The Outer Worlds Hacking Tips

The Outer Worlds brings a lot of stuff to explore and for many players, it may be difficult to understand how different things work at the start. One of them is the ability to hack different terminals as you explore the world. This guide will explain in detail different tips and tricks on how to hack different terminals in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Hacking Tips

To start hacking the terminals, you need to fulfill some requirements. Each terminal requires a specific skill level to hack it. You can reach it by applying skill points earned through leveling up on the stealth skill tree, which improves your hacking, lock-picking and sneaking ability.

Furthermore, you will need Bypass shunts (these are like lockpicks). These shunts are necessary to perform hacks on any type of terminal. So, you will need to have some in your inventory all the time so that you can bypass any hackable terminal.

That’s all you need to bypass any terminal which gives access to different doors, blocked off areas, etc.

Hacking Tips
Invest more in the stealth skill tree, as the higher this skill level gets the more terminals you can access and the easier it is to hack them. Higher stealth skill will reduce the time it takes to hack a terminal. It will also decrease the number of bypass shunts required to hack a terminal.

There is no puzzle solving required to hack a terminal. If you have the required skill level, then you can bypass the terminal provided you have the required bypass shunts.

Apart from skill trees, you can also wear gear items that boost your stealth skill tree and give bonus points towards hacking, allowing you to hack more terminals without having to invest points if you are making a character build which requires points somewhere else.

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