Total War Warhammer Guide: Replenish Casualties, How to Restore Unit Health, All Methods

Total War Warhammer guide to explain all the methods that can help you replenish casualties and restore units health after every turn.

Total War Warhammer players can create massive armies that allow them to have better offense and defense. They can strategically place units across the map to deal with hostile nations, factions, neighbors.

Your Units are controlled by Lords who can be upgraded with skill points to improve their effectiveness in battle. You will also need experience points and chevrons to level up your units. Lords also help keep peace within your controlled provinces, dealing with any rising domestic threats.

A massive army needs a steady flow of funds which can only come from stable economy based on trade and healthy relationships with your allies. Keep in mind that it is Total War, which means in the end all relationship can go down the drain and it could be an all out war.

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Total War Warhammer Guide: How to Restore Unit Health

During domestic and border based battles, you will lose some of your finest soldiers. It is not efficient to keep losing experience and hiring new recruits to replace them.  There is more than one way to replenish your casualties and you should be benefiting from them if you wish to do well in Total War Warhammer.

To make sure you don’t run out of your resources due to aggressive hiring and high number of casualties, use the rest function of the game. This is the most common and easy to use method for replenishing casualties.

As soon as your troops are in a safe place and a terrain that favor them, make them rest they would automatically replenish their casualties, not all, but portion of their casualties. You can also construct buildings in provinces that would help replenish.

Lords are located in provinces and each lord can be asked to construct a building for this cause. Also, upgrading your lords and heroes with skill points grants them certain abilities that can be used for replenishing casualties. Both of these methods will help boost the rate of replenishment.

One method is to merge wounded units together, hit CTRL and highlight the units you want to merge with your the mice. Now click on the icon that would appear once you move the mouse over a units icon. This will allow you to remove wounded men in one place and hire new once for the other units.

Check the cross icon to see how many turns you need to fully replenish a unit. Another great and cost free way to replenish your casualties is to capture enemy soldiers can force them to join your units.

Moreover, if you are playing a Vampire you can dominate them, or with Greenskins eat them to replenish 15%. Keep in  mind that this method is limited to same race battles.

This is all we have on Total War Warhammer: How to Replenish Casualties. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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