The Witcher 2 Death Symbolized Quest Walkthrough

Find one of the four artifacts in the Death Symbolized quest to remove the curse.

The Death Symbolized is a quest in The Witcher 2 that you must complete to get the artifact. This quest is also necessary for completing the Eternal Battle quest, so ensure to complete it. You will get this quest on both paths with little changes, which we will cover in this guide.

How to find the artifact for Death Symbolized?

The only difference that you see while trying to complete this quest in both paths is the source of information. This information is necessary to proceed in the quest, so make sure to collect it. Don’t worry; we will cover how you can get the required info on both paths.

Roche’s Path

Once you speak with Dethmold and ask about the curse, the quest to get all the artifacts starts alongside the Blood Curse quest. While in the Kaedweni camp, find Zyvik, who was previously part of the Dun Banner.

Talk to him, and he reveals a lot of information needed to find the artifact, which is the symbol of Death. You can ask him multiple questions about the history of Dun Banner, which would be helpful later. The most important information related to this quest is that the Dun Banner standard is present in the Dwarven catacombs.

He also offers his Beaver skin cap to Geralt, which can later be used to convince the Wraith. As you need to get to the catacombs, you’ll need something to pass through the mist. For this, complete The Path to Vision quest and talk with Dethmold in The Witcher 2.

He will hear about your evedevour through the mist and offer an item, De Tansarville’s Amulet, which grants Witcher the ability to pass through the mist.

Once you pass through it, go towards Vergen, and you’ll find Skalen Burdon and Yarpen Zigrin at the gates, and the cutscene will start. During the conversation, they’ll reveal the location of the Dun Banner in the catacombs and mark it on a map.

Lorveth’s Path

To start the quest, talk to Philippa Eilhart, who is in her house on the northern side of Vergen. Ask her about the four artifacts, and she’ll explain how you’ll need four. She asks you to take care of the symbol of Death and Hate artifacts as she’ll take care of the other two: Faith and Courage.

This will start the Death Symbolized quest in The Witcher 2. Now, go down to Cecil Burdon’s house and ask him for information regarding the battle. This conversation will reveal the name of the socceres who started the firestorm.

He informs about the location of the standard as his companions capture it and shove it all in the catacombs and about the Vandergrift’s Sword, which is the symbol of Hate (required for Hate Symbolized quest). This is all you need to go to the catacombs present towards the North of Vergen.

As this quest is connected to With Flickering Heart, it’s better to complete it alongside the Death symbolized. Also, pick up surgical tools from Felicia Cori that are used to investigate the corpses.

How to find Ekhart Henessy in the catacombs?

Follow the marker that will lead you out of the city and towards the Dwarven catacombs. As you enter the catacombs, cross the first bridge, turn left, and cross the other one to enter the room beside the one you entered.

Kill the Wraiths here and turn right into another room. Both of these spaces have Wraiths, so make sure you are equipped. In the second room, you’ll find a breakable wall, so use the Aard sign to break it. This room would have the ghost of Ekhart Henessy, who was the Standard bearer of Dun Banner in The Witcher 2.

As soon as you enter, the ghost will appear by itself. The conversation from here would’ve several options that you’ll need to choose from, so follow the right answers given below. Your basic intention is to make him believe that you served in the Dun Banner so that he is willing to provide you with the Standard for lifting the curse.

Start by saying I served in the Banner and continue with these responses.

The positions of the northern armiesYou got it wrong.
Name the chief Nilfgaardian commander at BrennaMenno Coehoorn.
He won’t be able to attack the North againCoehoorn is dead.
How did you survive the battle of Brenna?Vandergrift and Seltkirk.
Iorveth’s path: Biggerhorn took me prisoner. Or Roche’s path: I was led out by a priest.Iorveth’s path: Biggerhorn took me prisoner. or Roche’s path: I was led out by a priest.

You have the chance of making the wrong decisions once or twice, as you can reverse the damage by showing him the Dun Banner Cloak or the Beaver skin cap in The Witcher 2.

If you give all the correct answers, he would be tricked and willingly hand over the area, which you can search around for the Standard of Dun Banner. You’ll also find a sword belonging to Colonel Gonder.

Can you fight the Ekhart Henessy?

If you want to speed up the process, you can turn against the Wraith and challenge him. This will start a fight in which you’ll need to kill him before getting the Standard of the sword. He is not too strong and slow which makes the possibility of continuous attacks on him higher.

You can also choose this route if you forget the answer to one of the questions. Just select the option that would challenge him to a fight, and the conversation will end.

Once the Standard is in your possession, the Death Symbolized quest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings ends, and now you need to go back to the camp to give it to Dethmold along with the other three artifacts.

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