How To Level Up Fast In The Witcher 2

Understand the leveling system and level up fast.

The Witcher 2, like most role-playing games, features a level-up system. With each level, you acquire new abilities, upgrade those you already have, and raise your stats.

Each ability upgrade or new ability will greatly enhance Geralt’s combat skills needed for the brutal battles. This way, you will be able to level up Geralt with relative ease during your playthrough. We will discuss all these Character Leveling details in this guide below.

Leveling System in The Witcher 2

You can learn all about the Leveling Up system by investing your points in either of these four attributes:

  • Training
  • Swordsmanship
  • Alchemy
  • Magic

However, if you want to take full advantage of Geralt’s abilities, then you should spend your points on these attributes (Swordsmanship and Alchemy). This way, you will become more formidable and level up a whole lot faster while breezing through side quests in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


Before you move on with any of these choices, you would need to spend at least six talent points in training. This means that you will need to be at level 8 in the Witcher 2 for you to specialize in other attributes of the skill tree. That being said, for the Training attribute, you can focus on skills such as Parrying, Arrow Redirection, Hardiness, etc.


As the name indicates, Geralt will be better with the sword if you opt for Swordsmanship. He will inflict more damage with the sword, be good with blocks, and have a better chance to land a critical hit on his enemies.

Swordsmanship allows you to learn the counterattacks and finisher’s moves. If you enjoy simple gameplay, trying to fight your way through the enemies, and head-on combat, choose swordsmanship.


If you opt to choose Alchemy, you will be focusing on using potions, oils, and bombs in combat. Geralt will become an expert in preparing mixtures. The duration of their effectiveness will increase, and while it lasts, Geralt will inflict more damage and regenerate quickly.

Choosing Alchemy to level up will also allow you to learn the berserk mode and to create mutagens as a byproduct of mixtures. If you are interested in this particular attribute, then you can learn more about it in our Alchemy Guide for the Witcher 2.


If you opt to choose Magic, it allows you to upgrade the Signs you know, which will strengthen their effect, increase their damage, and add new traits to them. You can learn the impressive Heliotrope Sign, which warps space and time. If you are among those who prefer the balanced gameplay between close and ranged combat, opt for Magic.

You can also develop your character independently of these paths, but keep in mind that the most powerful abilities are at the end of each tree, so you would want to spend your talent points wisely as you can’t un-learn any ability you have learned.

Lastly, you need to invest points in leveling up your Quen (enhanced) because it will help you a lot during your playthrough.

The Witcher 2 Character Leveling

There are a lot of ways that you can utilize to level up your character. This will include gaining XP points by spending your time completing a lot of missions in the game. Then, you can shift your focus on your skills/abilities, as these will also help in leveling up your character much faster.

Experience Points

You will receive experience points for defeating enemies and for completing quests. You can earn more experience points if you take more side quests and complete different challenges and Mini-Games on your way through the main story of the game.

Once you have accumulated enough experience points by defeating enemies and completing quests, your character level will increase, which will increase your vitality and give you a talent point that you can use to develop new and old abilities.

The maximum character level is level 35, upon which all the character abilities and traits are at maximum depending on which path of character development you take. Read more in Character Skills, Abilities, and Talent Tree Guide.


Abilities or Skills are the most important aspect of character development in The Witcher 2. They allow you to raise your statistics and learn new skills. To develop an ability, you must have talent points available and enter meditation.

Select the Character option; you will see an ability tree divided into four parts: training, swordsmanship, alchemy, and magic. Each of these development paths will determine your focus in combat.

Most of these abilities have their prerequisites; you can’t learn an ability unless you meet the prerequisite. There are two levels of each ability; with each level, the strength increases, or the drawback of using the ability reduces.

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