The Witcher 2 Bombs Guide

You can craft a ton of bombs that can be used to keep you alive during your fights.

In The Witcher 2, Bombs play a crucial part in terms of your ranged attacks that you can use to take down all kinds of enemies. You will often find that certain monsters can be a pain to deal with, and close-quarter combat doesn’t hurt them, but hitting them with bombs does the trick for you.

Furthermore, you will also be able to destroy monster nests using some of these bombs. This way, you can maintain your distance from enemies and then target them with Bombs to bring down their health significantly.

Each of the bombs that you can craft has various effects and can keep you alive and kicking during tough fights. You will need to spend your time gathering the required resources or purchasing them to make these bombs. That being said, I have provided all the details on how you can craft all kinds of Bombs.

How to craft and throw Bombs in The Witcher 2

Bombs can be placed in the toolbelt slots, and you will be able to craft them during meditation while visiting the Alchemy section. The best part about crafting bombs is that you can do it yourself instead of looking for an artisan, and some of these bombs pack quite a punch as well.

Moreover, you can throw bombs like the Grapeshot by pressing the R key to destroy the monster nest. However, you need to select the bombs first from your pocket slots; otherwise, Geralt will not be able to select bombs to throw and instead will start laying traps in The Witcher 2.

Apart from that, you can press down the Ctrl key to choose any bomb that you crafted earlier from the menu to use during your fights. You will get to craft a total of 9 Bombs. You will find each of these bombs, crafting requirements, and effects listed below.

  1. Samum
  2. Grapeshot
  3. Devil’s Puffball
  4. Dancing Star
  5. Dragon’s Dream
  6. Zerrikanian Sun
  7. Flare
  8. Stenchbulb
  9. Red Haze


  • Ingredients: Aether, Rebis
  • Price: 40/ 81/ 101 Orens
  • Damage: 15-30
  • Effects: You can use this bomb to stun (+30%) and immobilize enemies in your range.


  • Ingredients: Rebis, Caelum
  • Price: 40/ 81/ 101 Orens
  • Damage: 30-40
  • Associated Quests: The Nekker Contract, Hey, Work’s on in the Mines! [Get the Grapeshot recipe from Cedric in Lebinden]
  • Effects: This bomb releases shrapnel that can be used to target multiple enemies at the same time to deal some fire damage (30- 40) in The Witcher 2.

Devil’s Puffball

  • Ingredients: Caelum, Quebrith
  • Price: 50/ 126 Orens
  • Effects: You can release a certain poison gas(+50%) using this bomb

Dancing Star

  • Ingredients: Vitriol, Aether
  • Price: 50/ 126 Orens
  • Damage: 10-40
  • Effects: This specific bomb causes a fiery explosion (+30%) in the targeted radius and burns down your enemies.

Dragon’s Dream

  • Ingredients: Vitriol, Aether
  • Price: 40/ 81/ 101 Orens
  • Effects: Use this bomb to release a flammable gas to target nearby enemies.

Zerrikanian Sun

  • Ingredients: Rebis, Vitriol
  • Price: 40/ 81/ 101 Orens
  • Damage: 10-30
  • Effects: By using this bomb, you can blind and freeze enemies within a close radius in The Witcher 2.


  • Ingredients: Vermilion, Caelum
  • Price: 20/ 51 Orens
  • Effects: Detonates to illuminate the surrounding area.


  • Ingredients: Hydragenum, Aether
  • Price: 30/ 76 Orens
  • Damage: 5-10
  • Effects: Use this bomb to release a cloud of gas that can weaken the targeted monster/ enemies in The Witcher 2.

Red Haze

  • Ingredients: Aether, Caelum, Hydragenum
  • Price: 1 Oren
  • Damage: 2-5
  • Effects: This common bomb releases a cloud of psychoactive gas that can send your enemies into disarray.
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