The Last of Us Joel Supplements and Skill Upgrades Guide

The Last of Us
The much-anticipated survival action adventure by Naughty Dog has been released, and we are ready to move on from the pleasant experience left by Uncharted. Among different elements of the gameplay, The Last of Us also offers players to upgrade the skills of the protagonist (Joel).

As it happens in most of the RPGs, in The Last of Us, your character will become stronger as you progress through the game. However, to upgrade the skills, you are going to need supplements which I refer to as the skills points.

Each skill upgrade will require you to have a fixed amount of these supplements, and once you fulfill the required criteria; you can upgrade the desired skill anywhere you want as unlike weapon upgrades, skill upgrades don’t require any workbench.

Now since we have the basic idea about the skill system in the game, let’s move on the type of skills you can upgrade and the supplements required to boost these skills.

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The Last of Us Joel Supplements and Skill Upgrades

Maximum health
For me, that’s the most important skill one should look forward to upgrade. You can upgrade the skill twice and for the first time, it will cost you 50 (supplement points). For the second upgrade, the requirement is 100. Increment in health is useful when those nasty creatures try to ambush you.

Listen Mode Distance
Joel has the ability to listen to the enemies in the surroundings and with the help of that, he can guess their locations even across solid barriers. This option is quite useful specially against clickers. After maximum health, it should be your second priority to upgrade.

For the first upgrade, it will cost you 20. It will be 30 for the second and for the final upgrade, it will cost you 50 supplement points.

Weapon Sway
Third most handy skill to upgrade in the game. The utility of this skill is self-explanatory – it will reduce the weapon sway, and you will be able to aim the running targets with efficiency. It is upgradeable twice costing you 50 and 100 respectively.

Keep in mind that the upgrade priority can vary depending on your play-style so choose them accordingly.

Crafting Speed
These upgrades will enable you to craft items faster. Not much of use but if you like to craft health kits or explosives on the go during the fights, it can be beneficial. You can upgrade it thrice for 25, 30 and 50 points respectively.

Healing Speed
Joel can patch up himself using the health kits. This takes a while and if you are in a firefight or crowded by the infected, you will obviously want to heal yourself up quickly so that you can get back in the battle without dying.

In such situations, Healing speed upgrades are useful. The two upgrades will cost you 50 and 100 points respectively.

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