The Witcher 2 With Flickering Heart Quest Walkthrough

Can’t decide who to side with in the With Flickering Heart quest of Witcher 2?

With Flickering Heart is a quest in chapter 2 of The Witcher 2, and you will only get it if you follow the Lorveth path. At a Crossroads: Scoia’tael’s quest will lead to this specific quest. The quest requires Geralt to investigate the catacombs where the bodies are being buried after getting brutally killed.

To understand how to complete the With Flickering Heart Quest in Witcher 2, continue reading this guide.

What to do first in With Flickering Heart Quest?

To get more information, go to the inn called The Cauldron near the notice board. Talk to the elf named Ele’yas here leaning against the wall.

He will tell you about the bodies of elves and humans buried in the catacombs and want you to investigate. He also promises a good reward for this task. After talking to him, go to Felicia Cori and buy the surgical tools you’ll need for this mission. They cost about 130 Orens.

Now, head outside the Vergen city towards the broken well in the burned village. Turn right, and you’ll spot blood, and Geralt will remark on smelling sulfur. This confirms that there must be a succubus nearby or was here. You’ll also fight some Wraiths here, so be careful.

Now, return to the city and leave from the opposite side towards the Dwarven Catacombs. Pass through the mine tunnel, and you’ll end up near the shore. You’ll find some bounty hunters who will start a fight. Defeat them and cross the river by finding a shallow spot. Continue until you reach the quest marker for the catacombs.

Where to find the bodies in catacombs?

Head inside and go down the stairs. Cross the connected bridge and find a stone wall on your right. Use the Aard sign near it, which will open a new path. Some wraiths in The Witcher 2 would be inside, so be prepared. Locate the next door, and you’ll find yourself in a room filled with bodies by the walls.

Navigate through the room until you reach the corpse’s location by the left wall. Interact with it to determine that the corpse is completely decomposed. Next, go right and check the first corpse within your reach. This would be a fresh body. Examine the body, which would reveal that a monster tortured him before dying.

After complete examination, use the surgical tools to extract the suspicious piece, which would be helpful later. You’ll also find a Dandelion’s poetry book in The Witcher 2 if you turn him while checking his back. It’s better to take the artifact for the Death Symbolized quest now, so you won’t need to come back again.

How to lure the Succubus out?

Now, return to Vergen and head into the inn to find Dandelion. Talk to him and call him to the burned village at midnight. After talking to him, Gerelt will leave Dandelion near the Succubus and tell him to sing a song. Here, you’ll be in control of Dandelion and would’ve to construct a verse. These are the right choices.

  • If our bodies could a song be composed…
  • My heart would inquire of your hands pale and fine
  • If they’d grasp it gently, to hold like a rose…
  • Or treat it as a morsel upon which to dine?

Once done, Succubus would invite you into her lair, and as Dandelion, you can go in or call for Geralt. Geralt will be back in control if you go in, and you’ll need to follow him down. If not, Geralt would still need to talk to Succubus and would eventually be led inside.

Down there, Succubus would reveal that it wasn’t her who killed the men but her lover Ele’yas instead. You can either side with Ele’yas here and kill the Succubus or return to Ele’yas and confront him in The Witcher 2 With Flickering Heart quest.

Who to believe: Succubus or Ele’yas?

If you side with Succubus, return to Ele’yas and confront him. He’ll deny it all, but you must stick with this story now. Go to Iorveth and tell him about the killings and Ele’yas’s crimes. Here, show Iorveth the metal piece that you surgically removed as evidence.

After this, Ele’yas will flee Vergen to find him in the burned village. He’ll attack you there, so defeat him and get the reward from Succubus. Open the chest by her bed, and you’ll find some Orens, Rook Potion, and Thyssen’s Armor.

On the contrary, if you decide to kill the Succubus, you’ve sided with Ele’yas. Once she is defeated, go to him and get your reward of some Orens and the Angivare sword in The Witcher 2.

Ele’yas is the wrong one here, so selecting him as the culprit is the right option. But if you want to explore other options, you can always select to kill Succubus. One thing you need to ensure if you don’t want to fail this quest is completing it before advancing too much in the Where is Triss Merigold? quest.

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