The Witcher 2: The Blood Curse Quest Walkthrough

Learn how to lift the King's blood curse by performing a ritual.

In The Witcher 2, you can start the Blood Curse quest if you’ve chosen to side with Roche. This quest is for King Henselt to find the process of lifting the curse.

After the end of Prelude to War: Kaedwen’s story quest, go towards King Henselt’s tent and talk to him. When done, go out, and Dethmold will call you over. This will start a long conversation, and you will get numerous quests, including the Blood Curse quest.

How to complete The Blood Curse Quest In The Witcher 2?

Dethmold will ask you to investigate around for lifting the blood curse, so you’ll need to find and inspect where she was killed. Go towards the outer side of the camp, and there you’ll find Zyvik near the Brothel. Talking to him will start the Lost Lambs quest that requires you to bring back two of his men.

From here, follow the quest marker for Lost Lambs, and you’ll soon reach the Execution site of Sabrina. You can examine everything here by going towards the candles and the structure in the middle. You’ll find a letter, a nail, and a square coin in the soil, which is helpful for the Conspiracy Theory quest in The Witcher 2.

From here, ask two men about the execution, and they will tell you about the Visionary who lives in the camp. Escort both men here back to the camp and continue to find this new man. But first, go to the Cantina and find Relic Pedler in a tent just right at the entrance.

Talk to him and get as much information as you can. You can ask him about Yahon’s Spear, but he refuses to answer. He will then give you details about the Visionary, so continue to find him. 

On your way to the Visionary, you’ll encounter a few soldiers fighting Rotfiends. Help them so you can start the quest Path to Visionary. This will give you the exact location by soldiers as they are also going there.

Visit him and talk to him. He will explain everything about Sabrina and Yahon’s Spear. Once done, go back to the Relic Pedler. This time, he will tell the truth that he had the spear but sold it to someone. If you want, you can use Axii or Persuasion so you can know that Iorveth now has the spear.

Go back to Dethmold, and he will give you an amulet to help you cross the mist to Iorveth. You’ll also get The Hate and Death Symbolized Quests. Cross the mist, and you’ll find some Scoia’tael group people at the burned village.

Talk to them to access Vergen in The Witcher 2: The Blood Curse quest. Inside the city, you’ll meet some Dwarves who will tell you about the location of Dun Banner, an artifact for Death symbolized quest. Vandergrift’s Sword, the artifact for Hatred Symbolized, is in Saskia’s possession.

You’ll have to do the Hatred Symbolized quest here, as only after this will you get the Spear of Destiny quest needed for the Blood Curse quest. You’ll have to find Zolton in the tunnels during the Hatred Symbolized quest. Once you find him, he will tell you that he failed to bring the sword and brought Saskia with him. She will willingly give you the sword, and the quest will end.

Saskia will tell you about Yohan’s Spear, which Iorveth lost in a game of Poker. The spear is not with Skalen Burdon. Go to Vergen to talk to Skalen and ask for Spear. Defeat him in a game of dice and win it. You can play three times and get two additional items besides the spear.

Go back to the Henselt’s camp by crossing the mist. As soon as you enter, you’ll come across Roche and a few of his men near corpses. He will explain that a woman with a statue of Triss in her hand came from the mist. She is nowhere to be found when you follow her, but you see a ship sailing off to Loc Muinne. This is an update for Where is Triss Merigold? Quest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

How to perform the Ritual?

Visit King Henselt’s tent and tell him you are ready to lift the curse. You’ll now end up at the execution site. King Henselt will offer to show you the hill where he watched the execution. Your job is to instruct the King where to go so he can draw the required symbol.

Check the Grimoire given by Dethmold for the symbol that you need to make. The necessary items to make that symbol are as follows.

  1. Sour milk
  2. Raven corpse
  3. Scorched tree
  4. Goat skull
  5. Black candles
  6. Petrified bread
  7. Pixie ring

Now, go down and approach the candles. Use Igni to ignite the whole circle. This will start the ritual. Next, you need to protect the King while he does his work of killing Sabrina at the right time and defeating the Wraiths that come the King’s way.

Once the right time comes, the King will impale Sabrina at the right time, and the ritual will end. King would then promise to give you his medallion for helping.

To receive the Medallion, go to his tent and talk to him. He would only be available to speak after 11 pm or midnight. Go to him then, and he will hand over the Medallion, the artifact for the Faith Symbolized. This will end The Blood Curse quest in The Witcher 2.

How to deal with bugs in The Blood Curse Quest?

After getting the three symbols of Hate, Death, and Courage, there is no way to get the symbol of Faith for Faith Symbolized, the Medallion. If you approach King Henselt’s tent, the guard will ask you to return after midnight. If you do that, he will ask the same regardless.

This is a bug that affects anyone playing on Xbox. The only way to solve that issue is to avoid doing any quest between killing Sabrina and going to Henselt’s tent for the medallion. If this happens, start the game over, as there is no way to avoid it.

Another bug that bothers players is when they try to pass the mist, it doesn’t let them through. Verifying the cache will fix this bug. You can also do other side quests, return to the mist, and try again.

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