The Sims 4 Mischief Skill Guide

This guide will cover everything about Mischief Skills in The Sims 4 like required traits, and how to level up and master this skill.

Mischief Skill is one of many skills available in The Sims 4 that can be used to make new friends by being mischievous. You can also use a Voodoo Doll in Sims 4 to learn this Skill and make money with it. This guide will cover everything you need about Mischief Skills, like required traits and how to level up and master this Skill.

How to Acquire Mischief Skill in The Sims 4

All Sims have access to the default Mischief interactions from the start. Using one of those interactions advances the current Sim to level 1 of the Skill, and more mischievous interactions keep increasing the skill level to a maximum of 10.

The Skill can also be learned and advanced by reading the Mischief Skill Book or using the Voodoo Doll.

Recommended Traits For Mischief Skill


Doofball is an important trait for the Mischief Skill as it will boost the playful emotion. The playful emotion will eventually help you in leveling up the Mischief Skill.


The childish trait is another one that can help you become playful more easily. This will work even better for you if you have some children nearby.


The mean trait is very useful for Mischief Skill because you will not feel bad about being mean and earn Happy moodlets.


Because of dastardly trait, you can perform mean interactions with more chances of success.


Outgoing is a really important trait for performing pranks. Other than that, mischief items also require you to speak with other Sims, and this Outgoing trait is quite useful.

How to Level Up Mischief Skill

The easiest way to increase the skill level is to use a computer and perform “trolling teh forums” interaction. This interaction is available once your Sim reaches Mischief Skill Level 2, while Sims with the Evil trait will have the interaction available from the start.

Mischief Skill Interactions

Level 1 Mischief Skill

The Sim can give Fake Bad News, invite other Sims to a Fake party, Lie about their careers, Start a preposterous Rumor across the neighborhood, and Scare other Sims.

They can also perform the Hand Buzzer Trick and use the Voodoo Doll to Pock or Frolic other Sims.

Level 2 Mischief Skill

Sims can Claim to be Criminal Masterminds to intimidate others as well as Instill Fake Confidence in others to make them do something they might regret later.

Reaching this skill level also unlocks the option to “troll teh forums” using a computer to quickly rise through the Mischief Skill levels.

Level 3 Mischief Skill

Sims can make prank calls to annoy other Sims and ask for Due Date from Sims who are not Pregnant to imply that they are fat. This skill level also allows them to kick Trash Cans, Stomp in puddles, and Dare other Sims to run around naked.

Note: This, however, requires at least 50% on the Friendship panel before you can dare them) and Purchase Voodoo Dolls through the computer and use the Tickle interaction from the Voodoo Doll.

Level 4 Mischief Skill

Sims can share their Conspiracy Theories with others and send Spam or Chain letters through the computer. If they have an Observatory, they can also use it to spy on other Sims and become partners in crime with someone (requires 50% in the Friendship panel).

Level 5 Mischief Skill

The Noxious Cloud interaction becomes available, and players can also Clog Drains of active or inactive lots to annoy other Sims due to the water spillage. This skill level is also required to use the Soak ability of the Voodoo Doll.

Level 6 Mischief Skill

This level unlocks the ability for Sims to play Hooky over the phone and annoy or entrap other Sims.

Level 7 Mischief Skill

The Sims with this skill level can scare other Sims by describing the Apocalypse in detail.

Level 8 Mischief Skill

The Active Sim with this skill level can receive extra money by spamming other Sims with free money requests using a Computer.

They can also foil the plans of some astronaut or scientist Sims by stuffing a fruit or vegetable through the exhaust of a Rocketship. A fruit or vegetable must be present in inventory for this to work.

Level 9 Mischief Skill

Allows Sims with this skill level to slap other Sims repeatedly to annoy them through the “Slap ‘em Silly” interaction.

Level 10 Mischief Skill

Sims can use the Air Horn to annoy or startle other unsuspecting Sims.

While playing pranks can be pretty fun, they can backfire in some cases, too, and the Active Sim will not like the taste of their own medicine.

Targeted Sims with a higher Mischief or Logic Skill than the Active Sim will be able to stop the prank and cause it to backfire.

How to Use Voodoo Dolls

For using the Voodoo Doll, you have to bind it to the Sim. You can bind it to any Sim on the lot. After that, you can mess with that Sim differently whenever it is close to you.

All the interactions which can be done using the Voodoo Doll are given below.

Frolic (Level 1)

Frolic is a level 1 interaction that is done to make Sim feel all tingly. For this, you have to bounce the Voodoo around, and it will give a Playful moodlet to the target Sim.

Poke (Level 1)

The second interaction a Voodoo Doll can perform is Poke. This will make Sim angry and can be used to make parties more interesting.

Tickle (Level 3)

This interaction can be used for tickling the Sims, making them uncomfortable.

Soak (Level 5)

If you dump water on the Voodoo Doll, the target Sim will get +2 Dazed Moodlet.

Cuddle (Level 9)

This Voodoo will boost Flirty Moodlet by +2 for 4 hours. You can use this interaction if you want the target Sim to fall in love with you.

How to Make Money With Mischief Skill

The Active Sim with level 8 Mischief Skill can receive extra money by spamming other Sims with free money requests using a Computer.

They can also foil the plans of some astronaut or scientist Sims by stuffing a fruit or vegetable through the exhaust of a Rocketship. A fruit or vegetable must be present in inventory for this to work.

How to Become Master of Mischief

To become the master of Mischief, you must complete the Chief of Mischief aspiration. To complete this aspiration, you must clog drains at 3 different homes. Perform Voodoo 5 times, and lastly, you must have achieved level 10 Mischief Skill.

Once you complete all these things, the Chief of Mischief aspiration will be completed. You will get the Tormentor Bonus trait for completing this aspiration which can be used to sabotage other Sims and their stuff by entering their houses.

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