The Last of Us Collectibles Guide

Where to find all Artifacts, Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals, The Last of Us Collectibles to unlock Scavenger trophy.

There are four main types of collectibles in The Last of Us; Artifacts, Firefly Pendants, Training Manuals and Comic Books. Artifacts can vary in what they are, but are mainly notes scribbled by other travelers and survivors, maps or posters.

Firefly Pendants are dog tags for the Firefly resistance group. Training Manuals help your skills improve by providing different bonuses, like healing more damage when you use a medical kit or dealing more damage in melee. Comic books are, well, comic books.

In total, there are 85 Artifacts, 30 Firefly Pendants, 12 Training Manuals and 14 Comic Books that can be found in The Last Of Us.

Chapter #2: Quarantine Zone

Firefly Pendant #1 – David Michael Vigil

Location. When you emerge from the tunnel outside the wall with Tess, you are asked to find a ladder so you can climb up into a high window. Before you proceed after Tess, check out the room to the right of the stairs going down. There is a pendant on the table.

Artifact #1 – Note to Brother

Location. After the part where you first meet three zombies and go upstairs, before heading out the opening in the wall check out the room through the door to the left. Inside you will find this note.

Firefly Pendant #2 – Ben Glueck

Location. After the section with the wooden plank, you’ll be passing through an alley at the end of which you duck out into an open area with a dirty white couch in front of you. Here you need to look up into the tree’s branches and you will find a pendant hanging from them. Shoot it down and pick it up.

Artifact #2 – Drafting Notice

Location. Just before you enter Robert’s compound (when Tess bribes a guy with ration cards), search the area to the right of the entrance to find this on the ground.

Artifact #3 – Wanted Poster

Location. In the same are as above, check the wall to the right of the guys standing near the fence to find this as well.

Artifact #4 – Warehouse Key

Location. In the first stealth section in Robert’s compound, when Tess sneaks up on a guy and stabs him, there will be one more guy patrolling the outside and two in the building having a conversation. One of the enemies in the building will have this on him.

Artifact #5 – Shipping Manifest

Location. At the docks area of Roberts compound (where you need to take out a whole bunch of his men) check out the ground to the right of where you start from, near the railing next to the water.

Artifact #6 – Dock Notes

Location. Found near the last artifact, head inside the hanger to the right side of the ship that’s docked there. The artifact is on the ground near the railing.

Firefly Pendant #3 – Phillip Liu

Location. When you pick up Ellie for the first time, head straight across the street to one of the bodies lying in a sitting position. There is a pendant next to it.

Chapter #3 – Outskirts

Artifact #7 – Tess’ List

Location. Right in the start, when you wake up in Joel’s apartment, check out the small table with the lamp next to the couch in the living room to find this.

Artifact #8 – Patrol Routes Map

Location. When you start up the generator and go down using the lift, switch on your torch and look around, you should find this on the ground in this room.

Artifact #9 – Evacuation Leaflet

Location. After all the shenanigans with the sewer tunnels and patrols are done, you should enter the city proper. Here you’ll see a bunch of defunct traffic lights around. At the base of one of them is the artifact.

Firefly Pendant #4 – Joseph Lenz

Location. After the point where you see the capitol building for the first time, you’ll head over to a sort of terraced area to the right. Instead of going into the building here, head to the back of the terrace to spot this pendant hanging from a tree branch above.

Artifact #10 – Field Ops Log

Location. When you enter the building after the last pendant (or after spotting the capitol building), you’ll see a dead guy in the hallway that’s a conversation point, after that you head up the stairs to the right and halfway up there will be another dead guy. This one has the artifact next to him.

Artifact #11 – Firefly Map

Location. When you’re in the underground of the building, you will eventually come to a really wide set of stairs along with an escalator that have all been buried in rubble and debris. At the top of the stairs you’ll find a corpse and this artifact.

Artifact #12 – Note to Derek

Location. After the last artifact, you’ll come to the section where you need to get past a lot of clickers. Head left into a store and search the drawers behind the counter to find this.

Artifact #13 – Medical Pamphlet

Location. After exiting the building, there will be a part where you need to push a box/dumpster next to a truck that’s blocking the path in order to climb over it. When you land on the other side, look at the truck again to see an opening leading inside. Here you will find the artifact.

Firefly Pendant #5 – Michael Kiper

Location. Shortly after the last artifact, you enter a room with a workbench you can upgrade your items at. In the room after, you can head up a ramp to the floor above. When you do so, the pendant will be in a display case in the corner of the room, reachable from a narrow ledge to the left of the ramp.

Artifact #14 – Firefly Orders

Location. Following the cutscene in which your party crosses roofs over a plank, when you reach the ground using a set of stairs, turn around and check under them for a corpse sitting in the corner and this artifact next to it.

Firefly Pendant #6 – Melinda Davidson

Location. When you reach the capitol building, before entering it, wade across the green murky water to the circle formed by a bunch of pillars. The pendant is under the water at the base of one of the pillars.

Artifact #15 – Smuggler Note

Location. When you’re in the flooded subway, at the part where Ellie needs you to bring a floating raft over to her side because she can’t swim, there will be a corpse near where she is standing. The note is lying next to the corpse.

Firefly Pendant #7 – Shiyao Jiang

Location. Where you find the note and corpse in the last artifact, there will be a flooded hallway. Enter there and explore the underwater room to find a pendant.

Chapter #4 – Bill’s Town

Artifact #16 – Pills Note

Location. Near the start of the chapter, after the part where you use a plank to enter a fenced off area, you’ll come to a location with some clickers where you can proceed by sending Ellie over the top of a chainlink gate to unbar a door. Enter the red building up the stairs to the right of the gate and go left into the first room you see. The artifact is here.

Artifact #17 – Perimeter Note

Location. Past the Chainlink gate in the above artifact, you come to an empty street at the end of which is a large barrier. As you’re heading towards the barrier, look left to see an open store. Inside, in the back room you can find the artifact on top of a set of drawers.

Artifact #18 – Note to Bob

Location. Now head down the street towards the barrier to find a note stuck in the barbed wire at its base.

Firefly Pendant #8 – Hui Wang

Location. Right next to the store and barrier is a wrecked RV. Climb up on top of it to find this pendant.

Artifact #18 – Note to Rachel

Location. After the section where you go across rooftops using a plank (shortly after finding the bow), you come to ground in an alley and duck under a wire trap. Down to the left now will be a door that leads into a building where zombies ambush you. Head inside and you’ll find it in the main room on a table next to the wall.

Artifact #19 – Bill’s Map

Location. After the chase scene following Bill’s rescue of Joel and Ellie, you get a moment to breathe where Bob tells you to grab what supplies you can find. The map will be on a table right next to the bar.

Artifact #20 – Fences Note

Location. After grabbing the map, turn around and head into the small room in the corner there. The artifact is on top of the table here.

Training Manual #1 – Shiv Sharpening

Location. This training manual is found on the counter of the bar in the same building as the last two collectibles.

Artifact #21 – Hunters Note

Location. After you’re ready to move on, follow Bill up the stairs, then down the hallway back to the right. At the end is an open room where you can get this collectible.

Firefly Pendant #10 – Alex Raymond Vincent

Location. Just before you reach Bill’s armory in the church, you get into a big fight in the streets with a bunch of runners and clickers. In this location, there is a Firefly pendant hanging from one of the street lights.

Artifact #21 – Bombs Note

Location. Just before you jump out the window to exit the church (at the altar), check out the small room to the right for this artifact.

Firefly Pendant #11 – Peter Mrozik

Location. When you get to the section with the houses and the large numbers of runners and clickers you can sneak past, enter the first house (it’s blue) and search the laundry room on the ground floor for this pendant.

Artifact #22 – Boy’s Diary

Location. When you get to the house with an almost-empty pool out back, enter it and go upstairs. Head to the kids room (the one with blue and yellow striped wallpaper) and you’ll find this near the window.

Artifact #23 – Note from Frank

Location. When you come to the cutscene where you find Bill’s partner and the working car, head from the garage, directly to the room on the opposite side of the house. Here you can find a note from frank that you can give to Bill to read. After he reads it, he’ll drop it to the ground. Pick it up again.

Chapter #5 – Pittsburgh

Artifact #24 – Tourist Manifest

Location. After dealing with the ambush in the start of the chapter, Joel and Ellie open a garage door. In the room with the bodies here, you will find this note to the right.

Training Manual #2 – Health: Splinting

Location. In the same building, head upstairs to where the hunters have their sleeping area. You’ll find this on one of the shelves.

Artifact #25 – Ambush Map

Location. On the same floor as the training manual above, enter the room at the end of the hall to find a workbench and this artifact on the wall.

Comic Book #1 – Termination Shock

Location. Soon after the last few collectibles, you drop down to a street filled with ruined vehicles. You should see a bus ahead of you just as you land. Inside you can find this comic book.

Artifact #26 – Lost Hill Note

Location. After the comic book in the last one you need to get past a couple of hunters and through a large gate. Then you come to an abandoned checkpoint. Just before you go through search in the small guard post to the right, in the corner.

Artifact #27 – Traitors Flyer

Location. Now you can pass through the checkpoint. As soon as you emerge into an open area with some guards patrolling about check out the wall directly to your right to spot this poster.

Firefly Pendant #12 – Kazden Risk

Location. In this same open area, make your way to the alley to the far side of the building to the right. At the end of the alley, behind a dumpster is this pendant.

Artifact #28 – Abandon Zone Note

Location. In the above building, as you enter from the front, search the offices in the back, to the right side. In one of them is the note, on a table.

Artifact #29 – Applicant Checklist

Location. In the same building as above, search underneath the stairs near the front for this artifact.

Artifact #30 – Lost Areas Map

Location. In the second floor of the building is a room you can only open with a shiv. Inside you can find this map.

Artifact #31 – Mother’s Note

Location. When you exit the building and come to the area where you need to get a raft to transport Ellie across the water, backtrack a bit to the building exit. Nearby is a door with a large red ‘X’ on it that can be opened with a shiv. Inside is the artifact.

Artifact #32 – Stash Note

Location. When you get Ellie the raft and she replaces the plank so you can get to her, enter the building from where you can cross it but go to the second floor through the flooded staircase. Here you can find the artifact on a set of drawers.

Artifact #33 – Note to Staff

Location. After the last artifact, when you place the ladder to access the upper floor in the hotel lobby, head right towards the destroyed staircase. You can actually reach the other side by pressing yourself against the wall and here you will find a note on the ground.

Training Manual #3 – Melee: Techniques

Location. There is a safe combination on the last artifact. Jump back down to the ground floor of the lobby and move behind the counter to your left. Open the safe here for this collectible.

Comic Book #2 – Accretion

Location. After the cutscene where Ellie saves your life by shooting a hunter, you head up a ladder, through a door and go left. The path further left that leads across the room from before looks ruined, but you can get there by sticking to the wall. Go over and you’ll find this on one of the tables near the couches.

Firefly Pendant #13 – Colby Reed

Location. As you proceed you will eventually jump down some stairs and be in a longish corridor. Check out the female washrooms to the left and you’ll find this pendant in one of the stalls.

Training Manual #4 – Melee: Knots

Location. Get to the end of the corridor where you found the female washrooms. There will be a fork that goes right halfway through and just past the fork is a table with this on it.

Artifact #34 – Fireflies Note

Location. There will a good number of enemies waiting for you in the financial district. Here you will find a shop called Don Fiocchi. Inside, in the freezer in the back room, you can find this artifact.

Artifact #35 – Final Attack Note

Location. As you progress, you’ll come to an office building. Look for the Human Resources office on the second floor. Behind one of the desks in the corner on the floor is the artifact.

Artifact #36 – Mob Attack Note

Location. You’ll come out onto the street soon and Ellie will point out a bunch of bad guys on the second floor of a building to the right of the street. Head up and take care of them. When all the fighting is done, check out the floor behind a desk near one of the set of stairs.

Artifact #37 – Truck Note

Location. After the last artifact, keep going down the road till the end, where there are some concrete barriers set up. Enter the shop to the right and inside you’ll find this.

Training Manual #5 – Molotov: Construction

Location. When you meet up with Henry and Sam, check this out on the Kitchen counter.

Comic Book #3 – Deep Phase

Location. After you meet Henry and Sam, you all go down a set of stairs. Right in front is a door you can open with a shiv. Do so and enter the room to the left to find this comic.

Firefly Pendant #14 – Lucas Rios

Location. Following your first fight alongside Sam and Henry, you climb up to a higher level and follow them through a door Henry unlocks. Ignore this door for now and instead head into the washrooms to the left to find this.

Artifact #38 – Trial Note

Location. Now head through the door Henry unlocks to find yourself in a large room (the one where Sam pretends to be 14 to impress Ellie). Go into a meeting room that’s across from you as you enter to find this note in the corner.

Chapter #6 – The Suburbs

Artifact #39 – Boat Note

Location. When you wake up on the beach, go along the shoreline and you’ll find a big blue boat. Enter the boat using the door and inside you’ll find the note.

Comic Book #4 – Antiparticles

Location. This comic book is also found in the same location as the last artifact.

Firefly Pendant #15 – Josh Scheffler

Location. After getting the last two collectibles, head belowdecks using the open hatch. You’ll find the pendant on a pile of wood behind a chainlink grill.

Firefly Pendant #15 – Robert Righetti

Location. Just as you go through the tunnel that leads to the flooded sewers there will be a small opening in the wall to the right with water streaming out. Go through that, and in the new room you find yourself in, check out the floor behind the columns to the left.

Artifact #40 – Sewers Note

Location. Past the door Ellie is able to open by crawling through a vent, you can find this in the room.

Firefly Pendant #16

Location. When you come to the large flooded room where you need to help Ellie and Sam get across, jump in the water and look near the base of the car that’s sticking out of the water to find this.

Artifact #41 – Trading Note

Location. After you get the last pendant, open the large gate to the side of the room and swim through. Head up the ladder here and open the door with clickers behind it. Near the mattress in the back of this room you can find the note.

Training Manual #6 – Bomb: Containment

Location. After you reach the point in the sewers where people used to live and set off a noise trap, this should be a short way down the corridor, on some wooden shelves to the left.

Artifact #42 – Rain Catcher Note

Location. There will be a section where you go down a set of stairs and get ambushed by a bunch of runners and clickers. After this, head through the doorway along the right side of the wall, up the stairs, and in this room here you find the note.

Artifact #43 – Cornered Note

Location. A little bit later you will come to a place where there is a turn in the main corridor to wards the left, and doorway to the left just before that. Head through this and you’ll find the note next to a corpse.

Artifact #44 – Kid’s Drawing

Location. After the fight where you have to fend off a lot of zombies right after you get trapped with Sam, head up to the nursery (you need to pass through here to proceed anyway) and find this note on a shelf near a whiteboard.

Artifact #45 – Looting Note

Location. When you exit the sewers and come to the suburbs, look for the second house to your right as you go down the street. This note is in a room on the second floor, on a small table near a window.

Training Manual #7 – Melee: Techniques

Location. When you get to the second street in the suburbs, Ellie and Sam will comment on an Ice cream truck. Go into the house up the stairs, opposite from the truck. On the second floor, interact with the trapdoor leading to the attic, then do so again to send Ellie up there to retrieve this for you.

Artifact #46 – Fathers Note

Location. In the same house, in a different room on the second floor, you can find this note on a dressing table along with a little TV.

Comic Book #5 – Messenger Particle

Location. In the last house in the neighborhood (the blue house). Head up the stairs and investigate the bathroom to find this.

Artifact #47 – Survivors Note

Location. Right next to the comic book above is this artifact, sitting on the computer table.

Artifact #48 – Matchbook

Location. Now go further up the stairs to find this artifact on another computer table.

Firefly Pendant #17 – Matthew White

Location. Now head to the backyard of this house and look up in the branches of the trees to the side, above the swings. You should see this pendant hidden here. Shoot it down.

Chapter #7 – Tommy’s Dam

Comic Book #6 – Foreign Element

Location. Just before you drop down and pass underneath the large bridge in the beginning of the chapter, go a bit to the right and you’ll find a ruined car with this next to it.

Artifact #49 – Power Plant Map

Location. When you come to the gate that leads into the dam, go away from it and enter the guardhouse opposite it. Same place where you pick up the El Diablo.

Training Manual #8 – Smoke: Chemistry

Location. When you get to the point where Tommy makes a bet with two engineers for two million dollars, look around the room to find this manual on a nearby counter.

Firefly Pendant #18 – Ryan Oliviero

Location. In the turbine room, head to the opposite side of the room from where Tommy will take you to talk to find another room. You find this inside an open locker.

Artifact #50 – Plant Schematics

Location. After the chat with Tommy, head up to where the two engineers were working at the table. You can pick up the map they were working on now.

Firefly Pendant #19 – Brent Pino

Location. When you get to the house Ellie’s run away to, head to the back right room to find this pendant on a table near the door.

Comic Book #6 – Zero Point

Location. Head up the stairs in the same house and take the first right, you’ll find the comic book near the window.

Chapter #8 – The University

Comic Book #7 – Free Radicals

Location. Right as the chapter begins, head back up the road on your horse until you get to the end. There will be a comic book here on the hood of a ruined car.

Artifact #51 – Sniper’s Nest Log

Location. Just after entering the campus, there will be a point where you must jump over some barbed wire. To the right is an open doorway through which you can get the Flamethrower and a workbench. Head through the other door here and go up the stairs. Exit out onto the balcony and this artifact will be at the corner.

Firefly Pendant #20 – Hope Pino

Location. When you ride up some stairs and have to enter a building to the left (just before the runners) go right instead of into the building. Here you will find a pendant hanging from the branches of one of the trees here.

Artifact #52 – Wall Panel note

Location. After you get the power on and can open the door after dealing with the runners, you will find this note on the wall just next to the panel (it’s hidden behind the open cover).

Firefly Pendant #21 – Alex Rohner

Location. When you get to the point where Ellie comments on the monkeys in your path, go back over the barrier you jumped and look left to see an opening in the wall a bit above you. Climb up there using the dumpster and you’ll find this on a table.

Training Manual #8 – Health Kit Sterilization

Location. Now re-enter the large area with the monkeys. Head over to the right side buildings to find one with windows blown out on the second roof. Head up and jump out the windows to land on a roof. Go left and jump back in through another window to find this manual in the room on a countertop.

Artifact #53 – UEC Campus Map

Location. When you duck through the doorway to the dorms (after encountering another gate that requires power) you will find this in the room on a desk right in front of you.

Artifact #54 – Student’s Journal

Location. Head upstairs from where you got the last artifact and you’ll be in the dorms. Head to room 202 (the second room on the left) to find this note in a drawer behind the door.

Firefly Pendant #22 – Joe Warren

Location. When you get to the area with the spores kill the bloater that is here. He drops this pendant.

Artifact #55 – Newspaper Clipping

Location. When you leave the spore infested area through a door Joel takes off his gas mask. Immediately enter through the door that is to the left of the door you came through and you’ll find this artifact inside on a mini-fridge.

Firefly Pendant #23 – Erik Griggs

Location. Soon after you open the gate with the generator, you’ll come to an area with a white truck and some white tents. Enter the tent that’s furthest from you to find this on the table.

Training Manual #9 – Molotov: Deployment

Location. When you enter the laboratory proper (after climbing in through the window) there will be a door you can open with a shiv on the floor you’re on. In there you’ll find this manual.

Artifact #56 – Office Recorder

Location. After you head up a flight of stairs, you will enter the third floor from the courtyard outside. Turn left and look for the last door on the right

Artifact #57 – Fungal X-Rays

Location. After going through the hallway with the lights pointed at you, the door you go through reveals some monkeys, in the room before then, you can find these X – Rays on a table.

Artifact #58 – Lab Recorder

Location. You’ll find this in the same room with the monkeys, on a table.

Firefly Pendant #24 – Sadie Pearle Hickman

Location. In the same room as the last artifact, you’ll find this in the corner of the room, on a shelf.

Chapter #9 – Lakeside Resort

Right in the beginning of this chapter, open your back pack and examine all the items in there. You will find eight new artifacts/comics/pendants that you should scroll through.

Comic Book #8 – Uncertainty

Location. When you finally get to the broken down building the buck has run through, turn left into a room just as you enter the building. You’ll find this comic in an open drawer of a desk in this room.

Firefly Pendant #25 – Travis Kristof

Location. When you get to the part where David boosts you up so you can get to a ladder, you encounter a Clicker that goes back and forth out of a room onto the walkway. Kill it and enter the room to find this pendant on a box.

Firefly Pendant #26 – Paul D Braun

Location. When you enter the cabin after your horse is shot down, exit out the other side and to the right of the front door you will see a small wooden building. Inside it you will find this pendant on a bench.

Comic Book #9 – Negentropy

Location. A little while later, you’ll go through a red pipe and when you come out there will be some stairs going behind you to the left. Head on up to find this comic book on one of the benches here.

Training Manual #10 – Smoke: Shaping

Location. When you play as Joel in the blizzard, you’ll be near a gas station. Go into the house across the street. Climb out the bathroom window and you’ll see a door you can open with a shiv to the left.

Artifact #59 – Meat Ledger

Location. This one is found at the same place you find Ellie’s Backpack.

Chapter #10 – Bus Depot

Artifact #60 – Family Photograph

Location. Right in the start of the chapter there will be an RV in front of you, on the street. Inside you can find this photo.

Firefly Pendant #27 – Katerina Perich

Location. Past the last artifact, when you down the freeway until it reaches ground level, take a look right behind the cars to the left. There’s a pendant right where the front of the car meets the wall.

Artifact #28 – Note to Wife

Location. Only a short walk after the last pendant, when you enter the first building of the chapter, stick to the left wall and go down the stairs. Keep going and you’ll find this on the floor.

Comic Book #10 – Precipitate

Location. After witnessing the Giraffes on the roof, the first room you enter after going downstairs with have an adjoining bathroom to the right. Go in there and you’ll find this comic next to a body.

Firefly Pendant #29 – Nicole Hoo

Location. When you enter the triage are with the big tents, head to the left side and walk along the big tent. A little before the bus you have to go through to access the next area is a light pole and hanging from it’s top is this pendant.

Artifact #61 – Salt Lake Q.Z. Map

Location. Head straight across to the other side from where you enter the Triage/Tent area. Past the bus, right at the end, go into the tent to find this map on a table.

Artifact #62 – Joel and Sarah Photo

Location. Hard to miss this one, when you try to leave the Triage/Tent area by passing through the bus Ellie call to you and there is an optional conversation you can have that results in you receiving this.

Firefly Pendant #30 – Natalie Hoo

Location. Right before you enter the tunnels, turn around as your standing in the tunnel entrance. There is a broken down bus on the ramp here and between the bus and the wall it’s crashed into is the pendant.

Training Manual #11 – Bombs: Shrapnel

Location. You find a lot of infected in the tunnels, in particular, there is really nasty group right at the end which includes some runners, some clickers and two bloaters. There is a white truck near the two bloaters and you can find this manual on top of it.

Comic Book #11 – Catalysis

Location. Soon after, you come to a point where you swim under some trucks and buses blocking the way and drop a ladder for Ellie to climb up. Just as you drop the ladder, look right to see some ducts you can walk on and at the end of the ducts will be this comic.

Chapter #11 Firefly Lab and Chapter #12 Jackson

Artifact #63 – Surgeon’s Recorder

Location. Just as you reach the sixth floor and come out of the stairwell room, you’ll see this in front of you on the counter.

Firefly Pendant #31 – Bryony Stewart Seume

Location. As you proceed down the corridor, right past the last artifact you can find a locked door you can open with a shiv to your left. Inside is the pendant.

Artifact # 63 – Marlene’s Recorder #1

Location. Again, as you enter the sixth floor from the stairs, directly to the right is a room where you can find this artifact.

Artifact #64 – Marlene’s Journal

Location. On the Sixth floor, as you go through a door, you’ll see a bunch of cloth sheets that have the firefly banner on them sectioning off into a room. In this makeshift room you can find this journal.

Artifact #65 – Marlene’s Recorder #2

Location. After the big encounter, following which Joel shuts a door behind him and pushes a dumpster like object in front of it, head down the hall and take the first right you can. Inside is Marlene’s recorder.

Comic Book #12 – Singularity

Location. In the epilogue, after you pass through the fence, run forward and slightly to the right to find an old truck in the forest. You’ll find the book here.

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