Total War Warhammer Guide: How to Secure Your Borders

Total War Warhammer guide with tips and strategies on how to secure your borders when you are expanding your territorial control.

Total War Warhammer guide with tips on better politics, how to bring out your diplomacy hate, make alliances, and forge the biggest army for your empire. You need to recruit and built an army that protects your country, its people and valuables.

Keep in mind that you can be allies with other factions but once Chaos spreads the map, you can not make allies with its armies. They say violence is never a solution but in this case you have no option.

You need lords to control your army, they help you move your men and perform other activities on the map. Each faction has its own Lord and entire army can have up to 20 units. Lords can be upgraded to improve their efficiency in battle.

Large armies mean better defense and offense which is key of success in Total War Warhammer. Attacking enemies on one side of the map can give your hostile neighbor for an opportunity to attack if your defenses aren’t strong.

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Total War Warhammer: How Secure Your Borders

Before you even think of attacking a faction take a look at the map to see how other may find it easy to attack you with your units gone.  If doesn’t matter if the faction next to you is friendly, you don’t know when would they declare war.

It is best to secure your borders before you declare war. Review your policy relations with other factions and surrounding neighbors.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to be friends with every faction, even neutral factions are not likely to attack you. It is all about speculating the future based on your moves. Neutral nations can quickly become enemies.

Even allies can become enemies if you don’t help them out in need, trespass and don’t respect their borders, or engage in battle with their units can destabilize your relations. Such matter can lead to nervous situations which could result in a war.

The best way to secure your borders is to be allies with close neighbors. Using their military assistance is enough to fend-off any aggressive enemies that may try to attack you while a major chunk of your army is busy in a different location.

Unfortunately, having positive relationships with other factions is not always a possibility. And if they see an opportunity and you are vulnerable, they will attack. To deal with such situations, it is best to leave a complete unit behind to protect your borders.

Increase the number of garrison army in the city that are close to hostile neighbors.

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