The Witcher 2 At A Crossroads Quest Walkthrough

Making a decision that affects your whole game in At a Crossroads quest can be daunting.

The Witcher 2 gives a split path for the players to decide whom they want to side with. This split path decision happens in At a Crossroads Quest in The Witcher 2, early on in Chapter 1.

After Where is Triss Merigold? quest, the player is provided with two options: either to side with Roche, who is a feared commander under King Foltest, or with Iorveth, who is the Scoia’tael commando fighting for the rights of civilians. If you can’t decide whom to choose, read this guide and see which type of playthrough suits you.

At a Crossroads: Scoia’tael

After Cedric dies in the Where is Triss Merigold quest? Players are given the choice between Vernon Roche and Lorveth in The Witcher 2. Both need your help, but you can choose only one to side with. Once Dandelion and Zolton approach you, they’ll explain the purpose of their side. For Iorveth, Zolton will urge you to side with them so they can raid Prison Barge.

At this point, if Iorveth is captured, you’ll go there to save him. If not, the quest would be to save Ciaran during The Floating Prison quest, followed by siding with Iorveth. Make sure you know what you are getting into by choosing Iorveth, as Roche and his army are against you now.

At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche

Once the Where is Triss Merigold? Quest ends with Cedric dying; Dandelion and Zolton will come and talk to you. As mentioned above, both will explain their side’s purpose. Dandelion, who sides with Vernon Roche, will clarify that Roche wants to kill Loredo and then go towards Vergen in The Witcher 2 At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche.

His path follows the story alongside the King and is more involved in the political aspect of the game. If you decide to go with him, the quest will continue with fighting with the Kingslayer, Letho. If, even after this, you choose to side with Roche, go to Flotsam and talk to him.

At a Crossroads: Scoia’tael’s quest will fail, and you’ll join Roche’s side. This will then lead to the next quest related to Roche’s storyline called Death to the Traitor!

Who to choose: Lorveth or Roche?

The choice At the Crossroads quest in The Witcher 2 is very crucial and can decide how the game progresses from there onwards. Both Lorveth and Roche are available to join, but it’s hard to select which one is the better choice for the player.

If you like to play a more story-driven and civilian-sided story with justice being served for equality, choose Iorveth’s path. Lorveth is a rebel who wants to do everything for the locals and cares more about them than the higher-ups. Justice and helping all types of people are present in his storyline.

Additionally, Iorveth’s storyline is more like a literal story involving many characters and quests that are more surface-based. You also get to meet Saskia, who is known as the Dragonslayer and one of the most loved and involved characters in the main storyline.

From the player’s perspective, Iorveth’s path, even if it’s nice, has little to do with Iorveth in The Witcher 2. He does nothing to become a sympathetic or a likable character. His appearance is also very little in the quests regarding his story.

However, if you would like to know about what is happening with the King, wars, and the political side, Roche’s side would be better. For beginners, Roche’s path is much more preferred as it explains everything in a straightforward manner with everything connecting.

Playing from Roche’s perspective lays down the basic storyline without pulling you out of the game. Also, Roche is much more involved in his quests and appears in almost all the quests where his presence is important.

Unfortunately, this side never lets you interact with Saskia in The Witcher 2, which is a pity, but you can always meet her for your second playthrough.

Although both have pros and cons in their own way, it’s better to choose the path that you feel like you’ll enjoy. If you don’t enjoy the start, save before the decision and load from there. You can always go back for a second playthrough and try the game again.

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