The Escapists 2 USS Anomaly Prison Guide

In this The Escapists 2 USS Anomaly Prison Guide, we will guide you on how to escape from the U.S.S. Anomaly prison using the tips, tricks and escape methods outlined.

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The Escapists 2 USS Anomaly Prison

The USS Anomaly prison has three escape plans. One is perimeter break out; one is solo while the last one is possible only with friends.

An important tip for this prison is that you must try to find and wear a guard uniform to avoid contraband item detection and deceiving the guards.

In addition, if you get a job in the kitchen, you can earn some easy money to convince some inmates to sell you items.

First Escape

First escape is Perimeter Breakout and it requires you to obtain two lightweight cutters and a screwdriver.

When you have the items, head to the flight of stairs near the shower area. Go up the stairs and you will see a chain link fence. Cut the fence and head inside the vent near the desk.

Go inside the vent and continue down. You will come across three more fences. Cut them all down and keep going towards the end of the shaft.

When you exit the vent, simply head north to find the escape ship. Your escape is successful.

Second Escape

The second escape is Race from Space and it is a solo escape plan. For this escape, you need to increase your strength to 60.

You will require a fake red key, Contraband Pouch and a Screwdriver for this escape.

Find the items required for it, which is Jetpack. For Jetpack, you will need a Screwdriver. Go to the Maintenance Man’s room place a table under the vent and unscrew it.

Now go east above the contraband room. Get the Jetpack by breaking the vent there and leave from there.

Now find a guard number 3 who has the red key. Beat him up and get the key.

Once you have the key go through security & sensor. As you know dogs take few seconds to find the contraband, so you can escape inside 3 in-game hours.

Third Escape

Third escape is Peas in a Pond and it is a multiplayer escape plan. For this one of your player’s intelligence should be 60. You will further need 2 batteries, 1 Wire, 1 Medical Mesh, and 1 Tank of Oxygen.

You will find Medical Mesh in medical desks. For that you will require a 32px Inmate Outfit. Batteries can be found on guards.

Now craft an energy Module and with all the required items go to the double door just over the cafe. Head upstairs and enter through any of the doors.

Put the required items starting from the top in the second escape pod on your right side and escape.

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