The Last of Us Ellie’s Jokes Locations ‘That’s All I Got’ Guide

That’s All I Got is arguably the most difficult trophy to unlock in The Last of Us but not when you have a handy guide in front of you, but even that might require a dedicated playthrough.

When you are adventuring through Pittsburgh and Suburbs, performing certain actions trigger jokes from Ellie. You have to do exactly what’s described in order to trigger all five jokes from Ellie and unlock ‘That’s All I Got’ gold trophy.

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The Last of Us Ellie’s Jokes

Triggering all the jokes will not only net you the gold trophy but also unlock tags for you. If you are up for the task, follow the directions:


There are four jokes location in Pittsburgh.

Jokes #1
When you are passing through the hunters’ camp, you will drop down to the street and move behind the newspaper machine as three hunters show up. Once the hunters have left the area, go towards the bus that blocks the exit.

Wait for Ellie to say something about climbing over the bus. After that wait 20 seconds to trigger jokes from Ellie.

Jokes #2
After defeating everyone in the bookstore, you will have to wait 2 minutes for Ellie to open her joke book and lighten your mood.

Jokes #3
Before you enter the flooded street in front of the hotel, take a right and move towards the dead end. Look for an advertisement on the right wall with a skinny mode.

Talk to Ellie about it. After the conversation, she will start reading the writing along the wall. After she is finished, she will open her joke book again to throw some humor your way.

Jokes #4
Having grabbed the safe combination and opened the safe inside the hotel, return back to Ellie. After waiting a few seconds, she will pull her joke book out to entertain you.


Jokes #5
The last jokes from Ellie require a bit of work. You need to engage in following four different conversations in order to trigger them.

Conversation #1
Participate when Henry discusses barbeques in the destroyed kitchen at the end of the first street.

Conversation #2
You will come across a house with ‘Shoot on Sight’ writing on the side. Approach the writing on the house and talk about looters.

Conversation #3
You will come across an ice cream truck. Participate when the group talks about it when you are approaching the truck.

Conversation #4
At the dead end of the street, talk about the firefly logo on the wall.

Once you have participated in all four conversations, stand still for a few seconds and Ellie will pull out her joke book to make you laugh.

If anything is confusing or if you need any help, comment and we will try to help you out.

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