The Witcher 2 Conspiracy Theory Quest Walkthrough

Find who is conspiring against the king to complete The Conspiracy Theory Quest.

The Conspiracy Theory quest in The Witcher 2 is part of the main storyline if you’ve chosen Roche’s path. During this quest, the main task is to know who is conspiring against the king. Gather information, talk to soldiers, and find secrets to complete this quest.

How to complete the Conspiracy Theory Quest in The Witcher 2

After you finish talking with Dethmold, leave the camp and talk to the soldiers there. One of them would reveal some conspirators here, and to find them, go to the Brothel and look for Whistling Wendy. Talk to the head here called Madame Carole.

Start talking and ask for a prostitute. She’ll ask for the price, so select the square coin to give her. You’ll find the square coin after completing quests like The Butcher of Cidaris and In Cervisia Veritas.

Madame will then offer you a list of available girls, including Whistling Wendy in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Now, go inside and talk to Wendy. When she asks what to do, select “Open the gates of paradise with her smile.”

This secret statement would lead her to reveal a hidden trapdoor, confirming that she is involved in the conspiracy in the Conspiracy theory quest in The Witcher 2.

Go down the ladder, and you’ll end up in a room with Vinson Traut. After a few dialogues, the fight will start. His team is also down here, which would all charge at you simultaneously. Be prepared and use tricks and distance to your advantage.

Can you get help during a fight with Vinson Traut?

Vinson Traut is a difficult opponent, so you can ask for help before entering. If you want this, go to the outside area of Cantina and look for a father-son duo. This will start the Butcher of Cidaris quest. Once completed, you’ll have the information about Wendy and trapdoor.

Now go back to the mage Dethmold and tell him everything; he’ll confirm sending some help in the Witcher 2 Conspiracy Theory quest. Continue towards the Brothel and follow the same dialogues as before. As you go down the trapdoor and start the fight, the soldier will come to assist you, making the fight easier.

After the fight, get the Seltkirk’s armor, the artifact needed for the quest, Courage Symbolized. You’ll also find a note that Geralt will recognize as Dandelion’s.

Who are the Conspirators?

Now, go and talk to Dandelion in the camp. Confront him about the note, and Geralt will ask him to stay away. Go to Dethmold next and get your reward. The quest would now be paused for the Eternal Battle quest. Finish that, and this quest will then continue.

Once Geralt wakes up in the Brothel after the battle, Dandelion will be nearby and tell Geralt about what’s happening. He informs about the capturing and torture of all suspects at the hands of Dethmold.

Once the conversation ends, go to the hut on the cliff to hear about the conspirators in The Witcher 2. Once Gerald reveals that Kirim is captured, Roche realizes that he will soon caught by Henslet.

This would also make Roche realize that his soldiers are in danger. To prevent such damage, go back to the camp, and you’ll notice the fight has already been going on between Kaedweni soldiers and Blue Stripes.

This results in most of the Blue Stripes soldiers being hanged except for Ves, who was safe due to hiding. She’ll tell what happened and how the whole army was defeated. In the end, Roche would go on a rampage, killing everyone, and the quest would end.

How to deal with Conspiracy Theory quest bugs?

One bug occurred while Geralt was in the brothel with Whistling Wendy. The bug refuses the option for the player to save the game once they go down the trapdoor.

Also, the weapon and Vinson’s men glitch out, and the player ends up in a secret room with no way out. This bug occurs once you use your square coin for Wendy. Check the quest list if you continue giving the square coin to open the trap door.

If the prompt still asks you to use a square coin to ask for Wendy, leave or load before interacting with the Madame. Complete other missions that give you square coins (mentioned above), and then come back and talk to her. The bug doesn’t bother you once you have all the square coins.

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