The Sims 4 Politician Career Guide

The Politician Career in The Sims 4 gives you the choice of being an elected official or fundraising for a good cause. This guide will cover all the details you need about the Politician career in Sims 4, like its skills, traits, career levels, best mods, and cheats.

How to Become Politician in The Sims 4?

City Living allows you to play politics in the style of The Sims. You can go for being a  politician and run for President, or you can move towards the Charity Organizer career paths and work for various causes. This profession begins with four stages, after which you must choose one of two paths.

You can opt to work remotely as a politician. This is true for both sides of this profession. A popup will appear in the bottom left corner of your screen every day before work.

You can have the Sim work remotely by selecting this option. You’ll be given a few assignments to accomplish to maintain your income and career performance. Aside from the duties, you’re assigned, you have complete control over your time and may utilize it to improve your skills or work on professional advancement criteria.

At level 4, you may start giving expert speeches from the podium, boosting your Sim’s confidence. Podiums are portable, so purchase one at your residence and drag it or click it into your Sim’s inventory.

Click the podium in your Sim’s inventory to lay it on the ground, and then use it to deliver a speech once you’re on a public lot. This is largely for attracting Sims, although the speech on its own will improve your Charisma. You may then chat to Sims, who will group up to listen and support your idea or gain their Vote if you are confident.

Go to Find a Job on your phone to begin working as a Politician. Or you can choose the Find a Job option from the Career Panel in the bottom right corner. You will see a set of careers from which you must pick a Politician.

You will have the following career choices after selecting Politician:

  • Politician
  • Charity Organizer

Best Skills and Traits For Politicians

The best attitude for this job is self-assurance because politicians must be self-assured to persuade others to believe what they say. The best skills and traits for the Politician are given below.


Confidence facilitates social activities such as collecting funds and obtaining votes.


The carefree attribute will help your sims feel less stressed, making it simpler to have them accomplish many assignments in a row.


The shameless reward shop trait prevents your Sim from feeling humiliated, which is beneficial because it’s more difficult to form bonds with other sims after an unpleasant moodlet.


Working as a politician in The Sims 4 will require your sims to spend a lot of time interacting with other sims; thus, I think being outgoing is a great characteristic. Outgoing allows your Sim to feel more at ease in social circumstances, and they like conversing with other Sims. They’ll be able to improve their social relationships as well.

Incredibly Friendly

When your sims make an introduction, the very friendly reward shop characteristic will provide them a boost in their relationships.

Politician Career Levels and Job Ranks

Your Sim can choose from five reasons, all of which can be changed at any moment. By right-clicking your Sim and selecting the Political Career sub-menu, you may choose a cause. For the first four ranks of the profession, successfully persuading Sims is a daily chore. It would be extremely beneficial for you, a politician, to be a graduate, which is why you should learn how to get a degree in Sims 4.

You may start a demonstration for that cause by clicking the ground, and you can also chat to Sims about that once you’ve chosen a cause. Using a computer, check the level of support for your cause. These talents will be lost if you choose the Politics career branch at level 5.

The details about the four levels you go through before your Career is split into two branches are given below.

Level Job Salary
1 Unruly Activist $16/hour
2 Campaign Intern $26/hour
3 Social Justice Worker $39hour
4 Community Organizer $49/hour

Charity Organizer Career Levels and Job Ranks

After completing the fourth level of your Politician profession, you are offered the option of choosing between two paths. The ideal confident mood is maintained. The Charity Organizer branch earns around 10% less than the Politician branch but requires fewer hours each week.

In contrast to the Politician’s requirement to gain more votes, the sum of cash you need to raise climbs sharply with each level, but it’s simpler owing to the additional interactions that unlock.

If you have their backing and have been polite before requesting a contribution, Sims is more inclined to offer money. The easier portion comes into play since you may make money by seeking smaller donations first as you level up or vice versa, whereas the Politician only gets one Vote each Sim. If a single Sim is feeling charitable that day, you can raise a total of $1,375.

The levels, jobs, and salaries of the Charity Organizer branch are given below.

Level Job Salary
5 Friendly Lobbyist $57/hour
6 Fundraising Specialist $98/hour
7 Charity Organizer $123/hour
8 Non-Profit Director $153/hour
9 Leader of the Cause $219/hour
10 Charity Icon $342/hour

Politician Career Levels and Job Ranks

The second part of the Career maintains the optimum attitude of Confident while altering the everyday work needs. You’ll be getting votes rather than gaining support for reasons.

Underneath the Politics Career menu, you’ll find the essential interactions. Secure Vote, Debate from the Left/Right, and other interactions are available from there. Confidence and greater degrees of Charisma help with all of them. Once you’ve established a strong connection with them and moved the friendship meter up a notch, use Secure Vote.

You can opt to offer hollow promises, but the conversation will most likely fail. The Promote Policies interaction is effective because it strengthens the bond between the Politician and the voter and raises the likelihood of getting their Vote.

Secure Vote has a cooldown, so use it only after you’ve provided yourself a better chance by being friends with the voter and employing promote policies beforehand.

Giving speeches isn’t a big part of the job, but you can gather some Sims around you, raise your Charisma, and earn a confident moodlet to assist your Sim in engaging with listeners after that.

This could help you gain votes, but it’s a hit-or-miss procedure. It is considerably worse than playing guitar when just some few Sims would stop and listen. Sims appears to be uninterested. This may be fixed.

The levels, jobs, and salaries of Musicians, which is the second branch of Politician career, are given below.

Level Job Salary
5 Civil Servant $65/hour
6 Public Official $91/hour
7 Councilperson $127/hour
8 Representative $178/hour
9 Elder Statesperson $231/hour
10 National Leader $340/hour

Politician Cheats

You may also use certain hacks to advance your Politician career but first you need to press Ctrl + Shift + C to the Cheat Console and access these hacks.

You may play this game with Command + Shift + C on a Mac. And use R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 on the console. You must press all four shoulder buttons to access the Cheat Console on Xbox One.

To activate the cheats, put Testingcheats True or Testingcheats on into the Cheat Console and hit Enter. For quick promotion, you can type careers.promote activist or careers.promote adult_politician

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