How To Get Superior Wolf School Gear In The Witcher 3

If you have managed to get the basic Wolf School Gear, you will eventually need to upgrade it by finding its Superior Wolven School Gear version in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Similar to the basic set, you will need to once again go on a treasure hunt to find all of the superior diagrams and then visit an armorer and blacksmith to craft your new Wolven set.

In this guide, we’ll have a look at the location of all of the Superior Wolf School Gear in the Witcher 3 as well as their crafting requirements.

How to start Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear Upgrade Diagrams – Part 3

When you are around level 29 and have the basic Wolven armor set, you can start the treasure hunt for the superior versions.

All you have to do is buy the Damp, moldy notes by Hieronymous on the Witcher Elgar map from the armorer in Kaer Trolde, Skellige.

You can also go about finding the diagrams on your own without the help of the map fragments but getting these maps will help you navigate and make your task much easier.

Where to find Superior Wolf School Gear diagrams?

There are six different diagrams that come with the Superior Wolf School Gear, all of which can be found scattered across Skellige Isles and Kaer Morhen. There are four different diagrams for the complete armor set and two separate diagrams for the swords.

There is no restriction to the order of the diagrams you need to find, so you can plan your own journey. Note once again that this gear set is the third-tier upgrade for the base Wolf School Gear, so you’ll have to find the base diagrams first.

Superior Wolven armor diagram location

The Superior Wolven Armor diagram is located at the Harpy Nest just east of Fyresdal. This is located inside a small, wooden, abandoned fort.

Just as you enter the fort from the gate, move to your right and you should see a pile of wood leading up to a platform atop the fort’s walls. Although it may not look like it, you can actually jump on top of the scrap and reach the platform.

Once you’ve reached the platform, all you have to do is follow it forward to the tower. At the base of this tower is a chest, which contains the diagram for the Superior Wolf School Armor.

Superior Wolven gauntlets diagram location

The Superior Wolven Gauntlets diagram is located in the Iron Mine just south of Kaer Morhen. The entrance to the Iron Mine is pretty large so it’s hard to miss.

Right as you enter the iron mine, you will come to a split. From this point, take a right and continue till you see the first left. Take the left next to the wooden barrel and you will come to another split.

At this point, you need to take another right to the altar nearby. Right next to this altar is a small chest that contains the diagram for the Superior Wolf School Gauntlets

Superior Wolven trousers diagram location

The Superior Wolven Trousers diagram is located in an ancient Witcher hideout, which is at the end of the path leading northwest from Kaer Morhen. You will see the Wolf School rune engraved on the rocks right next to it.

Head inside the cave and keep moving along the passage. Not far along you will come across a Nekker. There will be no more than one here, which makes it easy to slice it up.

Keep heading along the passage and you will encounter a few more Nekkers and a rotfiend in an open area. They will attack in groups, but the fight won’t be that difficult if you know how to parry and counter.

Once you’ve dealt with the Nekkers, move just a bit ahead and you will see some stalagmites on your left. Destroy the stalagmites with the Aard sign and a chest will be revealed. This chest contains the diagram for the Superior Wolf School Trousers.

Superior Wolven boots diagram location

The Superior Wolven Boots diagram is located inside the East River Caver, just east of Kaer Morhen. You’ll access this cave through the waters – this entrance is also a pretty big one so it’s hard to miss.

Head inside the cave and keep moving until you see a fall to your left. Jump down from the platform and keep moving along the wall to your right. Eventually, you will see a pile of stalagmites which can be destroyed using the Aard Sign.

Right behind the stalagmites is a small chest that contains the diagram for the Superior Wolf School Boots.

Superior Wolven silver sword diagram location

The Superior Wolven Silver Sword diagram is located just south of Arinbjorn, inside the ruined tomb. This will be shown as a circular structure on the map – your destination is the last one.

You will arrive at the entrance to this tomb directly as you approach the road. Once you arrive, head inside and walk down the stairs.

Now, look to your left and you’ll see a chest under the alcove. Inside this chest is the diagram for the Superior Wolf School Silver Sword.

Superior Wolven steel sword diagram location

The Superior Wolven Steel Sword diagram is located in some ruins a little southwest of the Lofoten area. These ruins will be located atop a small mountain.

As you move along the coastal pathway, you should reach some elevated rocks. Climb these rocks and you will see a staircase leading further up top. At the top, the floor will be broken, leading to a small, dark area.

Head inside and you will see a room filled with poisonous gas not far ahead. You can get rid of this gas by throwing a Grapeshot bomb into it or by lighting it up with the Igni sign.

Either way, once the gas is temporarily removed, head to the back left of the room to find a large chest that contains the diagram for the Superior Wolf School Steel Sword. Note that you have to leave the room quickly, as the gas is only dispersed temporarily.

How to craft the Superior Wolven set

The diagrams mentioned in this guide are for the Superior Wolven Gear Set. To upgrade to this set, however, you will first require the base Wolf School Gear and the Enhanced Wolf School Gear. Moreover, you need to reach level 29 before you can upgrade to this tier.

Once you’ve obtained all of the diagrams necessary, you need to head over to the blacksmith in Novigrad or Crow’s Perch and craft the set.

Superior Wolven GearLevelWeightCrafting Requirements
Superior Wolven Armor2910.411x Enhanced Wolven Armor
   3x Cured Draconid Leather
   2x Demeritium Plate
   1x Monster Hide
   2x Monster Heart
Superior Wolven Gauntlets291.741x Enhanced Wolven Gauntlets
   1x Cured Leather
   1x Meteorite Silver Plate
   2x String
   2x Moster Tongue
Superior Wolven Trousers291.331x Enhanced Wolven Trousers
   2x Silk
   1x Leather Straps
   1x Meteorite Siler Ingot
   1x Monster Egg
Superior Wolven Boots292.041x Enhanced Wolven Boots
   2x Hardened Leather
   1x Meteorite Silver Ingot
   2x String
   2x Monster Claw
Superior Wolven Silver Sword291.611x Wolven Silver Sword
   2x Leather Straps
   2x Meteorite Silver Ingots
   1x Monster Egg
   1x Monster Tongue
Superior Wolven Steel Sword292.211x Enhanced Wolven Steel Sword
   1x Leather Scraps
   3x Dark Steel Ingot
   1x Monster Blood
   1x Monster Feather