Total War Warhammer Guide – How to Level Up Units, Max Chevrons

Total War Warhammer is out now which means it is time to bring out your diplomacy hates, make alliances, and forge the biggest army for your empire. You need to recruit and built an army that protects your country, its people and valuables.

Handle corruption, keep rebels at bay, and maintain the public order of your provinces.

Keep in mind that you can be allies with other factions but once Chaos spreads the map, you can not make allies with its armies. They say violence is never a solution but in this case you have no other option, so be prepared for war.

You need lords to control your army, they help you move your men and perform other activities on the map. Each faction has its own Lord and entire army can have up to 20 units. Lords can be upgraded.

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Total War Warhammer Tips for Leveling Up Units, Getting Chevrons

The more units you have, the more comfortable you will be buying some of the most expensive ones. Each unit can get you XP that will give units successive chevrons and level boost. You can see these chevrons next to their icons in UI.

Performance of units, and their hard work in the battlefield is tied with the experience they earn. Each unit can go up to 9th chevron ranging from Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each level is divided into three 1-3, 3-6, and 7-9.

Keep an eye on the bar located near the banner of every army. It shows the size of an army, the bigger the army, the more units it has and more experience it can earn.

Your army lets you take over different lands and provinces, so build them carefully and strategically. Other army factions control lands of your interest and you need to gather resources to build your own empire.

Best way to level up units  and get more chevrons is by targeting smaller factions that aren’t useful an allies. Use your spell-casters to tame your enemy’s most terrifying beasts. Getting more experience and chevrons is tied with how well you do in the battlefield.

One major aspect of this is to have diplomatic relations in your empire. In order to recruit, train and maintain a formidable fighting force, you need settlements and building them will boost your efforts of war; earning you more experience and chevrons.

Conquering other lands isn’t the only thing to focus on as peace can be profitable for you. However, war is imminent in Total War so you will need to protect your own land and build defenses. When attacked, you will lose resources and units if defeated.

Spend skill points to upgrade your heroes and Lords. Avoid attacking an army bigger than yours for as long as you can. Gather resources, experience points and Chevrons by taking on smaller factions, building your military buildings in their provinces to boost your units.

Keep in mind that you can not go to war with every faction, this will destabilize your economy. Choose the ones that aren’t profitable enough for you.

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