The Sims 4 Detective Career Guide

Detective is a career in The Sims 4 that you can get through the expansion packs. You will solve cases and mysteries in this career and make money. This guide will cover all the details you need about the Detective Career in Sims 4, like its skills, traits, career levels, tasks, and cheats.

How to Become Detective in The Sims 4?

To be a Detective in The Sims 4, you will need the Sims 4: Get to Work expansion pack. This expansion pack will bring you three new careers in Sims 4, and Detective is one of them. Detective is a career for someone who wants to spend more time with their Sims.

Once you have selected the Detective career, you will undergo two days of training to learn how to become a detective. During the first day, your Sim will discuss cases with older detectives.

This will help you learn more about evidence, witness reports, and taking the mug shots as well. While on the second day of training, you might be sent to arrest someone. There are chances that you will get your cases.

After the two-day training is completed, your Sim will become a detective. Now the Sim can solve different cases, read reports, analyze evidence, and catch the bad guys in the town. The ideal mood for a detective career is Focused.

Best Skills and Traits For Detectives

Some of the best skills and traits for the Detective are given below.


Observant is a must-have trait for a detective. This will allow you to determine other Sims traits by meeting them randomly. Once you know a Sim’s traits, it will be easier for you to guess whether the Sim is telling the truth or not.


It is a trait that will not only help you in solving the cases quickly but also in getting promoted. If you use this trait, you can get promoted more quickly.


As we have already told you, Focused is the ideal mood for the detective career, and to stay focused genius trait is what you can have. This will help you in staying focused without much effort.


Outgoing is another trait that a detective should have. This trait makes it much easier for you to talk to strangers outside, which is required to investigate the case.

Detective Career Levels and Job Ranks

You will start as a cadet in Detective Career and go to Chief at level 10. All 10 levels, jobs, and salaries can be seen below.

Level Job Salary
1 Cadet $180/day
2 Officer $252/day
3 Corporal $342/day
4 Detective $468/day
5 Senior Detective $702/day
6 Sergeant $828/day
7 Lieutenant $1107/day
8 Captain $1200/day
9 Colonel $1640/day
10 Chief $2120/day

Tasks For Playing Detective

Going to Patrol, Crime Scene, and Issue APB

After picking up a case, you first need to head to the crime scene and issue APB. You can use the Crime map to do all these tasks. Here you can also add clues and start new cases.

Talk to Chief

You can also interact with the Chief by going to the Friendly menu. There you will find the option for interaction with the Chief.

Analyze Evidence

You can also analyze evidence in the lab inside the station. It is inside the room left of the entrance of the station.

Collecting Fingerprints, Searching, and Mug Shots for Suspects

You can also collect the fingerprints of the prisoners. For taking prisoners with you just have to click on them and select the option to take them. You can return them to the cell after getting the required information.


You can also interrogate suspects, but you must use the Arrest Interaction to bring your suspect to the station. After that, you can interrogate the suspect to get vital information.

Search for Clues

Another task that detectives have to perform is finding more clues using the Search for Clues interaction in Strategic Places on the lot. You will find clues like shoes, gloves, and wallets using this. You can tag and bag these clues for getting close to the criminal.

Detective Cheats

You can access these cheats by heading to the Cheat Console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C.

If you are playing this game on Mac, you can use Command + Shift + C. For Console you can use R1 + R2 + L1 + L2.  For Xbox One, you must press all four shoulder buttons to access the Cheat Console.

Once the Cheat Console appears, type Testingcheats True or Testingcheats and press enter to enable the cheats. For quick promotion, you can type careers.promote Detective, and Detective will promote to the next level. You can use this cheat till you get to the required level.

For leveling up some specific traits and moods required for Detective Career, you can use the following cheats.

  • Genius:equip_trait genius
  • Outgoing:equip_trait outgoing
  • Entrepreneurial:equip_trait Entrepreneurial
  • Observant:equip_trait Observant
  • Focused:add_buff FocusedHigh

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