The Witcher 3 Cabaret Quest Guide

One of Dandelion's adventures in The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 has a collection of side quests that focus more on the side characters and in the case of Cabaret quest, it’s Dandelion, Geralt’s friend. The quest involves Geralt and Dandelion working to turn his brothel into a Cabaret. The quest automatically starts after the A Poet Under Pressure quest of the main storyline.


Make sure that you complete the Cabaret quest before The Isle of Mists quest as after that, Cabaret will be marked as failed, and you won’t be able to complete it.

As for Witcher 3 Cabaret quest, it has a lot of choices that you will need to make. In this quest guide, we will discuss all the choices you can make and their impact along with the walkthrough.

Witcher 3 Cabaret Quest Walkthrough

Once you complete the A Poet Under Pressure quest of the main storyline, the Cabaret quest will automatically start. The first prompt is to go to the Dandelion’s brothel called Rosemary and Thyme. Go inside there and talk to Dandelion standing by the stairs. He explains that he is planning to get a loan to turn this brothel into a Cabaret and needs your help.

You may experience a bug after talking to Dandelion. Once he asks for your help, you may not get the option of helping him. This sometimes happens, which would get the quest stuck. To solve this issue, go outside the brothel. Rest a little and then talk to him again. Hopefully, this may help. Make sure you are resting for a long time as the quest may fail if you do.

Rosemary and Thyme

He asks you to get a prop knife from Madame Irina, who appeared in the quest The Play’s the Thing. She is known for her theater work, so she would have the fake knife. To get this knife, go north towards the Butcher’s Yard Theater and turn left as soon as you go inside to find her there. Talk to her, and she’ll give the knife to you.

Once you have it in your inventory, return to meet Dandelion in front of Sophronia’s house. Her house is marked on the map as a quest marker. Make sure you are there at dusk or after it. If you have time, rest until 7 or 8 pm. Dandelion would meet you there and put up his plan. He would give you a script that follows his plan. You can read it if you want, but there isn’t much on it that would change the outcome.

What is the best choice for Dandelion’s act?

After the cutscene starts of Geralt confronting Sophronia, Dandelion will come. Give the answers timely, which would start a fight. Choosing to read from the card or outright choosing to threaten wouldn’t change the outcome as fight would start anyway.

Once the fight starts with Dandelion, you’ll have three options.

  • Defeat Dandelion: You’ll get 25 XP, and he will gain Sophronia’s sympathy.
  • Let Dandelion win: You’ll gain 50 XP points, and he will be a hero.
  • Run away: Nothing will happen, and after a while, you’ll get the prompt to go to Rosemary and Thyme.

Rest a little until morning, and then go inside the Rosemary and Thyme. Climb upstairs to find Pricilla talking to a few decorators. They would ask for what type of decoration would be a good choice. You can choose by yourself either from Theatrical or Boudoir. If you choose theatrical, Dandelion would like it more. If you don’t want to choose, you can just hand the decision over to Pricilla and she would choose one at random. You’ll also get to know about Dandelion, who might be in the choreographer’s place, Polly.

How to convince Polly’s betrothed?

polly's house

To find Polly’s house, go a little towards the west side of the brothel. You’ll find Dandelion banging on her door. Once you talk to him, he will explain how Polly’s fiance has stopped her from coming to work. He also informs that there might be a key outside. To look for the key, check the boxes on the right side of her house, and you’ll find it under a bag. Barge inside, and the cutscene will start. You’ll get two choices here too.

Option A: Convince him

Let Dandelion talk. Always choose the option that asks Hubio to listen to Dandelion. The options that you need to select for a smooth talk are:

  • Let Dandelion Explain, or I’ll split your skull.
  • Let Dandelion finish

He is convinced in the end, so you don’t need to do anything more.

Option B: Beat him up

If you want to resort to violence, select “Ask for Beating”, “Get a Beating”, or “Had Enough” options.

Either would lead Geralt to beat the husband up.

Both of these choices end in the same way, with Polly going back to work. The only difference is that she would leave her husband if you beat Hubio and stay if you managed to convince him. You’ll also get 50XP after this task.

Once you are done at Polly’s house, Dandelion will hand you over the task of collecting placecards from Rautlec, whose house is near the shoreline.

How to save Rautlec?

Now, go northwest to find Rautlec’s house. As you enter, you’ll find bandits inside thrashing the place. Here, your choices don’t matter as both would lead to them starting a fistfight. If you win or lose, the location of Raultec would be revealed anyway, which is near Vegelbud Residence (It’s a race). You can either choose fast travel or go there on foot.

raultec location

You’ll find him near the stairs in purple clothes. Talk to him, and he’ll inform you that he is here to pay off his debts by accepting an offer from Count de Luverten. The Court would pay him if he set the right bet on the race.

Option A: Help him

If you choose to help him, you’ll have to win the race. Just keep up your speed and make sure to keep an eye on the Horse’s stamina so you don’t fall behind. Only do this if you are confident. If not, the other options are there for you. After you win, you’ll get the placecards and some XP.

If you lose, you’ll have to pay more debt than he originally had to give, which is 270 crowns. This is more than the initial debt he had.

There is a glitch at this point in the quest. If you decide to race, the screen may take you to Geralt, being underwater with no surface to travel to. This is a glitch that has affected some. To avoid this, save before going to see Rautlec at the race.

Option B: Pay his debt

If you decide to pay his debt, you’ll need 200 crowns. Once done, he will hand you the placecards, and you’re good to go.

Option C: Leave him and the placecards

If you don’t want to help him in any way, you’ll lose the chance of getting placecards. This doesn’t have any known effect on the quest as either way, the quest would proceed.

Now, finally, go back to Rosemary and Thyme (now Chameleon) and talk to Dandelion. The quest would be complete with 120 XP as a reward. After this, Pricillia will leave for a bit. Then, a messenger would come in and inform you about the attack on Priscilla, which would start the quest, Carnal Sins.

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