The Sims 4 Social Media Career Guide

This Sims 4 guide talks about the Social Media Career in Sims 4, including its job ranks and the best skills, mods, and cheats for it.

Social Media Careers are available in The Sims 4 City Living DLC so that you can become an Internet personality or a public relations representative. You can encounter plenty of interactions in both of these careers, and they’re more interesting than others due to their unique abilities.

This Sims 4 guide will give you all the details related to Social Media Career in Sims 4, including a detailed look at the career levels, job ranks, and the best mods and cheats for it. We’ll also discuss how to make money from this career.

How to Become Social Media Personality in The Sims 4?

You can choose a Social Media career in Sims 4 from your phone and computer and start working from home. The social media career in Sims 4 has two branches: Internet Personality and Public Relations.

Best Skills and Traits for Social Media

The best skills to use in the Social Media Career are given below:


The Social Media career heavily relies on charisma to advance in social interactions. Characteristics like charisma influence a Sim’s ability to socialize and gain more friends faster. These factors boost your Social Media Career a lot.


The Writing Skill will help you unlock interactions in your Social Media Career in Sims 4.


This skill allows you to interact with both computer and phone and perform mischief, which further helps boost your Social Media Career in The Sims.

Social Media Career Levels and Job Ranks

Playful is the first mood in Social Media Career. If you don’t have any difficulty with the first 3 levels, consider which branch to take so that you can start raising your skills. The promotion process will be smoothed out, and you’re less likely to get stuck on one level for too long.

Level Job Salary
1 Media Intern $96/Day
2 Engagement Monkey $132/Day
3 Clickbait Writer $174/Day

Internet Personality Career Levels and Job Rank

As discussed above, the Social Media career in Sims 4 further has two branches. The best mood for an Internet Personality branch is also Playful. You might find it difficult to gain more followers in this branch.

Level Job Salary
4 Simstagram Searcher $175/Day
5 Cat Video Creator $280/Day
6 Niche Broadcaster $388/Day
7 Meme Maker $624/Day
8 Online A-Lister $1,112/Day
9 Reality Show Contestant $1,556/Day
10 Internet Superstar $2,160

Public Relations Career Levels and Job Rank

Focused is the ideal mood for this branch of the Social Media career. You will find your new daily task on the computer, Network with Journalists. You should work on obtaining up to 10,000 followers on social media even if you are not required to do so.

Level Job Salary
4 Public Relations Coordinator $352/Day
5 Community Manager $664/Day
6 Press Agent $1,136/Day
7 Account Executive $1,816/Day
8 Director of Communications $2,554/Day
9 VP. of Public Relations $2,793/Day
10 Spin Doctor $3,171/Day

Best Mods For Playing Social Media

The best mods to use while playing a Social Media career are:

Slice Of Life

Slice of life will add new realistic features to your game, such as social media options and menstruation for female sims. This social media mod for the Sims 4 is undoubtedly the best mod available in Sims 4.

Media Influencer

With the Media Influencer mod, you can unlock an entirely new career paths for your Sim. In the beginning, you will be required to clean the office, but you can move up with two different career paths.

Social Media Cheats

careers.promote socialmedia is the most frequently used cheat for the Social Media career. To use this cheat, you first need to open the cheat command prompt, and you can do that by pressing ctrl + shift + C. After that, type in careers.promote socialmedia. This cheat will help you increase your career rank.

If you want to open the cheat commands on consoles, you can do that by pressing all triggers simultaneously.

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