How To Save Saskia In The Witcher 2

Who should you save from Triss and Saskia?

During Chapter 3, you must decide whether to save Triss Merigold or Saskia, aka Saesenthessis, in The Witcher 2. When you find Philippa Eilhart blind and trapped in a cell in Loc Muinne, you can ask her to assist you in saving Triss. During this ordeal, you have choices that can affect the upcoming events, and here’s a guide about what will happen.

How can you save Saskia?

If you choose the option, You’ll lift the spell from Saskia. Let’s go; you have decided to save Saskia and not Triss. After freeing Philipa from the cell, Iorveth will accompany you to find the cure for Saskia’s curse.

Follow both of them through the sewers and keep an eye out for a note on the table. You’ll find her note that shows the patterns of five candles that can work in The Witcher 2.

Once Philipa takes you to the top of the tower, you’ll find a chest that requires a candle combination to open. Try all three patterns on the paper; one would work for you. The right combination opens the chest, which would reveal an enchanted dagger. After this, she will betray your trust and fly away in her owl form.

This will start the fight with the Dragon, and you’ll need to defeat it. Defeating the dragon has two phases, with the last being a cutscene.

As you’ve saved Philipa, you’ll have the dagger. You can leave the dragon, kill it, or use the enchanted dagger to help it. As you already know, this dragon is Saskia; use the dagger, and the dragon will turn into its human form, Saskia, in The Witcher 2.

That’s how she would be saved; the story will move forward from her perspective. The scene would be followed by the hunt of all sorceresses and an additional entry of Letho, who will save Triss. You can meet both of them at the epilogue.

Should you save Saskia or Triss in The Witcher 2?

It’s no better to save Saskia or Triss as both have consequences that can kill one person or a lot. The storyline and relationships may change for the ending, so choose according to what you think is right.

If you choose to save Triss instead of Saskia, you can do that by fighting the Nilfgaardian camp and saving her. This would be a better choice as Triss will then accuse Síle de Tansarville of being a mastermind behind Foltest’s death, which would save the massacre of all the mages. In this storyline, an Enchanted dagger is found at the end, but it’s useless.

On the other hand, the result of saving Saskia puts all the mages in hell. Additionally, if you’re playing from Roche’s storyline, you wouldn’t even know that the Dragon is Saskia and would have no option to save her. This makes the decision for Roche’s storyline much easier.

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