Total War Warhammer Guide – How to Recruit Units

Total War Warhammer guide with tips on how to recruit units and how to manage these units for all Factions and know how to manage your recruited units.

Total War Warhammer is out now which means it is time to bring out your diplomacy hate, make alliances, and forge the biggest army for your empire. You need to recruit and built an army that protects your country, its people and valuables.

Keep in mind that you can be allies with other factions but once Chaos spreads the map, you can not make allies with its armies. They say violence is never a solution but in this case you have no option.

You need lords to control your army, they help you move your men and perform other activities on the map. Each faction has its own lord and entire army can have up to 20 units.

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Total War Warhammer: How to Recruit Units

In the Recruitment Options section you will have two methods available to you – Local and Global. While recruiting locally, keep in mind that the province you want to recruit from should have recruitment buildings.

Also, enemy territories won’t allow you to use such buildings. The second option is recruiting globally, which means you can have any unit from any part of the map.

Just keep in mind that while recruiting globally, the recruits you want should be inside areas that belong to you or have appropriate marching mode.

Of course, both methods will give you access to different types of units. “Military” tree building must be constructed on the province you wish to recruit from. Also, you need a Lord placed in that province.

Oppose to that, all units that are available to you can be accessed through global recruitment. All military buildings on the map are open for recruitment.

This is the primary difference between the two methods of recruitment. The second method is more convenient but convenience comes at a price. Compared to local recruitment, Total War Warhammer players will have to spend twice as much on global.

At the beginning of the game, you will have less recourse and gold, you will have access to less settlements and provinces, local method will be very useful in this situation.

Meanwhile, once you have enough resources and can afford to go global, go global. This method is also used when you don’t have access or time to head back to your primary province.

Focus on developing full provinces so you would have access to decent flow of income. You will not only be able to recruit locally but globally without worrying about resources.

The more you have, the more comfortable you will be buying some of the most expensive. Each unit can get to XP that will give units successive chevrons.

Performance of units, and their hard work in the battlefield is tied with the experience they earn. Lastly, keep an eye on the bar located the banner of every army. It shows the size of an army, the bigger the army, the more units it has.

Your army lets you take over different lands and provinces, so build them carefully and strategically. Other army faction control lands of your interest and you need to gather resources to build your own empire.

Conquering other lands isn’t only thing to focus on. You will need to protect your own land and build defenses. When attacked, you will lose resources and units if defeated.

It the beginning, it is best to have diplomatic relationships with other factions and not be involved in war with more powerful factions.

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