The Outer Worlds Aptitude Guide

Confused by the Aptitudes system in The Outer Worlds? Don't be afraid as we break down this new mechanic in the game that enhances your playstyle

The Outer Worlds is a new sci-fi RPG; single-player experience brought to you by Obsidian Entertainment and Private Division. You start off by making your character and moving on to shape the world around you with critical decisions. During character creation, you can choose from fifteen different aptitudes (only one) which are essentially what will give you a tiny head-start in a certain aspect of The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Aptitude

Aptitudes can only be selected once so before you rush into the game, have a read of details regarding each aptitude.

No Discernible Aptitude

  • Bonus to Determination (1 point), increasing your Leadership Core Skill.
  • The determination skill will increase the maximum health of your companions.

Beverage Service Technician

  • Bonus 3% for to time duration of effects gained from drinks.

Bureaucrat, Rank 0

  • Add 1 point to Block.
  • Block allows you bonus Armor Rating while holding a melee weapon, which will give you a chance to perform a Perfect Block.

Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory

  • Get 1 bonus point for Persuasion.
  • The Persuade skill allows you to sway conversations in your favor; along with a chance to inflict cower when attacking a human target.

Construction, Electrician Class, Wire Spooler

  • Gives 3% shock resistance.

Elevator Operations Specialist

  • Additional 1 point to Engineering.
  • Engineering gives you the ability to use up fewer resources (Armor parts and weapon parts) while repairing equipment.

Factory Worker Conveyor Operator

  • Gain 1 additional point for Dodge.
  • Dodge allows you greater distance covered when you dodge and reduces the time of negative statuses on your character.

Farmer Dirt

  • 3% bonus damage reduction from an N-Ray Element.

Foot Additive Tester

  • Bonus 3% to duration of effects gained by consuming food.

Janitor, Sanitation Class

  • 3% damage reduction towards a Plasma Element.

Tossball Team Mascot

  • An additional point to Inspiration

Medical Technician, Junior Grade

  • One bonus point to Medical

Safety Inspector

  • Plasma damage received reduced by 3%

Scientist Assistant, Level 0, Class A

  • Gain one additional point for Science.
  • Science skill gives bonus damage on Plasma and Shock type weapons along with improving special effects of Science Weapons. Higher Science skill allows modification of any weapon or armor in the workbench to increase their power.

Sub Sous Chef

  • Increase 1-Handed Melee by 1 point.
  • Increases critical hit chance with 1-Handed Melee weapons.

Although these aptitudes are great to add a bonus point to certain stats, they’re not exactly what will set your entire playstyle in stone. So it’s wise to also pick your skills carefully. For example, persuasion and stealth are used almost constantly in the game so it’s wise to invest in these particular skills.

During the character creation, you get two points which you can invest in either tree of the given three skills by a total of ten points.

As you unlock skills you’ll notice different details in dialogues and even different dialogue options allowing you to take an alternative path that you might have not had the chance to encounter yet. As you unlock 20 consecutive skill points, you unlock a special bonus, which can be very useful.

If you want to just swing around guns, it can be tempting to just invest in that and push your way through the game, but there are also other opportunities, other skill trees that you can unlock to find that the game just isn’t what it looks like on the surface; but in actuality it has a lot more depth to it.

There’s also Hacking and Lock-picking. It’s better to get these skills in the start and get all items from the get-go otherwise you’re going to miss out on a lot of important things that would be otherwise impossible without said skills.

With knowledge of your pre character creation stage, head into the game with an open mind. Changing your play style as the game goes on can really reveal unique circumstances. There’s a lot of attention to detail; so if you take your time with the game, the game will reward you

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