The Outer Worlds Lockpicking Tips

We have compiled some useful tips to help you with lockpicking in The Outer Worlds to gain access to containers and doors easily

While exploring The Outer World’s various areas, you will face locked doors and containers. This is where the lockpicking skill will come in hand. This guide will explain all the tips and tricks of lockpicking in The Outer Worlds!

Lockpicking is not that complicated compared to other games like Fallout. Nevertheless, there are still some things you need to know in order to successfully pass through any locked doors that come in your way.

The Outer Worlds Lockpicking

In The Outer Worlds, you will need mag-locks to lockpick anything. Mag-locks are tiny, round and luminous objects which act as lockpicks. To lockpick a locked safe or a door, head to it with a mag-lock and press ‘X’ on Xbox One, ‘E’ on PC or ‘square’ on PS4. If you have enough mag-locks and the required lockpicking skill, the door or safe will open.

How to get Mag-Locks
You can get hold of more mag-locks by simply exploring the different planets. Mag-picks are very common near group of human enemies in the wild or in and around their camps.

Mag-locks can also be purchased using bits. But it is better to find them by exploring the map and using the money to buy something else.

How to increase Lockpicking Skill
You will not be able to lockpick just any door that you come across. Each locked door needs a required lockpicking level to be unlocked. The lockpicking skill can be increased by spending the skill points earned by leveling up, on the Stealth skill tree. Each skill point applied to the stealth skill will increase your hacking, sneaking and lockpicking skills.

An increase in the lockpicking skill will result in faster unlock times and less usage of mag-locks as some high-level doors may require more than one mag-lock.

Early on in your adventure, if you choose Parvati as your companion, you get a boost of 8 lockpicking skill points. Along with using fewer mag-locks and shorter unlock times, a higher lockpicking level also grants other abilities.

The table shows the different skill levels and the abilities upgrade it provides.

Lockpicking Level Ability
20: Novice Doors/containers which require 1 mag-lock to open unlock for free.
40: Competent Get 25% more bits in containers.
60: Adept See what is inside the locked container before opening it.
80: Expert Almost instant unlocking speed.
100: Master Chance to find Pristine Item +100%.
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