side facing the route you took to get here. Open the chest to obtain Treespear.

What does the Treespear do in Elden Ring, Is It Any Good?

Treespear is a Great spear which means you can deal a deadly blow to enemies at a safe distance. Treespear also contains Pierce as its damage type, which is one of the main damage types. Because of its damage type, it is effective against dragons.

Furthermore, Treespear has Sacred Order as its default skill, where you can grant an armament of holy essence. This skill is most effective against Those Who Live in Death (skeletal foes who can resurrect).

The best way to upgrade Treespear is to use Smithing Stones, so keep an eye on them whenever you travel to new places. Ashes of War does not add any effect on Treespear, but you can use Magic to add special effects to it to maximize its potential.

The stats of Treespear are as follows:

Physical (122)Physical (55)
Magic (0)Magic (35)
Fire (0)Fire (35)
Lighting (0)Lighting (35)
Holy (79)Holy (48)
Critical (100)Boost (45)

There are a few requirements you must satisfy, or else you won’t be able to wield it. As the Treespear scales primarily on Faith, Dexterity, and Strength, you must have at least 15 Strengths, 22 Dexterity, and 18 Faith.

Moreover, the spear has the scaling category of D each for Strength, Dexterity, and Faith. It has no passive effects and weighs 9.5. You can also perform a two-hit combo; perform a forward thrust followed by a diagonal slash to deal tons of damage.

Lastly, Treespear goes perfectly with Dexterity and Faith builds, so use it as one of the weapons in either build to maximize the damage. This weapon is often compared with Halberds. While Halberds are good in their own right, Treespear is used by a lot of players due to its effectiveness in PvP (thanks to its skill). So if you don’t like Halerds in Elden Ring, you should definitely give Treespear a shot.

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