The Sims 4 Culinary Career Guide

This guide will cover all the details you need about the Culinary Career in Sims 4, like its skills, traits, career levels, and cheats.

Culinary is a career for somebody who is fond of making drinks and cooking. You will get daily tasks in this career and, later on, promotion tasks. This guide will cover all the details you need about the Culinary Career in Sims 4, like its skills, traits, career levels, best mods, and cheats.

How to Become Culinary in The Sims 4?

You can start working as a Culinary expert by going to the phone and selecting Find a Job to make money from it. You can also go to the Career Panel in the bottom right corner and select the Find a Job option. Here you will find a complete list of available careers, and you can choose Culinary.

Best Skills and Traits For Culinary

Some of the best skills and traits for the Culinary are given below.


You can go with the foodie trait if you have chosen a Culinary career since it will allow you to watch different cooking shows for ideas to help you in your career.

This trait will help Sims in researching new recipes so that they can boost their cooking skills level. This trait is very useful for quickly advancing in your career.

Food Aspiration

Food aspiration is another trait that can be very useful as it will grant you the Essence of Flavor. Because of this, the Sims can cook excellent food quite often.


The creative trait is very useful for both branches of the Culinary career. This will help Sims in getting inspired. You can also stack it with other bonuses to get more Inspired.

Culinary Career Levels and Job Ranks

When you start your career in this job, you will go through 5 levels before the Culinary career gets divided into two branches. After level 5, you can choose from the Chef or Mixologist branch. All 5 levels, jobs, and salaries can be seen below.

Level Job Salary
1 Assistant Dishwasher $135
2 Head Dishwasher $144
3 Caterer $208
4 Mixologist $280
5 Line Cook $344

Chef Career Levels and Job Ranks

Once you have completed the fifth level in your Culinary career, you are given two branches to choose from. The first branch is Chef, and its levels, jobs, and salaries are given below.

Level Job Salary
6 Head Caterer $468
7 Pastry Chef $520
8 Sous Chef $786
9 Executive Chef $1518
10 Celebrity Chef $2460

 Mixologist Career Levels and Job Rank

The second branch is Mixologist, and its levels, jobs, and salaries are given below.

Level Job Salary
6 Head Mixologist $315
7 Juice Boss $448
8 Chief Drink Operator $888
9 Drinkmaster $1660
10 Celebrity Mixologist $1970

Best Mods For Playing Culinary

Here are some of the best mods in Sims 4 that you can use while playing the Culinary Career.

Custom Food Interactions Mod

The custom food interaction is one of the best mods by TheFoodGroup that will give you a custom food option. You can make different types of food using this mod. You will get new recipes that your Sims can cook for leveling up quickly.

More Servings Options & Better Meal Time Menus Mod

This mod will allow you to choose how many meals you want to cook. You can cook meals for two Sims or for seven Sims etc. You can even cook a single cheese Sandwich using this mood. So this mood gives you complete control over the Culinary career in Sims 4.

Healthy Drinks Mod

Healthy Drinks mod created by LittleMsSam will allow your Sims to have healthy drinks available at all places where drinks are served and prepared.

You can get drinks like Spinach Juice, Carrot Juice, Plasma Fruit Juice, etc., which will give your Sim buffs like happy moodlet. These drinks will also boost their Happiness and Fitness.

Culinary Cheats

You can access these cheats by heading to the Cheat Console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C.

If you are playing this game on Mac, you can use Command + Shift + C. For Console you can use R1 + R2 + L1 + L2.  For Xbox One, you must press all four shoulder buttons to access the Cheat Console.

Once the Cheat Console appears, type Testingcheats True or Testingcheats and press enter to enable the cheats. For quick promotion, you can type careers.promote culinary, and Culinary will promote to the next level. You can use this cheat till you get to the required level.

For leveling up some specific skills required for Culinary Career, you can use the following cheats.

  • Cooking:set_skill_level Major_HomestyleCooking 10
  • Gourmet Cooking:set_skill_level Major_GourmetCooking 10
  • Mixology:set_skill_level Major_Bartending 10
  • Charisma:set_skill_level Major_Charisma 10
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